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reasonable hire of all assistance necessary to be employed in making

the survey.

veyor General.

tion to Surveyor General

To transmit co

Sec. 13. Each County Surveyor, immediately after making any pies of field notes and plots to Sur. survey, except surveys of city or town lots, shall make out a copy of

the field notes and plot, and transmit the same to the Surveyor General, indicating plainly upon the plot, at what point of any line,

any river, or stream, or county line is touched or crossed. When To give informa- called upon so to do, he shall communicate to the Surveyor General,

such information concerning surveys made by him, and other matters

connected with the duties of his office, as may be required. County Survey Sec. 14. Each County Surveyor shall aid and assist the Surveyor

General, when required so to do, in making observation surveys within the county : Provided, he shall not be required to give such

aid or assistance for more than two days in each year. Penalty on Sec. 15. Any County Surveyor who shall fail or refuse to perform Surveyor failing to perform his


of the duties required of him by this act, shall be fined in a sum not exceeding two hundred dollars.

ors to aid Surveyor General. Proviso.



AN ACT defining the duties of the State Librarian, and prescribing

rules for the government of the State Library.—[Passed April 9, 1850.]

The People of the State of California, represented in Senate and

Assembly, do enact as follows:


to have charge of

State library

SECTION 1. All books now belonging to or which hereafter how composed. come into possession of this state, by purchase or otherwise, shall be

kept in the office of the Secretary of State, and shall compose the

state library. Secretary of State

Sec. 2. The Secretary of State, as State Librarian (1), shall take library.

charge of the library and all papers, maps, and charts properly belonging thereto, under such regulations as are hereinafter established, and shall take special care that none of them be lost or injured. (2)

Sec. 3. Books may be taken from the state library by the members from library. of the legislature and its officers during the session of the same, and

Members of legislature, etc., may take books

(1) See Stat. 1852, page 44, Sec. 6.

(2) Ante. page 79 Sec. 9.



may be retained

at any time by the Governor and the officers of the executive department of this state who are required to keep their offices at the seat of government, the Justices of the Supreme Court, and Attorney General: Provided, that no person shall be permitted to take or re- Number of tain from the library more than two volumes of miscellaneous works taken at one at any one time.

Sec. 4. The Librarian shall cause to be kept a register of all Register of books books issued and returned, at the time they shall be so issued or returned; and none of the books, except the laws, journals, and reports Ilow long books of this state, which may be taken from the library by members of the legislature or its officers during the session, shall be retained more than two weeks, and all the books taken by the members of the legislature or its officers, of every kind, shall be returned at the close of the session. Sec. 5. If any person injure or fail to return any books taken from Penalty for injur

ing or failing to the library within the time prescribed in the foregoing section, he shall return books. forfeit and pay to the Librarian for the benefit of the library three times the value thereof or of the set to which it belongs; and before per diem allowthe Comptroller shall issue his warrant in favor of any member or paid to legislators officer of the legislatureo r of this state, for his per diem allowance returned, etc. or salary, he shall be satisfied that such member or officer has returned all books taken out of the library by him, and has settled all accounts for injuring such books or otherwise.

Sec. 6. All fines and forfeitures accruing under and by virtue of Penalties-bow this act, shall be recoverable by action of debt before any Justice of the Peace or court having jurisdiction of the same, in the name of the people of the state of California, for the use of the state library, and in all such trials the entries of the Librarian, to be made as hereinbefore described, shall be evidence of the delivery of the book or books, and of the dates thereof; and it shall be his duty to carry the provisions of this act into execution, and sue for all injuries done to the library, and for all penalties under this act. Sec. 7. The Librarian shall cause the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth Sections of this

Act to be printed, sections of this act to be printed, and pasted inside of the cover, and and pasted in the words, “ California State Library,” stamped upon the back of

books, etc. each volume belonging thereto.

Sec. 8. The Librarian shall cause to be bound in neat substantial Books to be binding, all laws, journals, reports, pamphlets, and other documents which may be received in a condition requiring such binding, from any



source whatever; and all moneys necessary to carry out the provisions of this and the preceding section shall be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated.


AN ACT concerning Wrecks and Wrecked Property.— [Passed

April 10, 1850.]

The People of the State of California, represented in Senate and

Assembly, do enact as follows:

Wrecked vessels, etc., to remain property of olver.

Sheriff to keep possession of property until owner found.

Section 1. No ship, vessel, or boat, nor any goods, wares and merchandise, that shall be cast by the sea upon the land, shall be deemed to belong to the people of this state as wrecked property, but may be recovered by the owner, consignee, or person having charge thereof at the time of the happening of the disaster by which the wreck was occasioned, upon the payment of a reasonable salvage and necessary expenses.

Sec. 2. The Sheriff of every county in which any wrecked property may be found, when no owner or other person entitled to the possession of such property shall appear, shall have power, and it shall be his duty, to pursue all necessary measures for saving and securing such property; to take possession thereof, in whose hands soever the same may be, in the name of the people of this state ; to cause the value thereof to be appraised by indifferent persons, and to keep the same in some safe place to answer the claims of such persons as may hereafter appear entitled thereto.

