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THE YEAR 1900.

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CHAP. 7.–An Act Relating to the Twelfth and subsequent censuses, and giving to the February 1, 1900. Director thereof additional power and authority in certain cases, and for other par

31 Stat. L., 3. poses. (1) Be it enacted, &c., That in addition to the power and authority 1899, Mar. 3, ch.

Twelfth census. conferred upon the Director of the Census by an Act entitled “An Act 419 (2 Supp. R. S., to provide for taking the Twelfth and subsequent censuses," approved 978). March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, said Director of the Director to ap

point additional Census shall have power, and is hereby authorized, to appoint and

employees. employ, as the necessity therefor may arise, one purchasing agent, at an annual salary of two thousand five hundred dollars; two chiefs of division, at an annual salary of two thousand dollars each; five clerks of class four; six clerks of class three, and eight clerks of class two; to employ such number of special agents, not exceeding thirty-five in special agents,

duties, etc. all, as may be proper and necessary for the purpose of gathering any information or data in relation to or required by the agricultural schedules; to employ special agents to assist the supervisors in large cities whenever he may deem it proper, in connection with the work of preparation for, or during the progress of, the enumeration, or in connection with the reenumeration of any district, or a part thereof; to employ as supervisors as special agents such of the supervisors of census as he may deem wise special agents. and proper, at the compensation provided for in section seventeen of said Act, the intent and purpose being that the supervisors of census may be appointed special agents at the time they are acting as supervisors, and receive the compensation to which they are entitled as super- pensation.

-double visors, and also as special agents;

and the Director of the Census is authorized and directed to collect Statistics as to statistics relating to all of the deaf, dumb, and blind, notwithstanding blina.

deaf, dumb, and the restrictions and limitations contained in section eight of said Act 1899, Mar. 3, ch. entitled “An Act to provide for taking the Twelfth and subsequent 419, $ 8.(2 Supp. censuses:

R. S., 980). Provided, That in taking the census of said classes the inquiries shall-scope of inbe contined to the following four questions, namely: Name, age, sex,

quiry. and post-office address;

Note.-(1) For act making provision for the taking of the Twelfth Census, see 1899, March 3, ch. 419 (2 Supp. R. S., 978), also note thereto for a review of the legislation relating to the taking of the censuses.

By 1900, May 10, ch. 389, post, p. 1166, certain additional employees are authorized, the Director and chief clerk's salaries increased, and additional pay granted supervisors.


Pay as supervis- and the Director of the Census is hereby specifically authorized to

pay such supervisors for their services as special agents the compensation which he may authorize out of any general or special appropriation which may be made for the payment of special agents, and to allow any

supervisor of census, in addition to the contingencies provided for in -traveling ex- section eleven of said Act, actual and necessary traveling expenses and penses, etc.

an allowance in lieu of subsistence not exceeding three dollars per day during his necessary absence from his usual place of residence in con

nection with the work of preparation for the enumeration; Pay of enumera- to allow, in fixing the compensation of enumerators, not more than tors for death re- five cents for each death reported; ported.

Purchase of sto purchase any and all law books, books of reference, or periodbooks, etc.

icals, which may be required from time to time in the Census Office, and pay for the same out of the sum appropriated by the said Act of March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, or any other appropriation hereafter made for the census work, whether there be a spe

cific authorization for such purchases or not: -limit.

Provided, That the aggregate amount of such purchases shall not

exceed the sum of three thousand dollars. Statistics of live SEC. 2. That in addition to the other statistics required to be colstock.

lected by section seven of said Act approved March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, there shall be collected on the agricultural

schedules information concerning the number and kinds of live stock —pay of enu- not on farms; and the Director of the Census shall have power to pay

the enumerators for collecting such information, in his discretion, not less than five nor more than ten cents for each barn or inclosure visited

in which such live stock may be found: --special agents. Provided, however, That the Director of the Census may appoint

special agents to gather the information required by this section when

ever he may deem it proper. Pay in case of SEC. 3. That in the event of the death of any supervisor or enumeradeath of super- tor after his appointment and entrance on his duties, the Director of visor or enumera- the Census be, and he is, authorized to pay to his widow, if there be tor.

one, and if not to his legal representative such sum as may be just and fair for the services rendered by said supervisor or enumerator prior to his death. [February 1, 1900.]


February 7, 1900. CHAP. 10.–An Act To create a new division in the eastern judicial district of the State of

Tennessee. (1) 31 Stat. L., 5. Tennessee.

