Getting to know the magnet inside you.: A guide to magnetic implants

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Sensing... When you first heard of “sensing magnetic fields” it sounded like a super power and here you are now, inappropriately touching your microwave. But don’t worry the adventure doesn’t have to stop here.

Whether you've had one for years or are just about to get your first one I'm sure there is some useful information in here for you but most of all there's a ton of inspiration:

This is a fun, casual and educational approach to having a magnetic implant and innovating with it.

You will learn everything you need to know about your implant from everyday tips to physics to skin anatomy as well as how to measure it's performance. But most of all you will have the tools to start using it in more ways than just sensing. I hope to inspire some of you into designing and creating your own magnetic implant related gadgets and wearables. VR, sensory augmentation, entertainment, medical applications? Why not! Learn how to use your magnets as wireless receiver and your brain will do the rest!

"Will you be able to listen to a podcast through your finger? Does a long exposure to vibration have an impact on skin tissues and sensory cells? Will your sense get better or worse over time? We do not know and in a way that's a good reason to try."


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