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dates of decision, commissioner or judge delivering opinion, docket and opinion numbers, and such other data as will enable one readily to locate the opinion desired.

Investigation of the American Sugar Refining Co. and others, Hearings held before the special committee on (in progress.) v. 1-3. 3080p. 8°. House. Special Committee on the Investigation of the American Sugar Refining Co.

Isthmian Canal Commission, Annual report ... for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1911. 1911. xxii, 581p. 8°. Isthmian Canal Commission. (H. doc. 162.)

Appendixes: N, Report of the head of the dept. of civil administration.-0, Report of the head of the dept. of law.—T, Treaties and acts of Congress relating to the Isthmian Canal (also published separately, v. infra).

Monetary Legislation. Suggested plan for ... submitted to the National monetary commission, by Hon. Nelson W. Aldrich. Rev. ed., Oct., 1911. 24p. 8°. National Monetary Commission.

Opinions and Briefs of the Solicitor of the Treasury. Digest of . . . 1880– 1910. Prepared by R. J. Mawhinney. 1911. 510p. 8°. Solicitor of the Treasury.

Postmaster General. Letter from the . . . submitting a report giving the results of the inquiry as to the operation, receipts and expenditures of railroad companies transporting the mails, and recommending legislation on the subject. 1911. V, 306p. 4°. (H. doc. 105.)

Railroad Securities Commission. Report of the ... and letter of the President transmitting report to Congress. 1911. 44p. 8o. (H. doc. 256.)

Senator from Illinois. Proceedings before a committee of the United States Senate . . . directed, under a resolution of the Senate of June 7, 1911, to investigate whether corrupt methods and practices were employed in the election of William Lorimer as a Senator of the United States from the state of Illinois. (in progress.) 1911. pt. 1-18. 7330p. 8°.

Senator from Wisconsin. Hearings before a subcommittee of the Committee on Privileges and Elections, United States Senate, 62d Congress, under the resolution (S. res. 136) directing the committee ... to investigate whether corrupt practices and methods were used or employed in the election of Isaac Stephenson as a Senator of the United States from the state of Wisconsin. 2 v. 1911. 8°. Senate. Committee on Privileges and Elections.

Some Aspects of the Constitution. An address by Joseph C. Clayton, delivered before the New York society of the Order of Founders and Patriots of America, New York, Dec. 14, 1910. 1911. 19p. 8°. Congress. Senate. (S. doc. 143.)

Steel Industry. Report of the Commissioner of Corporations on ... 1911. xxiv, 422p. 8o. Dept. of Commerce and Labor. Bureau of Corporations.

pt. 1. Organization, investment, profits, and position of the United States Steel Corporation. July 1, 1911.

Tobacco Industry. Report of the Commissioner of Corporations on ... 1911. xxi, 343p. 8°. Dept. of Commerce and Labor. Bureau of Corporations.

pt. 2. Capitalization, investment and earnings. Sept. 25, 1911. pt. 1. Position of the tobacco combination in the industry (pub. Feb. 25, 1909).

Treaty of 1832 between the United States and Russia. Message from the President transmitting copy of a notice forwarded by the Secretary of State to the American

pt. 1.

pt. 2.

Ambassador at St. Petersburg relating to the termination of . . . 1911. 2p. 8°. State dept. (S. doc. 161.)

Treaty of 1832 between the United States and Russia, Termination of. Hearing before the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives, Dec. 11, 1911. Rev. ed. 336p. 8° House. Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Appendices contain diplomatic correspondence and various documents relating to the treaty.

Treaties and Acts of Congress relating to the Isthmian Canal. 1911. p. 543– 581. 8°. Isthmian Canal Commission.

Reprinted from the annual report of the Isthmian Canal commission, v. supra.

Trusts in Foreign countries. Laws and references concerning industrial combinations in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Continental Europe. 1911. 132p. 8°. Senate. Committee on Interstate Commerce.

Women and Child Wage-Earners in the United States. Report on condition of . . . (report to consist of 19 vols.) 1911. Dept. of Commerce and Labor. Bureau of Labor. (61 Cong., S. doc. 645.)

v. 10. History of women in trade unions, by John B. Andrews and W. D. P. Bliss. v. 12. Employment of women in laundries.

Workmen's Insurance and Compensation Systems in Europe, v. 2. 24th annual report of the Commissioner of Labor, 1909. 1911. xi, 1495–2749p. 8o. Dept. of Commerce and Labor. Bureau of Labor. (H. doc. 132.)

v. 2. Great Britian, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden. (Appendix: Laws relating to compensation for industrial accidents in foreign countries.)


Minutes of the Constitutional Convention of the territory of Arizona; session begun the 10th day of October, 1910, Phoenix, Ariz. 1911. 450p. 8°.


