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And mine to suffer with an humble patience Herald (reading). Forasmuch as our high What you'll impose upon it.

and mighty master, Philip, the potent and Gen. Courtly too ! (Lucio, inadam, most Catholick king of Spain, hath not only

Lucio. Yet bath the poor and contemn'd in his own royal person, been long and ofteil (Made able only by his hope to serve you),

solicited, and grieved, with the deadly and Recover'd what with violence, not justice, incurable batred sprung up betwixt the two Was taken from him; and here at your feet, ancient and most honourably-descended With these, he could have laid the conquer'd houses of these bis two dearly and equallyhead

belored subjects, don Ferdinando de AlvaOf Lamoral ('tis all I say of him)

rez, and don Pedro de Vitelli (all which in For rudely touching that, which, as a relick, vain his majesty hath often endeavoured to I ever would have worshipp'd, since 'twas reconcile and qualify): but that also through yours,

the debates, quarrels, and outrages daily Gen. Valiant, and everything a Indy could arising, falling, and flowing from these great Wish in her servant!

heads, his publick civil government is sediLucin. All that's good in me,

tiously and barbarously molested and woundThat heav'nly love, the opposite to base lust ed, and many of his chiet gentry (no less (Which would have all men worthy), hath tender to his royal majesty than the very created ;

branches of his own sacred blood), spoiled, Which being by your beams of beauty forin'd, lost, and subinery'd, in the impious inundaCherish as your own creature !

tion and torrent of their still-yrowing malice; Gen. I ain gone

it hath therefore pleased his sacred majesty, Too far now to dissemble.--Rise, or sure out of his infinite affection to preserve his I must kneel with you too: let this one kiss commonwealth, and general peace, from furSpeak the rest for me! 'tis too much I do, ther violation (as a sweet and heartily-loving And yet, if chastity would, I could wish more. father of his people), and on the earnest pe

Lició. In overjoying me, you are grown sad! titions of these arch-enemies, to order and What is it, madam? by llear'n, [yet, ordain, that they be ready, each with his There's nothing that's within my nerves (and well-chosen and beloved friend, armed at all Favour'd by you, I should as much as man) points like gentlemen, in the castle of St. But when you please, now, or on all occasions Jago, on tiris present Monday morning, beYou can think of hereafter, but you may twixt eight and nine of the cloc., where (beDispose of at your pleasure.

fore the combatants be allowed to commence Gen. If you break

this granted duel) this to be read aloud for That oath again, you lose me: yet, so well the publick satisfaction of his majesty's wellI love you, I shall never put you to't ; beloved subjects. 'Save the king ! And yet, forget it not. Rest satistied seves

[Drums within. With that you have receiv'd now! there are Syao. Ilark, low their drums speak their Nay be upon us; till the difference

insatiate thirst

[peace, Between our friends are ended, I would not Of blood, and stop their ears ’gainst pious Be seen so private with you.

Who, gently whispering, implores thcir friendLurio. I obey yon.

[remember ship! Gen. But let me hear oft from you, and Assist. Kings nor authority can master fare: I am l'itelli's sister!

Admit 'em then; and blood extinguish liate! Lucio. What's that, madam?

Enter severally, Alvurez and Lucio, Vitelli Gen. Nay, nothing. Fare you well! wlio

and Lumoral. feels love's fire, Would ever ask to have means to desire34. Syav. Stay! yet be pleas'd to think, and

Excunt. let pot daring

(Wherein inen now-a-days exceed e'en beasts,

And think themselves not men else) so tranEnter Assistant, Syuvedra, Anastro, Herald,

sport you and Atiendants.

Beyond the bounds of Christianity! Assist. Are they come in?

Lord Alvarez, Vitedi, gentlemen, Herald. Yes.

