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and a tabulated statement of the votes of the Democratic Senators. 1912. 57p. 8o. Congress. Senate. (S. doc. 275.)

Weights and Measures of the United States, State and national laws concerning the. Second edition. Revised by Wm. Parry. 1912 x, 564p. 4o. Dept. of Commerce & Labor. Bureau of Standards.

Why Should We Change our Form of Government. Address by Nicholas Murray Butler

before the Commercial Club of St. Louis, Nov. 27, 1911. 1912 18p. 8o. Congress. Senate. (S. doc. 238.)

Wilson Anti-Injunction Bill (H. R. 11032): Labor's reasons for its enactment. From report of Samuel Gompers to 31st annual convention, American Confederation of Labor, held at Atlanta, Ga. Nov. 13–27, 1911. 1912. 26p. 8°. Congress. Senate. (S. doc. 440.)

Women and Child Wage-Earners in the United States. Report on condition of

(report to consist of 19 vols.) 1912. Dept. of Commerce and Labor. Bureau of Labor. (61 Cong., S. doc. 645.)

v. 9. History of women in industry in the United States, by Helen L. Sumner. v. 15. Relation between occupation and criminology.

v. 16. Family budgets of typical cotton-mill workers, by W. F. Worcester and Daisy W. Worcester.

Wool and Manufactures of Wool. Message of the President transmitting a report of the Tariff Board on Schedule K of the tariff law. (In four vols.) 1912. 8° (H. doc. 342.)


Constitution of the State of Arkansas (with amendments). Little Rock, 1911. 73p. 8°. Secretary of State.

Contains text of the constitution with notations of court decisions.

Digest of the Election Laws of the state of Arkansas, in force Aug. 12, 1911. Little Rock, 1911. 84p. 8°. Secretary of State.

CALIFORNIA Constitution of California (with amendments approved and ratified Oct. 10, 1911, shown in black faced type). Comp. by Frank C. Jordan, secretary of state. Sacramento, 1911. 56p. 8°.


Report of the Secretary of State for the period beginning Jan. 1, 1909, and ending Dec. 31, 1910. Tallahassee, 1911. 658p. 8°.


Commission Government in Iowa. The Des Moines plan. By Benjamin F. Shambaugh. Iowa City, 1912. 46p. 4°. State Historical Society. Taxation of Collateral Inheritance, state of Iowa

Comp. by Q. A. Willis. Des Moines, 1911. 40p. 8°. Treasurer.

Contains provisions of the Iowa inheritance and transfer tax laws. A decision


of the United States Supreme court as to the effect of treaty stipulations in the collection of such a tax from aliens, with an analysis of the opinion and excerpts from such treaties now existing between the United States and foreign countries.


Report of the Commission to Investigate the Conditions of Working Women in Kentucky ... Dec. 1911. Columbus, 1911. 55p. 8°.


Maine Register, State Yearbook and Legislative Manual. No. 42, July, 1911. Portland, 1911. 1051p. 16o.

Register of the Executive Department of the state of Maine, with rules of the Government thereof; also containing the names of state and county officers and trustees and officers of various state institutions for 1911-1912. Waterville, 1911. 38p. 8°.


The Annotated Code of the Public Civil Laws of Maryland. Ed. by Geo. Bagby. Baltimore, 1911. 2 v. 8°.


Catalogue of the Laws of Foreign Countries in the state library of Massachusetts, 1911. Prepared by Ellen M. Sawyer. Boston, 1911. 311p. 8°. State Library.

Homesteads for Workingmen. Boston, 1912. 46p. 8°. Bureau of Statistics. (Labor bulletin No.88, Jan. 1912.)

Contains principal projects for housing working people in foreign countries, citations of legislation, bibliography, and report of the Homestead commission.

Report of the Commission on Minimum Wage Boards, Jan. 1912. (pt. 1.) Boston, 1912. 33p. 8°. (House document No. 1697.)


Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Taxation, 1911. Lansing, 1911. 53p. 8o.