Report of Leading Railroad and Public Service Commissions, by Max Thelen, attorney for Railroad commission. Sacramento, 1911. vi, 98p. 8°. Railroad Commission.

Contains powers and workings of commissions, steps taken to secure physical valuation of the properties, proceedings in the matter of establishing express and other rates, office organization, and the litigation in which they may be involved, of the following states: Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, Oregon, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin.

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution of the state of California, with legislative reasons for and against adoption thereof, to be voted upon at a special election to be held Oct. 10, 1911. ... by Frank C. Jordan, secretary of state. 21. fol.


Kansas Railroad and Public Utilities Law as it concerns the Public utilities commission. Comp. by John Marshall, attorney for the commission . . . July 1,1911. Topeka, 1911. 183p. 8°. Public Utilities Commission.



MASSACHUSETTS Commission to Investigate Employment Offices. Report May, 1911. Boston, 1911. 130p. 8°.

MICHIGAN Commission of Inquiry into Taxation. Preliminary report 1911. Lansing, 1911. 37p. 8°.

Inequalities of present system and conditions needing correction.-Separation of state and local revenues.—The "corporate excess” tax and its equivalent in other states.

NEVADA The Election Laws. Comp. by George Brodigan, secretary of state. Carson City, 1911. 94p. 8°.

NEW YORK Public Service Commission. Before a joint committee of the Legislature, Aug., 1911, in the matter of the hearing upon proposed charter for the city of New York, Assembly bill nos. 1493, 2596, introductory no. 1261. Memorandum for the Public service commission for the first district. 1911. 21p. 4°.

Contains a comparative statement of city charter legislation with reference to the vesting of a limited or an absolute veto power in the mayor.


Ohio Constitutional Conventions. Law providing for fourth constitutional convention. By C. B. Galbreath, state librarian. Columbus, 1911. 13p. 8o. State Library. Legislative reference dept.

PHILIPPINE ISLANDS Bureau of Labor. First annual report fiscal year, 1910. Manila, 1911. 174p. 8o.

Contents: Organization of the bureau.—complaints and claims of laborers.Labor and accidents.-Free employment agencies.-Strikes.--Statistics of wages on provincial public works.—Interinsular emigration of laborers.—Statistics of laborers in Manila in the fiscal year 1909.-Statistics regarding the wages of laborers in the provinces and the articles of prime necessity.—Recommendations.

WISCONSIN Corrupt Practices at Elections, by S. Gale Lowrie. Comparative legislation bulletin no. 23. Madison, 1911. 86p. 12°. Wisconsin Library Commission. Legislative Reference.

Industrial Accident Board. Workmen's compensation act, with notes of legislative committee and forms and rules of Industrial board. Madison, 1911. 48p. 8o.

This board, created to administer the above act (chap. 50, Laws of 1911) was superseded by the Industrial commission, created by chap. 485, Laws of 1911.

Report of the Special committee on industrial insurance. Wisconsin legislature, 1909–10. Madison, 1911. 148p. 8°. (On cover: Workmen's compensation bill and report.)


Affairs of the Congo, Correspondence respecting. Africa, no. 2 (1911). 101p. fol. Foreign Office. (cd. 5860.) 10d.

Asylums Officers (Employment, Pensions and Superannuation) bill, Report and special report from the select committee . . . together with the proceedings of the committee, minutes of evidence and appendices. 1911. xxii, 167p. fol. (H. of C. paper, 239 and 242, 1911.) 18. 6d.

Coast Erosion and Afforestation. Third (and final) report of the royal commission appointed to inquire into and report on certain questions affecting coast erosion, the reclamation of tidal lands and afforestation in the United Kingdom. 1911. 2 v. fol.

v. 3 (pt. 1): Third report. (cd. 5708.) 38.

v. 3 (pt. 2): Minutes of evidence and appendices to third report. (cd. 5709.) 68. 10d.

Companies. Twentieth general annual report by the Board of Trade on matters within the companies (consolidation) act, 1908. 1911. 176p. fol. Board of Trade. Companies dept. (H. of C. paper 216, 1911.) 1s. 6d.

Constitution &c., of the Isle of Man, Report of the departmental committee on. 1911. 31p. fol. Home Office. (cd. 5950.) 3d.

Customs and Excise Departments, Report of Committee on amalgamation of. 1911. 2 v. fol. Report, cd. 5830, 3d.; minutes of evidence, cd. 5834. 38. 2d.

East India Coronation Durbar. Announcements by and on behalf of H. M. the King-Emperor at the Coronation Durbar held at Delhi on the 12th Dec., 1911, with correspondence relating thereto. 1911. 22p. fol. (cd. 5979.) 3d.

