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Impeachment presented by the House of Representatives, 1798–1904, Extracts from the Journal of the U. S. Senate in all cases of. 1912. 594p. 8°. Congress. Senate. (S. doc. 876.)

Impeachment. Robert W. Archbald, judge of the U. S. Commerce Court. Report from House Committee on the Judiciary (to accompany H. Res. 524). 1912. 52p. 80. House. Committee on the Judiciary. (H. rpt. 946.)

Report includes articles of impeachment.

Impeachment. Answer of Robert W. Archbald, to the articles of impeachment exhibited against him by the House of Representatives of the United States. 1912. 24p. 8°. Congress. Senate. (S. doc. 886.)

Impeachment of Cornelius H. Hanford, U. S. circuit judge for the western district of the state of Washington. Report in the matter of; with transcript of testimony taken and exhibits offered in the city of Seattle, Washington, from June 27 to July 22, 1912. 1912. 1761p. 8°. House. Committee on the Judiciary. (H. rpt. 1152.)

Impeachment of Charles Swayne, judge of the western district of Florida. Proceedings in the House of Representatives, 58th Cong. 1912. 700p. 8°. House. Committee on the Judiciary.

Injunctions. Proceedings in the House of Representatives, May 13 and 14, 1912, in connection with the injunction bill to prevent abuses of the process of injunction. 1912. 229p. 8o. House. Committee on the Judiciary.

Interstate Commerce, Power of Congress over. 1st part, judicial expressions; 2d part, application of, in particular cases, by Thos. C. Spelling. 1912. 318p. 8o. House. Committee on the Judiciary.

Investigation of United States Steel Corporation. Report from the House Special Committee to investigate violations of the anti-trust act of 1890. 1912. 346p. 8o. House. Special Committee to Investigate Violations of the Anti-Trust Act of 1890. (H. rept. 1127.)

Views of minority printed as pt. 2 of the report. 9p.

Judicial Recall a Fallacy Repugnant to Constitutional Government, by Rome G. Brown. From "The Annals,” Sept. 1912, American Academy of Political and Social Science. 1912. 32p. 8° Congress. Senate. (S. doc. 892.)

Limiting Federal Injunctions. Argument of T. C. Spelling before a sub-committee of the Committee on the Judiciary, U. S. Senate. 1912. 73p. 8°. Congress. Senate. (S. doc. 944.)

The Military Policy of the United States, by Brevet Maj. Gen. Emory Upton, U. S. A. 4th impression. 1912. xxiii, 495p. 8°. War Dept.

The Need for a National Budget. Message from the President transmitting report of the Commission on Economy and Efficiency. 1912. vii, 568p. 8o. Commission on Economy and Efficiency. (H. doc. 854.)

New Constitution of Ohio. An explanation of the work of Ohio's fourth constitutional convention by the president, Hon. Herbert S. Bigelow. 1912. 15p. 8o. Congress. House. (H. doc. 863.)

New Dangers to Majority Rule. Address by Judson King, before the Political Science Club of the University of Washington, Mar. 6, 1912. 1912. 14p. 8°. Congress. Senate. (S. doc. 897.) North Atlantic Coast Fisheries Arbitration, Proceedings in

before the permanent court of arbitration of the Hague under the provisions of the general treaty of arbitration of Apr. 4, 1908, and the special agreement of Jan. 27, 1909,

between the United States of America and Great Britain. (In 12 vols.) 1912. 8o. (61st Congress, 3d session, S. doc. 870.) Dept. of State.

v. 9–11. Oral argument before the permanent court.

Occupation of Mexican Territory. Message from the President transmitting in answer to a resolution of the House of Representatives of Dec. 15, 1846, reports from the Secretary of War and the Secretary of the Navy relative to the occupation of Mexican territory. (Reprint of H. Ex. doc. no. 60, 30th Cong., 1st. sess.) 1912. Congress. Senate. (S. doc. 896.)

Panama Canal. Hearings before the Committee on Interoceanic Canals, U. S. Senate, 62d Cong., on H. R. 21969, a bill to provide for the opening, maintenance, protection, and operation of the Panama Canal, and the sanitation and government of the Canal Zone. 1912. 928p. 8°. Senate. Committee on Interoceanic Canals.

Parcel Post. Memorial presenting the farmers' position on the parcel post in connection with the post office appropriation bill, by Geo. P. Hampton. 1912. 13p. 8° Congress. Senate. (S. doc, 895.)