No town in Spain, from our metropolis Assisi. Read the proclamation,

Unto the rudest hovel, but is great That all the people bere assembled may With your assured valours' daily proofs: Hare satisfaction, what the king's dear love, Oh, will you then, for a superfluous fame, In care of the republick, bath ordain'd. A sound of honour, whieli, in these times, all Attend with silence. Read aloud.

Like bereticks profess (with obstinacy, 34 To have means to desire.] ii e, to have the means to compass his desire. Sympson. Surely, this is wrongly interpreted :--the meaning is, “ All who feel the pleasure of love,

would wish always to have the means of loving.' To huve means to desire, cannot be construed means to compass his desire.

E 2





thy head

But most erroneously), venture your souls? They dart their emulous eyes, as if each It is a hard task, thro'a sea of blood

scorn'd To sail, and land at Heaven,

To be behind the other in a look! (sister Vit. I hope not,

Mother, death needs no sword here! Oh, my If justice be my pilot. But, my lord, (Fate fain would have it so), persuade, enYou know if argument, or time, or love, treat! Could reconcile, long since we had shook A lady's tears are silent orators 35, hands :

Or should be so at least, to move beyond I dare protest, your breath cools not a vein The honiest-tongued rhetorician36; (death, In any one of vis; but blows the fire, Why will you fight? Why does an uncle's Which nought but blood reciprocal can Twenty year old, exceed your love to me, quench.

(right; But twenty days? Whose forc'd cause, and Alo. Vitelli, thou say'st bravely, and say'st

fair manner And I will kill thee for't, I love thee so. You could not understand, only have heard.

Vit. Ha, ha! Old inan, upon thy death I'll Custom, that wrought so cunningly on Na

build A story with this arm, for thy old wife In me, that I forgot my sex, and knew not To tell thy daughter Clara seven years hence, Whether my body fernale were or male, As she sits weeping by a winter-fire, Youdid unweave, and had the power to charm llow such a time Vitelli slew her husband A new creation in me, made me fear With the same sword his daughter favour'd To think on those deeds I did perpetrate. lim,

How little pow'r tho’ you allow to mc, And lives, and wears it yet. Come, Lamoral, That cannot with my sighs, my tears, my Redeem thyself!


[gain! Lam. Lucio, Genevora

Move you from your own loss, if you should Shall on this sword receive thy bleeding heart, Vit. I must forget you, Clara : 'till I have For my presented hat, laid at her feet. Redeem'd my uncle's blood, that brands iny Lucio. Thou talk'st well, Lamoral; but 'tis


Like a pestif'rous earbuncle, I'm blind That I will carry to her to thy hat.

To what you do, deaf to your cries, and Fy, father! I do cool too much.

To all impulsive exorations. (marble Alv. Oh, boy! thy father's true son ! When on this point I've perch'd thy father's Beat drums! And so, good-morrow to your

soul, lordship!

I'll tender thee this bloody reeking hand,

Drawn forth the bowels of that murderer: Enter above, Eugenia, Clara, and Genedora.

If thou canst love me then, I'll marry thee,

And, for thy father lost, get thee a son : Syud. Brave resolutions !

On no condition else! Ano. Brave, and Spanish, right!

Assist. Most barbarous! Gen. Lucio!

Syao. Savage! Clara, Vitelli!

Åno. Irreligious! Eug. Alvarez!

Gen. Oh, Lucio,

(years, Alv. How the devil

Be thou more merciful! thou bear'st fewer Got these cats into th' gutter? my puss too? Art lately wean'd from soft effeminacy; Eug. Hear us!

A maiden's manners, and a maiden's heart

a Gen. We must be heard !

Are neighbours still to thee; be then more Clara. We will be heard !


(rate Vitelli, look; see Clara on her knees, Proceed not to this combat; Be’st thou desp's Imploring thy compassion-Heav'n, bow Of thine own life? Yet, dearest, pity mine! sternly

Thy valour's not thine own; I gave it thee; 35 A lady's tears are silent orators.] So Crashaw,

• Sententious show'rs! 0! let thein fall!