Sec. 3. If the property so saved shall be in a perishable state, so as to render the sale thereof expedient, it shall be the duty of the officer in whose custody the same shall be, to apply to the County Judge, by a petition, supported by an affidavit of the facts, for an order authorizing such sale; and if the Judge to whom such application shall be made, shall be satisfied that the sale of the property would be most beneficial to the parties interested, it shall be his duty to make the order so applied for.

Sec. 4. If such order be made, the officer having custody of the property directed to be sold, shall sell the same at public auction, at the time and in the manner that shall be specified in the order; and the proceeds of such sale, deducting the expenses thereof, as the same

[blocks in formation]

delivered up

shall be settled and allowed by the Judge making the order, shall be paid to the Treasurer of the county in which the property shall have been found.

Sec. 5. If, within a year after such wrecked property shall have On1 claim tog been found and saved, any person shall claim the same, or the pro- or proceeds to be ceels thereof, as owner or consignee, or as the agent of the owner or consignee, and shall establish his claim by evidence which the County Judge shall deem to be satisfactory, it shall be the duty of such Judge to make an order, directing the officer in whose possession such property or the proceeds thereof shall be, to deliver or pay the same to the claimant, upon the payment of a reasonable salvage, and all necessary expenses incurred in the preservation and keeping of such property. Sec. 6. No such order shall, however, he made, unless the claimant Claimant to in.

demnify against shall deliver to such Judge a bond, with one or more sufficient sure- other cinims. ties, to be approved by the Judge, conditioned for the payment of all damages that may be recovered against such claimant or his representatives, within two years after the date of such bond, by any person establishing his title as owner of the property or proceeds to be delivered. The bond shall be made payable to the state, and the penalty shall be double the value of the property or proceeds before mentioned.

Sec. 7. The bond shall be filed in the Clerk's office of the county Indemnity bond in which it shall be taken. If it shall become forfeited it shall be how enfureed the duty of the County Judge, upon the application, supported by due proof, of the person entitled to the damages mentioned in the condition of the bond, to make an order for the prosecution thereof for the benefit of such person, and at his risk and expense.

Sec. 8. The rejection by the Judge to whom it may be exhibited, Rrjection of of

any claim for wrecked property, shall not preclude the claimant Juice not to bar from maintaining a suit for the recovery of such property, or its pro- claimant. ceeds, against the officer in whose hands the same shall be put. If the plaintiff in any such suit shall prevail, there shall be deducted, in addition to the salvage and expenses charged on the property from the damages to be recovered, all the costs of the defendant in making his defence.

Sec. 9. It shall be the duty of every officer to whom any order Clainant to pay duly made for the delivery of wrecked property, or the payment of its proceeds, shall be directed, to present to the claimant exhibiting such order a written statement of the claims for salvage and expenses on such property and proceeds. If the claimant shall refuse to allow

claim by County


Sheriff to aid stranded vessels.

aid sheriff.

Who entitled to salvage.

such claims, the amount of such salvage and expenses shall be adjusted in the manner hereinafter provided; and in all cases, after the payment or tender of the payment of such salvage and expenses as agreed to or adjusted, the officer in whose custody such property or proceed shall be, shall deliver or pay the same, according to the terms of the order directed to him.

Sec. 10. It shall be the duty of the Sheriffs in the several counties to give all possible aid and assistance to all vessels stranded on the coasts of their respective counties, and to the persons on board the same, and to use their utmost endeavors to save and preserve such vessels and their cargoes, and all goods and merchandise which may be cast by the sea upon the land, and in the performance of these duties they shall employ such and so many men as they may respec

tively think proper. Magistrates to Sec. 11. It shall be the duty of all magistrates, constables, and

citizens, to aid and assist the Sheriff, when required, in the discharge of his duties prescribed by this act.

Sec. 12. All Sheriffs, and all persons employed by them, and all other persons aiding and assisting in the recovery and preservation of wrecked property, shall be entitled to a reasonable allowance as salvage for their services, out of the property saved ; and the officer having the custody of such property shall detain the same until such

salvage and expenses shall be paid. Salvage not to

Sec. 13. The whole salvage that shall be claimed in any case shall value of property not exceed one half of the value of the property or proceeds on

which such salvage shall be charged ; and every agreement, order, or adjustment allowing a greater salvage shall be void, unless otherwise specially ordered and allowed by the County Judge.

Sec. 14. If in any case the amount of salvage and expenses on disputed, application may be property saved shall not be settled by the agreement of the parties, made to appoint appraisers. the owner or consignee of such property, or the master or supercargo

having charge thereof at the time the same was wrecked, or a claimant having an order for its delivery, may apply to the Judge of the county in which such property shall be, for the appointment of suitable persons or appraisers to adjust and settle the amount of such

salvage and expenses. Appraisers may

Sec. 15. It shall be the duty of the Judge to whom such applicabe appointed.

tion shall be made, by an order under his hand and seal, to appoint three disinterested freeholders of the county to adjust and settle such

salvage and expenses. Appraisers to be

Sec. 16. The persons so appointed, before they shall enter on the

exceed half


Where salvage

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