Globalization / Anti-Globalization: Beyond the Great Divide

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Polity, 19. 11. 2007 - Počet stran: 283
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Is globalization being eclipsed by a resurgent geopolitics? Does the war on terror denote the end of globalization or a new phase of militarized globalization? Empire or globalization - are these the right terms to describe the current global order?

The second edition of this highly successful book tests the claims of those who dismiss the continuing significance of globalization through a comprehensive assessment of contemporary global trends. In the aftermath of 9/11, and the war in Iraq, there has been much talk of the end of globalization. Held and McGrew argue that these post-mortems for globalization are entirely premature. They show this by focusing upon the primary structures of world order namely: patterns of governance, organized violence, the economy, culture and environmental degradation. Patterns of inequality, exclusion and domination are also assessed.

Building upon this analysis, the authors present the case for continuing to take globalization seriously as both a description and explanation of our current global condition. They also ask the vital question: can globalization be tamed? Held and McGrew explore whether a more just and stable world order is either desirable or feasible and present an alternative ethical and political agenda for the twenty-first century - a global covenant of cosmopolitan social democracy.

The second edition of this powerful and original book has been comprehensively updated, with three new chapters added. The book will appeal to all those who remain intrigued, confused or simply baffled by the controversy about globalization and its consequences for the twenty-first century world order.

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Introduction Current Controversies about the Demise of Globalization
The Globalization Controversy
The Reconfiguration of Political Power?
The Fate of National Culture
Global Insecurities Military Threats and Environmental Catastrophe
A New World Economic Order? Global Markets and State Power
The Great Divergence? Global Inequality and Development
MisManaging the World?
Beyond GlobalizationAntiGlobalization
World Orders Ethical Foundations
The Contentious Politics of Globalization Mapping Ideals and Theories
Reconstructing World Order Towards Cosmopolitan Social Democracy
Implementing Cosmopolitan Social Democracy The Challenge of 911 and Global Economic Governance
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Remaking Globalization

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O autorovi (2007)

David Held is Graham Wallas Professor of Political Science at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Anthony McGrew is Professor of International Relations at the University of Southampton.

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