· Their cadence is rhetorical.' Again, in Danicl's Coinplaint of Rosamond :

Ah, beauty, syren, fair enchanting good!

• Sweet, silent rhetorick of persuading eyes!
• Dumb eloquence, whose power doth more the blood,

( More than the words or wisdom of the wise.' Vide Steevens's Notes on Shakespeare, vol. vii. p. 335.

36 The honest-tongu'd rhetoriciun.] Seward proposes substituting loudest for honest. The correction is from Syınpson's conjecture, who says, “Our poets, who were admirers of the classics, might possibly have had Nestor in their eye, who is thus described by Homer:

Experienc'd Nestor, in persuasion skill'd, ' Words sweet as honey, from his lips distill’d.' Mr. Pope's Translation.




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These eyes begot it, this tongue bred it up, Wanting but ceremony), that I pray This breast would lodge it: do not use iny His 'vengeful sword may fall upon thy head gifts

Successfully, for falshood to his sister. To mine own ruin! I have made thee rich; Gen. I likewise pray, Vitelli, Lucio's sword Be not so thankless, to undo me fort! (Who equally's my husband as thou hers)

Lucio. Mistress, you know I do not wear May find thy false heart, that durst'gage thy a vein

And durst not keep it!

(faith, I would not rip for you, to do you service: Assist. Are you mcn, or stone ? Life's but a word, a shadow, a melting dream, Alo. Men, and we'll prove it with our Compar'd to essential and eternal honour. swords.

[have done! Why, would you have me value it beyond Eug; Your hearing for six words, and we Your brother? If I first cast down my sword, Zancho, come forth!-We'll fight our chalMay all my body here be made one wound, Now speak your resolutions. [lenge too; And yet my soul not find Heav'n thoro' it! Alo. You would be catterwauling too; but,

Enter Bobadilla, with two Swords and of

Pistol. Go, get you home, and provide dinner for

Gen. These they are ;

swords Your son, and me; we'll be exceeding merry. The first blow giv'n betwixt you, sheaths these Oh, Lucio, I will have thee cock of all In one another's bosoms. The proud Vitellis that do live in Spain! Eug. And, rogue, look Fy, we shall take cold! Hunch! By Heav'n, You at that instant do discharge that pistol Alrcady,

[I'mn hoarse Into my breast: if you start back, or quake, Lam. How your sister whets my spleen!

I'll stick you like a pig. I could eat Lucio now.

Alo. Hold! you are mad. [of bliss, Gen. Vitelli! brother!

Gen. This we have said; and, by our hope Ev'n for your father's soul, your uncle's blood, This we will do! Speak your intents. As you do love my life; but last, and most,

Clara. Gen. Strike! As you respect your own honour and fame, Euy. Shoot!

(friends! Throw down your sword! he is most valiant

Alv. Vit. Lucio. Lam. Hold! hold! all That herein yields first.

Assist. Come down. Vit. Peace, you fool!

Alo. These dev'lish women

(they list! Clara. Wliy, Lucio,

Can make men friends and enemies when Do thou begin: 'tis no disparagement; Syav. A gallant undertaking, and a happy! He's elder, and thy better, and thy valour Why, this is noble in you; and will be Is in his infancy.

A welcomer present to our master Gen. Or pay it me,

[time Philip, than the return from his Indies. To whom thou ow'st it. Oh, that constant

Enter Clara, Genedora, Eugenia, and BobaWould but go back a week; then Lucio,

dilla. Thou wouldst not dare to fight! Eug. Lucio, thy mother,

(first. Clara. Father, your blessing! Thy mother begs it! throw thy sword down Alo. Take her: if ye bring not (worlds,

Alo. I'll throw his head down after then. Betwixt you boys that will find out new Gen. Lamoral,


And win 'em too, I'm a false prophet. You've often swore you'd be coinmanded by

Vit. Brother,
Lam. Never to this; your spite and scorn,

There is a sister. Long-divided streams
Have lost all power on me! (Genevora, Mix now at length, by fate.
Gen. Your hearing for six words!

