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Such passion wrought the passion of their prize. Never was there pardon, that did take Condemned from the block more joyful than This grant to her. For all her misery Seem'd nothing to the comfort she receiv'd, By being thus saved from impurity : And from the woman's feet she would not part, Nor trust her hand to be without some hold Of her, or of the child, so long as she remain'd Within the ship, which in few days arrives At Alexandria, whence these pirates were ; And there this woful maid for two years space Did serve, and truly serve this captain's wife (Who would not lose the benefit of her Attendance, for her profit otherwise), But daring not in such a place as that To trust herself in woman's habit, crav'd That she might be apparel'd like a boy ; And so she was, and as a bny she served. At two years end her mistress sends her forth Unto the port for some commodities, Which whilst she sought for, going up and down, She heard some merchantınen of Corinth talk, Who spake that language the Arcadians did, And were next neighbors of one continent, To them, all wrapt with passion, down she kneels, Tells them she was a por distressed boy, Born in Arcadia, and by pirates took, And made a slave in Egypt; and besought Them, as they fathers were of children, or Did hold their native country dear, they would Take piry on her, and relieve her youth From that sad servitude wherein she liv'd: For which she hop'd that she had friends alive Would thank them one day, and reward them 100; If not, yet that she knew the heav'ns would do. The merchants moved with pity of her case, Being ready to depart, took her with them,


And landed her upo her country coast :
Where when she found herself, she prostrate falls,
Kisses the ground, thanks gives unto the gols,
Thanks then who had been her deliverers,
And on she trudges through the desart wools,
Climbs over craggy rocks, and mountains steep,
Wades thorough rivers, strugules thorough bogs,
Sustained only by the force of love ;
Unul she came unto the native plajns,
L'uto the fields where first she drew her breath.
There she lifts up her eyes, salutes the air,
Salutes the trees, the bushes, Now'rs and all :
And, “Oh, dear Sirthis, here I am," said she,
“llere, notwithstanding all my miseries,
"I am the same I was to thee ; a pure,
“ A chaste, and spotless maid."


Ilaham, second son to the king of Orinus, deposes kis father ; ukose

ryco, and the eyes of his older brusher Zophi (acting upon a masin of Oriental Policy), he cousrs to br put out. They, Wind, and fearing for thrir liers, orander about. Hin this estremily they are separately mal by the Aing's daughter Calisa, ucho conducts them to a place of refuge; hiding her futher amid the raults of a icmpie, and guiding her brother lo lake sanctuary at the allar.

King. Calica; thou only child, whom I repent
Not yet to have begot, thy work is vain :
Thou run'st against my destiny's intent.
Fcar not ny fall; the steep is fairest plain;
And crror safest guide unto his end,
Who nothing but mischancc can have to friend.
We parents are but nature's nursery ;
When our succession springs, then ripe to fall.
Privation unto age is natural.
Age there is also in a prince's state,

Which is contempt, grown of misgovernment;
Where love of change begetteth princes' hale :
For hopes must wither, or grow violent,
If fortune bind desires to one estato.
Then mark! Blind, as a man : scorn'd, as a king;
A father's kindness loath'd, and desolate:
Life without joy, or lighi: what can it bring,
But inward horror unto outward hate ?
O safety! thou art then a hateful thing,
When children's death assures the father's state.
No, safe I am not, though my son were slain,
My frailty would beget such sons again.
Besides, if fatal be the heavens'. will,
Repining adds more force to destiny ;
Whose iron wheels stay not on Neshly wit,
But headlong run down stcep necessity.
And as in danger, we do catch at it
That comes to help; and unadvisedly
On do our friends to our misfortune knit :
So with the harm of those who would us good
Is destiny impossibly withstoul.
Calica, then cease; importune me no more :
My son, my age, the state where things are now,
Require my death. Who would consent to live
Whero love cannot revenge, nor truth forgive ?

Cálica. Though fuar see nothing but extremity,
Yet danger is no deep sea, but a ford,
Where they that yield can only drowned be.
In wrongs, and wounds, Sir, you are too remiss.
To thrones a passive nature fatal is.

King. Occasion to my son hath turn'd her face ;
My inward wants all outward strengths betray ;
And so make that impossible I may.

Coelica. You live : Live for the state.

king. Whose ruins glasses are, Whercin see errors of myself I must, And hold my life of danger, shame, and care.

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Calica. When fear propounds, with lows men ever choose.
King. Nothing is left me but myself to lose.
Calica. And is it nothing then to lose the stale ?

King. Where chance is ripe, there counsel comes too late,
Cælica, by all thou ow’st the gods and me,
I do conjure thee, leave me to my chance.
What's past was error's way; the truth it is,
Wherein I wreich can only go aniss.
If nature saw no cause of sudden ends,
She, ihat but one way made to draw our breath,
Would not have left so many dours to death.

Calica. Yei, Sir, if weakness to not such a sand
As peither wrong nor counsel can manure ;
Choose and resolve what death you will endure.

King. This sword, thy hands, may otier up my breath
Aud plague my life's remissness in my

Calicu. Unto that duty if these hands to born,
I must think God, and truth, were names of scorn.
Again, this justice were is life were loved,
Now merely gruco; since death doth but forgivo
A lifo to you, which is a death to live.
Pain must displease that seristics oflince.

ting. Chanco hath len death no moro 10 spoil but sense.

Calica. Then sword, do justice' ottico thorough mo : I offer more than that he hates to thee.

[Offers to kill herself. King. Ah! slay thy hand. My state no equal hath, And much more matchless my strange vices le : One kind of deaib becomes not ince and me. kings' plagues by chance or destiny should fall; Ileadlong he perish must that ruins all.

Calica. No cliff or rock is so precipitate,
But down it eyes can lead the blind away;
Without me live, or with me die you may.

King. Cælica, and wilt thou Alaham exceed ?
His cruelty is death, you torments use ;
He lakes my crown, you take myself from me ;
A prince of this fall’n empire let me be.

Calica. Then be a king, no tyrant of thyself:
Be : and be what you will : what nature lent
Is still in hers, and not our government.

king. If disobedience, and obedience both,
Siill do me hurt; in what strange state am I ?
But hold thy course : it well becomes my blood,
To do their parents mischief with their good.

Coalica. Yet, Sir, hark to the poor oppressed tears
The just men's noan, that suffer by your fall;
A prince's charge is to protect them all.
And shall is nothing be that I am yours ?
The world without, my heart within, doth know,
I never had unkind, unreverent powers.
If thus you yielul to Alaham's treachery,
lle ruins you: 'tis you, Sir, ruin me.

King. Culica, call up the deadl; awako the blind;
Turn back the time ; bid winis tell whence they come :
As vainly strengih speaks to a broken mind.
Fly from me, Cwlica, hato all I do:
Misfortunes have in blownd successions too.

Curlica. Will you do that which Alaham cannot ?
lle hath no good; you have no ill, but ho:
This mar-right yieliling 's honor's tyranny.

king. Ilave I not dono amiss ? am I not ill,
That ruin'd have a king's authority ?
And not one king alonc: since princes all
Feel part of those scorns, whereby one doth fall.
Treason against me cannot treason be:
All laws have lost authority in me.

C«clica. The laws of power chain'd to men's humors be.
The good have conscience; thc ill (like instruments)
Are, in the hands of wisc authority,
Moved, divided, used, or laid down;
Still, with desire, kept subject to a crown.

up all states, all spirits : hope and fear, Wrong and revenge, are current everywhere.

King. Put down my son : for thul must be the way : A father's shame; a prince's tyranny:

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