Parcel Post. Report submitted to the subcommittee on parcel post of the Senate Committee on Post Offices and Post Roads, by Hon. Jonathan Bourne, Jr. 1912. 14p. 8°. Senate. Committee on Post Offices and Post Roads.

Private Irrigation Enterprise compared with government reclamation, by Francis G. Tracy. 1912. 23p. 8° Congress. Senate. (S. doc. 869.)

Procedure in Contempt Cases. Proceedings in House of Representatives, July 9 and 11, 1912, in connection with the Contempt bill providing for jury trial in cases of contempt of court criminal in character. 1912. 138p. 8o. House. Committee on the Judiciary.

Real Authorship of the Constitution of the United States explained. James Madison and Pelatiah Webster defended by Hannis Taylor against attacks contained in S. doc. no. 402. 62d Cong., entitled: Pelatiah Webster and the Constitution. 1912. 87p. 4° Congress. Senate. (S. doc. 787.)

Recall of Judges. Address by James Monahan before the Minnesota State Bar Association at Duluth, July 19, 1911. 1912. 13p. 8° Congress. Senate. (S. doc. 941.)

Shall we Change our Plan of Government. Address by Hon. N. C. Young, member of the North Dakota Supreme Court from 1898 to 1906. 1912. 15p. 8°. Congress. Senate. (S. doc. 865.)

Sherman Anti-trust Law with amendments and list of cases instituted by the United States under the Sherman law and citations of cases thereunder or relating thereto. July 1, 1912. 63p. 8o. Dept. of Justice.

Standing Rules for Conducting Business in the Senate of the United States, with rules for the regulation of the Senate wing of the U. S. Capitol, adopted by the Committee on Rules. 1912. 71p. 8°. Senate. Committee on Rules.

The Supply Bills. Articles by Hon. John Sharp Williams, concerning the constitutional power of the House of Representatives to originate supply bills. 1912. 16p. 8°. Congress. Senate. (S. doc. 872.)

"Titanic" Disaster, Hearings before a subcommittee of the Committee on Commerce, U. S. Senate, 62d Cong.,

to investigate the causes leading to the wreck of the White Star liner Titanic.” 1912. 1163p. 8°. Senate. Committee on Commerce. (S. doc. 726.)

The “Titanic” Disaster. Speech of Hon. William Alden Smith of Michigan in

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the U. S. Senate, May 28, 1912. 1912. 30p. 8o. Congress. Senate. (S. doc. 850.)

"Titanic," Loss of the Steamship. S. doc. 933. (Reprint of a formal investigation

conducted by the British government which see.) Vocational Education, Hearings before the Committee on Agriculture, House of Representatives on H. R. 23581, Apr. 23–26, 1912. 152p. 8o. House. Commitlee on Agriculture.

Vocational Education. Speech of Hon. Carroll S. Page delivered in the Senate of the United States, June 5, 1912. 1912. 134p. 8°. Congress. Senate. (S. doc. 845.)

Woman and Child Wage-Earners in the United States, Report on condition of. (report to consist of 19 vols.) 1912. Dept. of Commerce and Labor. Bureau of Labor. (61st Cong., S. doc. 645.)

v. 17. Hookworm disease among cotton-mill operatives, by Ch. Wardell Stiles.

Workmen's Compensation Legislation. An article by Hon. W. G. Brantley in answer to an article appearing in the Charlotte News of Charlotte, N. C., Aug. 5, 1912. 13p. 8°. Congress. Senate. (S. doc. 905.)


Alabama Official and Statistical Register, 1911. Compiled by T. M. Owen, director, Dept. of Archives and History. Montgomery, 1912. 367p. 8o.


Opinion of the Attorney General given the Secretary of state concerning the right of a candidate or organization to a place on the official ballot at the general election Nov. 5, 1912, under a particular party designation. Sacramento, 1912. 30p. 8o. Attorney general.

Opinion on Powers of Railroad Commission and incorporated cities and towns over public utilities, by Max Thelen


: . May 24, 1912. Sacramento, 1912. 37p. 8°. Railroad commission.

COLORADO, Colorado Direct Primary Election Law, 1910, with forms for carrying out provisions of said law. Denver, 1912. 79p. 8o. Secretary of state.


Legislative History and Souvenir of Connecticut

v. 8, 1911-1912. Portraits and sketches of state officers, senators, representatives, clerks, chaplains, etc., list of committees. Hartford, 1912. 306p. 8°.


