Adventures on Seven Continents and Other Essays

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AuthorHouse, 2003 - Počet stran: 560

The Mali-Kuli Forest Reserve in central Africa is home to an ancient volcano, rare Pygmy Chimpanzees, and a tangle of plots and intrigues as impenetrable as the jungle itself. On a business trip to Africa, Carol Simmons finds she is being followed by unknown people who believe she is the "Mrs. Simon" they have been waiting for. Soon she is drawn into a dangerous web that links a radical environmental group, some ambitious young Africans, a logging company, a vengeful fugitive priest, and a beautiful young woman who sees blackmail as her road to an MBA.

Hoping to shake off her pursuers, Carol travels to the Mali-Kuli forest, where researchers are fighting to protect the endangered Chimpanzees from poachers and corrupt officials. But who are the protectors and who are the poachers?

Carol cuts off her budding romance with Thor, a Norwegian journalist, when she discovers that he lied about his past and why he came to Africa. Meanwhile Jasper, a disagreeable young Dutch sociologist, keeps turning up wherever she goes. The pieces start to fall in place when Jasper finally reveals his true identity and what happened to the real "Mrs. Simon" . . .

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