Bulletin of the Grand Rapids Public Library, Svazky 10–12

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issued from the Ryerson Public Library Building, 1914

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Strana 53 - Bible. New Testament. Text. The sacred writings of the apostles and evangelists of Jesus Christ, tr. from the original Greek, by Doctors George Campbell, James Macknight and Philip Doddridge, with prefaces by Alexander Campbell 4th ed. 1835. 225.25 Bickersteth, E: H: The spirit of life; or, Scripture testimony to the divine person and work of the Holy Ghost. 1870 231.41
Strana 164 - —The comedies, histories and tragedies of Mr. William Shakespeare, as presented at the Globe and Blackfriars theatres, circa 1591-1623; being the text furnished the players, in parallel pages with the first revised folio text, with critical introductions, ed. by Appleton Morgan.
Strana 10 - American's guide; comprising the declaration of independence, the articles of confederation,the constitution of the United States, and the constitutions of the several states composing the union. 1833 R 3427.Am3
Strana 19 - environs des-quelles se trouvent les etats, pais, nations, peuples etc. de la Floride, de la Louisiane, de la Virginie, de la MarieLande, de la Pensilvanie, du Nouveau Jersay, de la Nouvelle Yorck, de la Nouv. Angleterre, de L'Acadie, du Canada, des Esquimaux, des Hurons, des Iroquois, des Ilinois, etc. et de la grande
Strana 48 - The trial of the British soldiers, of the 29th regiment of foot, for the murder of Crispus Attucks, Samuel Gray, Samuel Maverick, James Caldwell and Patrick Carr, 1770.
Strana 154 - Henry Phipps institute, Philadelphia. Annual report of the Henry Phipps institute for the study, treatment and prevention of tuberculosis, v.
Strana 64 - Rawlinson, George. The historical evidences of the truth of the Scripture records stated anew. [American ed.], from the London ed., with the notes tr. by Rev. AN Arnold. 1860. ...239.46
Strana 154 - for the study and prevention of tuberculosis. The campaign against tuberculosis in the United States; including a directory of institutions dealing with tuberculosis in the United States and Canada.
Strana 131 - than teaching, ed. by Agnes F. Perkins. 2. Agriculture, social service, secretarial service, business of real estate, by Eleanor Martin and Margaret A. Post and Committee of economic efficiency of college women, Boston branch, Association of collegiate alumnae, prepared under the direction of Susan M.
Strana 160 - vR 3361.Un3 Decisions of the Department of the interior in appealed pension and bounty-land claims, v. 1-19. 1887-1914. 19 vR 3515.Un3 ' Forest service. Forest atlas: geographic distribution of North American trees, v. 1. 1913 R 6349.fUn3

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