Veto Messages of Senate and House Bills of the regular and special sessions of the forty-seventh General assembly filed by Governor Charles S. Deneen, 19111912; with an appendix containing veto messages of 1907 and 1910 not printed heretofore. Springfield, 1912. 41p. 8°.

Official Vote of the State of Illinois at the primary election held on Apr. 9, 1912. Comp. and published by Cornelius J. Doyle. Springfield, 1912. 109p. 8°. Secretary of state.


Workmen's Compensation Laws. Synopsis of recent enactments. Résumé of the industrial accident acts of Ohio, New Jersey, Washington, Wisconsin, California, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Nevada and New Hampshire. Des Moines, 1911. 13p. 8°. Employers' liability commission.


Report of the Board of Railroad Commissioners, the Tax commissioner and the Bank commissioner, sitting as a commission, relative to the assets and liabilities of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Co. Feb. 15, 1911. Boston, 1911. 581p. 8o.

Report of a Special Investigation Relative to the Indebtedness of the Cities and towns of the commonwealth

Apr. 15, 1912. Boston, 1912, 286p. 8o. Bureau of statistics. (House doc. 2168.)


Michigan Official Directory and Legislative Manual, comp. by Frederick C. Martindale, secretry of state. Lansing, 1912. 940p. 8o. Dept. of state.


Revised Laws of Nevada containing state statutes of a general nature from 1861 revised to 1912, and pertinent acts of Congress, with annotations from volumes 1 to 34, Nevada reports, and from federal and state decisions.

v. 1-2. Carson City, 1912. 2v. 4°.


Manual of the Constitution of the state of New Hampshire. Comp. from official sources and edited, with sketch of the constitution of the state, the basis of representation, and appendix, by James Fairbanks Colby. Rev. of 1912. Concord, 1912. 349p. 8o. Secretary of state.

Methods prescribed by the constitution of the several states for revision and amendment: p. 338-347.


Amendments to the Constitution of Ohio proposed by the Constitutional convention. To be submitted to popular vote Sept. 3, 1912. Columbus, 1912. 32p. 8o. Constitutional convention.

Annual Statistical Report of the Secretary of State for the year ending Nov. 15, 1911. Springfield, 1912. 1086p. 8°. Secretary of state.

Report of the Commission to Codify and Revise the Laws of Ohio relative to children. 61p. 8o.

Workmen's Compensation Act of the state of Ohio, with appendix and notes to sections. 1912. Columbus, 1912. 43p. 8o. Liability board of awards.


Constitution of Pennsylvania analytically indexed and with index of prohibited legislation. By James McKirdy. Harrisburg, 1912. 118p. 8°. Legislative reference bureau.

Special Legislation in Pennsylvania, by James McKirdy. Harrisburg, 1912. 12p. 8°. Legislative reference bureau.


Third Report of the Joint Special Committee of the Taxation Laws of the state of Rhode Island . . . 1912. Providence, 1912.

103p. 8°.


Reports and Resolutions of the General Assembly

regular session commencing Jan. 10, 1911. v 1-2. 1911.

v. 1, The civil code. v. 2, Code of civil procedure and criminal code.

Report of the Secretary of State for the fiscal year 1911. 2v. Columbia, 1912. 8o.


Wisconsin Tax Laws. A compilation of the general laws of the state relating to the assessment and collection of taxes, including all amendments to date with explanatory notes and decisions. Madison, 1912. v, 198p. 8°. Tax commission.


Tratados, Convenciones, Protocolos, actos y acuerdos internacionales. Publicación oficial. 11 vols. Buenos Aires, 1911.


Bericht der Kommission für Justizgegenstände über den Entwurf eines Gesetzes, betreffend die Änderung und Ergänzung einiger Bestimmungen des allgemeinen bürgerlichen Gesetzbuches. (78 der Beilagen zu den stenogr. Protokollen des Herrenhauses, 21 Session, 1912). 1912. 404p. 4°.

Recueil des Traités et Conventions conclus par l'Autriche-Hongrie avec les puissances étrangères par Adolphe de Plason de la Woestyne. Nouvelle suite. Tome vingt-sixième. Vienne, 1912. 847p. 8°.


Laws relating to the Liability of Employers, Interim report of Commission on

with the evidence taken and the brief of Mr. Wegenast, submitted on behalf of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association. 1912. 478p. 8o.

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