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" Matheson is chief of the Rare Book and Special Collections Division. and his personality more abrasive. Anne Royall's description of Watterston in her Sketches presents him as a more serene and gentle man than other evidence supports: Mr. W. is a man... "
Sketches of History, Life, and Manners in the United States - Strana 143
autor/autoři: Anne Newport Royall, A traveller - 1826 - 392 str.
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The Story Up to Now: The Library of Congress, 1800-1946

David Chambers Mearns - 1947 - 264 str.
...appearance, the usually caustic Anne Royall who once was tried as a common scold, described him as "a man of good size, neither spare nor robust; he...marked with gravity, though manly and commanding." Mistress Anne went even further: "a sweet serenity diffuses itself over his countenance, which no accident...
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