Toward the Gulf

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Macmillan, 1918 - Počet stran: 292

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Strana 232 - Whereupon as I went to Damascus with authority and commission from the chief priests, at midday, O king, I saw in the way a light from heaven, above the brightness of the sun, shining round about me and them which journeyed with me.
Strana 196 - YOURS When the sea has devoured the ships, And the spires and the towers Have gone back to the hills, And all the cities Are one with the plains again, And the beauty of bronze And the strength of steel Are blown over silent continents As the desert sand is blown — My dust with yours forever.
Strana 203 - My hand teched hers, the clock struck two, And then I thought I heerd her moan. It war the wind, I guess, for Emily War lyin' dead . . . She's thar alone.' "I left him then to call my woman To tell her that her mother died. When we come back his .voice was steady, The big tears in his eyes was dried. "He just sot there and quiet like Talked 'bout the fishin' times they had, And said for her to die on Christmas Was somethin
Strana 130 - Because thou wast most delicate, A woman fair for men to see, The earth did compass thy estate, Thou didst hold life and death in fee, And every soul did bend the knee. Much pleasure also made thee grieve For that the goblet had been drained.
Strana viii - The holy night and thou, O Lamp, We took as witness of our vows; And before thee we swore, He that [he] would love me always And I that I would never leave him. We swore, And thou wert witness of our double promise. But now he says that our vows were written on the running waters. And thou, O Lamp, Thou seest him in the arms of another.
Strana vii - ... of sixty culled poems conventionally imitative of Romantic and Victorian poets. 64 He continued versifying in this unpromising manner for many years until, as he says, his friend and frank mentor, William Marion Reedy, editor of the St. Louis Mirror, . . . pressed upon my attention in June, 19o9, the Greek Anthology. It was from contemplation of its epitaphs that my hand unconsciously strayed to the sketches of "Hod Putt...
Strana 45 - Appleseed: Some fellow buys this timber Five years, perhaps from to-day, begins to clear for barley. And here in the midst of the timber is hidden an apple orchard. How did it come here? Lord! Who was it here before me? Yes, I was here before him, to make these places of worship, Labor and laughter and gain in the late October. Why did I do it, eh? Some folks say I am crazy. Where do my labors end? Far west, God only knows! Said Johnny Appleseed there on the hill-side: Listen! Beware the deceit of...
Strana 110 - Stood coolly off and seen the woman, used Her blood upon my palette. No, but heaven Commanded my strength's use to abort and slay What grew within me, while I saw the blood Of love untimely ripped, as 'twere a child Killed i' the womb, a harpy or an angel With my own blood stained. As a virgin shamed By the swelling life unlicensed needles it, But empties not her womb of some last shred Of flesh which fouls the alleys of her body, And fills her wholesome nerves with poisoned sleep, And weakness to...
Strana 123 - Masters' hero is always the liberator — being a particularly fine one ("Front the Ages with a Smile") ending: So you smiled till the lines of your mouth A crescent became with dimples for horns, so expressing To centuries after who see you in marble: behold me, I lived, I loved, I laughed, I toiled without ceasing Through eighty-four years for realities — O let them pass, Let life go by. Would you rise over death like a god? Front the ages with a smile.
Strana xiii - Toward the Gulf,' a title importing a continuation of the attempts of Spoon River and The Great Valley to mirror the age and the country in which we live.

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