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With both the humors, I :
I will discuss the humor of this love to Page.
Pis. And I to Ford shall eke 1 unfold,

How Falstaff, varlet vile,
His dove will prove, his gold will hold,

And his soft couch defile. Nym. My humor shall not cool : I will incense 2 Page to deal with poison; I will possess him with yellowness, for the revolt of mien 4 is dangerous : that is my true humor.

Pis. Thou art the Mars of malcontents : I second thee; troop on.



A room in Dr. Caius's house. Enter MRS. QUICKLY, SIMPLE, and RUGBY. Mrs. Quick. What; John Rugby!—I pray thee, go to the casement, and see if you can see my master, master Doctor Caius, coming; if he do, i'faith, and find any body in the house, here will be an old abusing of God's patience, and the king's English. Rug. I'll go watch.

[Exit Rugby. Mrs. Quick. Go; and we 'll have a posset for 't soon at night, in faith, at the latter end of a sea-coal fire. An honest, willing, kind fellow, as ever servant shall come in house withal; and, I warrant you, no

i Likewise.

Instigate. 4 Change of countenance,

3 Jealousy.

tell-tale, nor no breed-bate : 1 his worst fault is, that he is given to prayer; he is something peevish ? that way: but nobody but has his fault ;-but let that pass. Peter Simple, you say your name is ?

Sim. Ay, for fault of a better.
Mrs. Quick. And master Slender 's your master
Sim. Ay, forsooth.

Mrs. Quick. Does he not wear a great round beard, like a glover's paring-knife?

Sim. No, forsooth : he hath but a little wee face, with a little yellow beard ; a Cain-colored 3 beard.

Mrs. Quick. A softly-sprighted man, is he not?

Sim. Ay, forsooth: but he is as tall 5 a man of his hands, as any is between this and his head ; he hath fought with a .warrener.

Mrs. Quick. How say you ?-0, I should remember 'him. Does he not hold up his head, as it were, and strut in his gait ?

Sim. Yes, indeed, does he.

Mrs. Quick. Well, Heaven send Anne Page no worse fortune! Tell master parson Evans, I will do what I can for your master: Anne is a good girl, and I wish

Re-enter RUGBY.
Rug. Out, alas ! here comes my master.

| No breeder of strife.

Foolish. 3 Cain and Judas were represented with yellow beards in old tapestries and pictures. - A man of a mild disposition.

5 Courageous.

Mrs. Quick. We shall all be shent.1 Run in here, good young man; go into this closet. [shuts Simple in the closet.] He will not stay long.–What, John Rugby! John, what, John, I say !-Go, John, go inquire for my master; I doubt, he be not well, that he comes not home :-' and down, down, adown-a,' &c.


Enter DR. CAIUS. Caius. Vat is you sing? I do not like dese toys. Pray you, go and vetch me in my closet un boitier verd ; a box, a green-a box. Do intend vat I speak? a green-a box.

Mrs. Quick. Ay, forsooth, I'll fetch it you. I am glad he went not in himself: if he had found the young man, he would have been horn-mad.2 [aside.

Caius. Fe, fe, fe, fe ! ma foi, il fait fort chaud. Je m'en vais à la Cour,la grande affaire.

Mrs. Quick. Is it this, sir ?

Caius. Ouy; mette le au mon pocket; Dépêche, quickly.–Vere is dat knave Rugby?

Mrs. Quick. What, John Rugby! John !
Rug. Here, sir.

Caius. You are John Rugby, and you are Jack Rugby. Come, take-a your rapier, and come after my heel to de court.

Rug. 'Tis ready, sir, here in the porch.

1 Scolded, roughly treated.

? As angry as a man who has discovered the infidelity of his wife.

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