Employers' Liability and Workmen's Compensation Commission, Report of, 1911. Lansing, 1911. 152p. 8°.

Laws of the Various States relating to Presidential Primaries, Feb. 1912. Lansing, 1912. 25p. 8°. State Library. Legislative Reference Dept.

Contains presidential primary laws of the following states: California, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota and Wisconsin.


Official Manual of the State of Missouri for the years 1911-1912. Compiled and published by Cornelius Roach, Secretary of State. Jefferson City, 1911. 834, xiiip. 8°.

Election Laws of the State of Missouri and the Federal naturalization laws 1911. Jefferson City, 1911. 276, xxip. 8° Secretary of State.

Provisions of the Primary Election Laws of the State of Missouri Jefferson City, 1911. 18p. 8°Secretary of State.



Secretary of State. (Fourth biennial report of the offices of Secretary of State, ex-officio clerk of the Supreme Court, and ex-officio state librarian, for the years) 1909–1910. Carson City, 1911. 200p. 8°.


General Election Laws of the State of Nebraska. Revision of 1911. Lincoln, 1911. 208 p. 8o. Department of State.


Compiled statutes of New Jersey (1709-1910) ... in five volumes. Newark, Soney & Sage, 1911. 5 v. 4°.


1909–1910 and legislative Manual, 1911. Santa


Report of the Secretary Fé, 1911. 333p. 8°.


Annual Report of the Secretary of State for the year ending Nov. 15, 1910. Springfield, 1911. 776p. 8°.


Biennial Report of the Secretary of State commencing Oct. 1, 1908 and ending Sept. 30, 1910. Salem, 1911. 620p. 8°.

Oregon Blue Book containing official directory of state, district and county officers and the constitution. Compiled and issued by Frank W. Benson and Ben 0. Olcott, Secretaries of State, Salem, 1911. 133p. 8°.


Smull's Legislative Hand Book and Manual of the State of Pennsylvania, 1911. Compiler, Herman P. Miller, Senate Librarian; assistant compiler, W. Harry Baker, Secretary of the Senate. Harrisburg, 1911. v, 1102p. 8°.

PHILIPPINE ISLANDS Philippine Commission Legislative Procedure containing rules of the commission, legislative rules established by law and joint resolution, certain important precedents of the United States House of Representatives, and notes as to statutes. Compiled by the Secretary of the Philippine Commission

Sept. 1911. Manila, 1911. 210p. 8°.

Philippine Assembly. Second legislature, first session. Election of resident commissioners of the United States, record of the discussions between the conference committees of the Philippine Commission and the Philippine Assembly, with a brief account of the facts preceding the appointment of said committees, and an excerpt from the journal of the Assembly giving an idea of what occurred after the report of disagreement. Manila, 1911. 79p. 8°. (Document No. 250-A. 38.)


Report of the Secretary of State for the fiscal year 1911. pt. 1-2. Columbia, 1912. 2 v. 8°.

VIRGINIA Annual Report of the Secretary of the Commonwealth for the year ending Sept. 30, 1911. Richmond, 1911. 316p. 8°.

Investigation of the System of Assessment, revenue and taxation now in force in this state, Report to the General Assembly by the Tax Commission appointed to make an. Richmond, 1911. xlviii, 369p. 8°. Tax Commission.

Legislative Reference Lists 1912. Richmond, 1911. 70p. 8°. State Library.

Manual of the Senate and House of Delegates, session 1912. Richmond, 1912. 142p. 24°

Constitution of Virginia: p. 77–142.


Report of the Secretary of State

1909–1910. Salt Lake City, 1911. 168p. 8°. Vote cast at the general election held Nov. 8, 1910: p. 152–168.


General Election Laws. Compiled by I. M. Howell, Secretary of State, 1912. Olympia, 1912. 68p. 8°. Secretary of State.

Commission government law (Ch.116, Laws of 1911): p. 50–61.


Employers' Liability and Laborers' Compensation Commission. Preliminary report of the secretary, 1912. 7p. 8o.


