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Page Commercial Advantages of the Æstuaries of Great Maritime Hospitals and Alons-houses of Hull Britain 1 The Charter-House

11 Facilities for Commerce presented by the Humber 1 The Infirmary .

12 Situation of Hull, more properly Kingston-upon-Hull 1 Lunatic Asylum . Scarcity of Records of the Early History of Hull 2 The Grammar-school

12 Leland's Account of the Rise of Hull . 2 The Vicar's School

12 Reported Diversion of the Course of the River Hull . 2 Hull College, and Kingston College

12 Enclosure of Hull with Walls in the Reign of Ed- The New Baths and Washhouses.

14 ward III. 2 | Flatness of the Country around Hull

14 The Water-Poet, Taylor's, Picture of Hull in 1622 2 The Peninsula of Holderness

14 Hull Docks the Meeting-point for the Treasures of the Ravages of the Sea in Holderness

14 East and the West 2 | Spurn Point

14 Antiquity of the Commerce of Hull. 2 Sunk Island

14 Construction of New Docks by a Company of Share- Sir G. Head's Account of Kilnsea

15 holders 3 Agriculture of Holderness

15 Opening of the old Dock in 1788 3 Great Grimsby

15 Construction of the Humber Dock in 1809 3 The Grimsby Dock Company

15 Opening of the Junction Dock in 1829 3 Completion of the Grimsby Dock in 1801

15 The Ferry Dock . 3 Proposed Plan for a New Dock at Grimsby

15 Immense Traffic of the Port of Hull

3 Acts of Parliament obtained in 1845, 1816, and 1848, in The Old Harbour 3 connection with the Grimsby Docks .

16 Prospective Privileges of the Various Public Bodies who Laying of the First Stone of the Grimsby Docks, by have Control over the Port of Hull 3-5 Prince Albert, in 1819 .

16 Act of Parliament obtained in 1844 for the Construction Appearance of Grimsby

16 of a New Dock 5 Goole

18 Act obtained in 1845 for enlarging thie New Railway The Dutch River

18 Dock 5 Van Muden

18 Act obtained in 1849 to raise more Capital for Finishing Unimportance of Goole till within the last few years 18 the New Victoria Dock 5 York

18 Features which Hull will present on the Completion of Situation of York

19 the Proposed New Works 5 The History of York

19 The Ferry-Boat Dock . 6 Remains of the Roman Wall

19 The Citadel

6 Leland's Account of the Appearance of York in the The New Victoria Dock 6 Time of Henry VIII,

19 Scene between Garrison Side and the North Bridge 6 The Walls at the Present Time

19 The Old Dock

6 The Micklegate Bar, Bootham Bar, Monk Bar, and The Wilberforce Column

7 Walmsgate Bar The Junction Dock 7 York Castle

20 The Humber Dock 7 Clifford's Tower

20 The Railway Dock

1 Buildings and Rebuildings, at various Periods, of a The Humber Basin 7 Cathedral Church at York

20 Enormous Trade of Hull

7 Destruction by Fire of the Middle Aisle of the Choir in Comparatively Low Customs' Duty paid by Hull

8 1829, and the South-western Bell-tower in 1810 The Commercial Arrangements of Hull influenced by Measurements of York Minster

22 the Peculiar Form of the Town 8 | Exterior of York Minster

22 High Street, Hull 8 West Front

22 Sculcoates 9 Towers

22 Trippet, Wincolmlee, and Church Street 9 East Front

22 Cotton-mills at Hull

9 South and North Sides New Railway Station 9 Central or Lantern Tower

23 Hull one of the Head-quarters of the Greenland Whale Mr. Britton's Account of the Interior of York Mlinster. 23 Fishery 9 View from the Great Entrance

23 Account of the Arrival of a Whaler at Hull , given in Interior of the Tower .

23 the · Home Tour in the Manufacturing Districts'. 9 | The Transepts .

23 Rise and Progress of the Whale Fishery in Hull 9, 10 | The Organ-screen Processes to which the various Parts of a Whale are

The Organ

24 subjected on its Arrival at an English Port 10 The Choir

24 Start of the “Abram’ Whaler. 10 The Crypt

21 Mr. Smith's Account of the General Character of the Monuments

21 Poorer Dwellings in Hull 10 East Window .

24 The Church of the Holy Trinity 10 The Chapter-house

24 St. Mary's Church 11 The Bells

25 The Mariner's Church, Trinity Chapel, churches of St. The Abbey of St. Mary, York

25 Peter, St. Mark, St. Paul, St. Stephen, and St. James . 11 Uninteresting Character of the Country between York The Guild of the Trinity House

and Beverley

25 The Trinity House 11 Beverley


19, 20

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