Financial Relations in the British Self-Governing Dominions between the central and local governments, Papers relating to the. Dominions, no. 11. 1911. 29p. fol. Colonial Office. (cd. 5777.) 3d.

Franco-German Convention respecting Morocco, Dispatches from H. M. ambassador at Berlin, transmitting translations of two speeches delivered in the Reichstag by the Imperial German ambassador . . . Nov. 9-10, 1911. Morocco, no. 1 (1911). 10p. fol. Foreign Office. (cd. 5970.) 2d.

Franco-German Morocco Negotiations, Despatch from H. M. ambassador at Berlin forwarding translation of the statement made by the Secretary of State of the German Foreign Office before the budget commission of the Reichstag on Nov. 17 of the. Morocco, no. 2 (1911). 11p. fol. Foreign Office. (cd. 5992.) 11-2d.

Franco-German Morocco Agreement, Despatch from H. M. ambassador at Berlin transmitting translation of a speech delivered in the Rei stag by the Imperial German chancellor on the subject of the events preceding . . . on Dec. 5, 1911. Morocco, no. 3 (1911). 5p. fol. Foreign Office. (cd. 5994.) id.

French Budget for 1911, Report on. 1911. 37p. 8°. Foreign Office. (cd. 5465–199.) no. 4806, annual series, diplomatic and consular reports.

· The British Parliamentary papers may be purchased from Wyman & Sons, Ltd., Fetter Lane, E. C., London. Cd. refers to papers presented to Parliament by command.

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Imperial Ottoman Debt. Turkey, no. 1 (1911). Decree of 28 Muharrem, 1299 (December 8 (20), 1881). 1911. 37p. fol. (cd. 5736.) 4 1-2d.

International Sugar Commission, Interim report of the British delegate .. together with his instructions, Oct., 1911. Commercial, no. 4 (1911). (in continvation of "Commercial, no. 2 (1911)"': cd. 5557). 1911. 2p. fol. Foreign Office. (cd. 5859.) ld.

Local Government Board, Fortieth annual report . . . 1910–1911. pt. 1. 1911. Ixxiv, 198p. 8o. Local Government Board. (cd. 5865.) 18. 2d.

pt. 1. Administration of the poor law, the unemployed act, and the old age pension act.

National Insurance Bill, Copy of the . . . showing the difference between the bill as introduced in the House of Commons and as passed by that House. 1911. 96p. fol. (cd. 5989.) 9d.

National Insurance Bill (pt. 2), Report from standing committee B with the proceedings of the committee. 1911. 39p. fol. House of Commons. (H. of C. paper 321, 1911). 4d. National Insurance Bill, Copy of pt. 2

(including the schedules therein referred to) as amended in standing committee B. 1911. 22p. fol. House of Commons. (H. of C. paper 320, 1911.) 2 1-2d.

Referendum and its Working in Australia, Further papers with reference to. (in continuation of cd. 5778, Aug., 1911.) 1911. 4p. fol. (cd. 5780.) 1-2d.

Railway Agreements and Amalgamations, Report of the departmental committee on. 1911. 2 v. fol. Board of Trade. (Report, cd. 5631, 5 1-2d.; minutes of evidence with appendices and index, cd. 5927, 88.)

Railway Conciliation and Arbitration Scheme of 1907, Report of the royal commission appointed to investigate and report on the working of the . 1911. 24p. fol. (cd. 5922.) 2 1-2d.

Annexes: 1, Text of proposed new scheme; 2, Text of scheme of 1907.

Southern Boundary of the Territory of Walfisch Bay, Translation of the award of Don Joaquin Fernandez Prida, arbitrator in the matter of . . . Africa, no. 1 (1911). 33p. fol. (cd. 5857.) 8d.

Treating and Disposing of Sewage, Seventh report of royal commission appointed to inquire and report what methods of .... (including any liquid from any factory or manufacturing process) may properly be adopted. 1911. 3 v. fol.

v. 1. Report. cd. 5542. 4d.

v. 2 (Appendices, pt. 1). Minutes of evidence and reports to the commission in reference to growth of sea-weeds in sewage polluted estuaries. cd. 5543. 28. 2d.

v. 3 (Appendices, pt. 2). Minutes of evidence with regard to the treatment of trade effluents. Report by the officers of the commission upon the preliminary treatment of sewage in slate beds. cd. 5543-I. 18. 9d.

Tuberculosis (Human and Animal), Final report of the royal commission 1911. 5 v. fol.

pt. 2, appendix v. 1. Investigation of viruses obtained from cases of human tuberculosis (other than lupus). cd. 5790. 58. 3d.

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