A Compilation of Laws affecting the Regulation of Public Utilities (including water powers) 1907–1911. Madison, 1911. 110p. 8°. Railroad Commission.

GREAT BRITAIN Alsop Claim. Case (and appendix to the case) presented by the Government of Chile to His Britannic Majesty King George V in the arbitration to which the Gov

· The British Parliamentary papers may be purchased from Wyman and Sons, Ltd., Fetter Lane, E. C., London. Cd. refers to papers presented to Parliament by command.


ernments of Chile and of the United States have submitted the matter of the claim of Alsop and Co. by the Convention of the 1st day of Dec., 1909. London, Harrison and Sons, 1910. 54, 17p. fol. Alsop Claim. Counter Case

1910, London. 345p. fol. British, United States, and French Diplomatic Services, Conditions of entry into

and salaries of the respective ambassadors. Misc. No. 4 (1912). 1912. Sp. fol. Foreign Office. (cd. 6100.) 1 1-2d.

Franco-Spanish Declaration and Convention Respecting Morocco (signed at Paris, Oct. 3, 1904). Morocco No. 4 (1911). Exchange of notes between Great Britain and France, Oct. 6, 1904. Franco-German declaration respecting Morocco (signed at Berlin, Feb. 8, 1909). Franco-German convention and exchange of notes respecting Morocco (signed at Berlin, Nov. 4, 1911). 1911. 16p. fol. Foreign Office. (cd. 6010.) 2 1-2d.

Industrial Property and Merchandise Marks. Papers and correspondence relating to the recent conference at Washington, for the revision of the International convention for the protection of industrial property and the arrangement for the prevention of false indication of origin on goods. (in continuation of cd. 603 of 1901.) 1912. iv, 123p. fol. (cd. 5842.) ls.

International Opium Convention; signed at the Hague, Jan. 23, 1912. Misc. No. 2 (1912). 1912. 19p. fol. Foreign Office. (cd. 6038.) 2 1-2d.

International Sugar Commission, Report of the British delegate, together with his instructions, Dec., 1911. (in continuation of “Commercial, No. 4 (1911]": cd. 5859). 1912. 9p. fol. Foreign Office. (cd. 6033.) 1 1-2d.

Constitution etc., of the Isle of Man. Report of the departmental committee on. v. 2. Minutes of evidence and appendices. (cd. 6026.) 355p. fol. Home Office. 28. 10d,

Judicial Statistics, England and Wales, 1910. 2 pts. 1912. Home Office.

Laws relating to Marriage in force in foreign countries. Miscellaneous No. 11 (1911). ix, 337p. fol. Foreign Office. (cd. 5993.) 28 9d.

Contains marriage laws of twenty-five foreign countries and of the several states of America; also text of Hague Convention of June 12, 1902 (text of marriage laws printed in both native and English languages). New Customs Tariff of Spain, Translation of the

with comparison of duties leviable under the tariff in force prior to Jan. 1, 1912. 1912. iv, 37p. fol. Board of Trade. (cd. 6040.) 4 1-2d.

Persian Government, Joint note addressed by the British and Russian representatives at Teheran, on Sept. 11, 1907. Persia No. 1 (1912). 1912. 2p. fol. (cd. 6077.) 1-2d.

Police Arrangements on Election Days in Belgium, France, Prussia, and the United States of America, Memorandum on. 1911. 6p. fol. Home Office. (cd. 5767.) id.

Railway Arbitration and Conciliation Scheme of 1907, Report of the Royal Commission appointed to investigate and report on the working of

1911. Minutes of evidence

together with appendices thereto and index. vii, 88p. fol. (cd. 6014.) 68 3d.

Standard Time Rates of Wages in the United Kingdom at Jan. 1st, 1912 (60th report.) 1912. iv, 124p. 8o. Board of Trade. Labour Dept. (cd. 6054.) 6d.

Strikes and Lockouts. Memoranda prepared from information in the possession

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