Be it enacted, &c., That a new division of the eastern judicial Northeastern di- district of the State of Tennessee, to be known as the northeastern vision of eastern division judicial district of Tennessee, be, and the same is hereby, judicial district.

R. S., $$ 547,572, established, to be composed of the following counties, to wit: Johnson, 658.

Carter, Unicoi, Sullivan, Washington, Greene, Hawkins, Hancock, -counties trans- Cocke, and Hamblen; and said counties be, and the same are hereby, ferred.

transferred to said northeastern division of said eastern district of -no additional marshal or clerk. Tennessee, but no additional clerk or marshal shall be appointed in or

for said district. TermsatGreene- SEC. 2. That terms of the circuit court and of the district court of ville.

the northeastern division judicial district of Tennessee shall be held at

Note.-(1) For a review of legislation affecting the judicial districts and terms of court in Tennessee, see note to 1899, February 2, ch. 83 (2 Supp. R. S., 939).

By 1900, May 24, ch. 549, post, p. 1173, Dyer County is attached to the western division of the western district.

By 1901, January 19, ch. 102, post p. 1460, the terms of court at Greeneville, Tenn., are changed.

Greeneville, in said State, each year, on the fourth Mondays in August and February, after the passage of this Act.

SEC. 3. That the clerks of the district and circuit courts for the Duties of judicial eastern district of Tennessee, and the marshal and district attorney

officers. for said district, shall perform the duties appertaining to their offices, respectively, for said courts of said northeastern division judicial district, and except when court is in session, and a judge present, the clerk's office of the said courts may be at Knoxville, where all records Clerk's office at for said courts may be kept as of the same court, and all duties per

Knoxville. formed as though the clerk were at Greeneville, but should, in the judgment of the district judge and the clerk, the business of said Deputy clerk at courts hereafter warrant the employment of a deputy clerk at Greene- Greeneville. ville, Tennessee, new books and records may be opened for the courts herein created, and kept at Greeneville, and a deputy clerk appointed to reside and keep his office at Greeneville.

SEC. 4. That all suits not of a local nature in said circuit and dis- Civil suits, where trict courts against a single defendant, inhabitant of said State, must brought. be brought in the division of the district where he resides; but if there are two or more defendants residing in different divisions of the district, such suits may be brought in either division.

SEC. 5. That all prosecutions for crimes or offenses hereafter com- Prosecutions for mitted in either of the divisions of said district shall be cognizable crimes. within such division, and all prosecutions for crimes or offenses heretofore committed in the eastern district as heretofore constituted shall be commerced and proceeded with as if this Act had not been passed.

Sec. 6. That all grand and petit jurors summoned for service in each Jurors. division shall be residents of such division.

All mesne and final process subject to the provisions herein before contained, issued in either of said divisions, may be served and exe-ess. cuted in either or both of the divisions.

SEC. 7. That in all cases of removal of suits from the courts of the Removal of State of Tennessee to the courts of the United States in the eastern causes from State district of Tennessee such removal shall be to the United States courts

courts. in the division in which the county is situated from which the removal is made, and the time within which the removal shall be perfected, in so far as it refers to or is regulated by the terms of the United States courts, shall be deemed to refer to the terms of the United States courts held in said northeastern judicial district.

SEC. 8. That each of said courts shall be held in a building to be Court-houses. provided for that purpose by the county or municipal authorities and without expense to the United States.

Sec. 9. That this Act shall be in force from and after the thirtieth Repeal. day of June, anno Domini nineteen hundred, and all Acts and parts of Acts so far as inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed. [February 7, 1900.]

Service of proc

CHAP. 11.–An Act Fixing the salary of the postmaster at Washington City, District of February 7, 1900. Columbia. (1)

31 Stat. L., 6. Be it enacted, &c., That so much of section four of the Act entitled Dist. Columbia. “An Act to adjust the salaries of postmasters," approved Marcb third,

Salary of post

master at Washeighteen hundred and eighty-three, as fixes the salary of the postmas- ington. ter at Washington City, District of Columbia, is hereby repealed, and 1883, Mar. 3, ch. the salary of said postmaster shall hereafter be adjusted, as provided 142 (1 Supp. R. S.. in the cases of other postmasters, under section one of said Act. [Feb- 417). ruary 7, 1900.]

NOTE.—(1) By 1883, March 3, ch. 142, § 4 (1 Supp. R. S., 420), the salary of the postmaster at Washington, D. C., was fixed at $5,000 per annum.

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