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Strana 124 - to be rendered, in the transportation of passengers or property, subject to the provisions of this act, than it charges, demands, collects or receives from any other person or persons for doing for him or them a like and contemporaneous service in the transportation of a like kind of traffic under substantially similar circumstances and conditions, such
Strana 124 - shall be deemed guilty of unjust discrimination, which is hereby prohibited and declared to be unlawful. § 3. That it shall be unlawful for any common carrier subject to the provisions of this act to make or give any undue or unreasonable preference or advantage to any particular person, company,
Strana 91 - be authorized to charge less for longer than for shorter distances for the transportation of passengers, or property ; and the Commission may, from time to time, prescribe the extent to which such common carrier, or person or corporation, owning or operating a railroad in this State, may be relieved from the operations of this section. GENERAL PROVISIONS. SEC.
Strana 133 - or omitted to be done by any common carrier subject to the provisions of this act, in contravention of the provisions thereof, may apply to said Commission by petition, which shall briefly state the facts ; whereupon, a statement of the charges thus made shall be forwarded by the Commission to such
Strana 158 - for any common carrier subject to the provision of this act to charge or receive any greater compensation in the aggregate for the transportation of passengers or of like kind of property under substantially similar circumstances and conditions for a shorter than for a longer distance over the same line, in the same direction, the shorter being included in the longer distance.
Strana 133 - by such court as a contempt thereof. The claim that any such testimony or evidence may tend to criminate the person giving such evidence shall not excuse such witness from testifying ; but such evidence or testimony shall not be used against such person on the trial of any criminal proceeding.
Strana 84 - 191. All existing charters or grants of special or exclusive privileges, under which a bona fide organization shall not have taken place, and business been commenced in good faith at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall thereafter be void and of no effect. SEC.
Strana 139 - report shall show in detail the amount of capital stock issued, the amounts paid therefor, and the manner of payment for the same, the dividends paid, the surplus fund, if any, and the number of stockholders ; the funded and floating debts and the interest paid thereon ; the cost and value of the carrier's property, franchisesand
Strana 138 - said Commission and be heard, in person or by attorney. Every vote and official act of the Commission shall be public upon the request of either party interested. Said Commission shall have an official seal, which shall be judicially noticed. Either of the members of the Commission may administer oaths and affirmations and sign
Strana 131 - and shall, upon conviction thereof in any court of the United States of competent jurisdiction, within the district in which such offense was committed, be subject to a fine of not exceeding five thousand dollars, or imprisonment in the penitentiary for a term of not exceeding two years, or both, in the discretion

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