Bob. I'm not regarded!
Assist. Syav. Ana, Strange obstinacy!

I was the careful steward that provided Alo. Vit. Lucio. Lum. We'll stay no longer. These instruments of peace; I put

Clara. Then, by thy oath, Vitelli, (sword The longest weapon in your sister's hand, Thy dreadful oath, thou wouldst return that My lord, because she was the shortest lady; When I should ask it, give it to me now;

For likely the shortest ladies love the longest This instant I require it!

(charg'd it: Gen. By thy vow,

And, for mine owo part, I could have disAs dreadful, Lucio, to obey my will My pistol is no ordinary pistol ; In any one thing I would watch to challenge, It has two ramming bullets; but, thought I, I charge thee not to strike a stroke! Now, he Why should I shoot my two bullets into Of our two brothers that loves perjury (vow! My old lady? If they had gone, I would not Best, and

dares first be damn'd, infringe his Have stay'd long after; I would ev'n have Syao. Excellent ladies! Vit. Pish, you tyrannize.

Bravely, i'faith, like a Roman steward; hung Lucio. We did equivocate.

Myself in mine own chain, and there had Alo. On!

been Clara. Then, Lucio,

A story of Bobadilla Spindola Zancho, Bo well I love my husband (for he is so, For after-ages to ner Huin!


died too,

I per


I perceive, I am not only not regarded, With this your brother botcher, there for But also not rewarded.

nothing Alv. Prithee, peace!

To cobble, and heel-hose for the poor friars; 'Shalt have a new chain, next St. Jaques' day, 'Till they allow your penance for sufficient, Or this new gilt.

And your amendment; then you shall be Bob, I'm satisfied; let virtue have her due. And may set up again.

(treed, And yet I'm melancholy upon this atonement; Pach. Mendoza, coine : Pray Heaven the state rue it not! I would Our souls have trod awry in all men's sight; My lord Vitelli's steward and I could meet; We'll under-lay 'em, till they go upright. They should find it should cost 'em a little

[Ereunt Pach, and Mend.

Assist. Smith, in those shackles you, for To make us friends. Well, I will forswear your hard heart, Wine and women for a year; and then

Must lie by th’ heels a year. I will be drunk to-morrow, and run a-whoring Mlet. I've shod your horse, my lord. (Erit. Like a dog with a broken bottle at's tail; Assist. Away! For you, my hungry, whiteThen will I repent next day, and forswear 'em

loaf'd face,

(sure Again more vehemently; be forsworn You must to th' gallies, where you shall be Next day again, and repent my repentance:

To have no inore bits than you shall have For thus a melancholy gentleman doth


[have rows. And ought to live.

Laz. Well; tho'I herrings want, I shall Assist. Nay, you shall dine with ine; Assist. Signor, you have prevented us, and And afterward I'll with you to the king. punish'd But first, I will dispatch the castle's business, Yourself severelier than we would have done: That this day may be complete. Bring forth You have married a whore; may the malefactors!


Pio. It is better, my lord, than to marry Enter Alguazier, Pachieco, Metaldi, Men

An honest woman, that may prove a whore. doza, Lazarillo, Piorato, Malroda, and

l'it. It is a handsome wench, an thou Guard.

canst keep her tame. You, Alguazier, the ring-leader of these I'll send you what I promis'd. Poor fellows, are degraded from your office; Pio. Joy to your lordships ! (foes You must restore all stol'n goods you re- Alo. Here


all ladies learn, to make of ceiv'd,

The perfect'st friends; and not the perfect'st And watch a twelvemonth without any pay: focs This, if you fail of (all your goods confiscate), Of dearest friends, as some do now-a-days! You're to be whipt, and sent into the gallies. Vit. Behold the pow'r of love37! Nature,

Alg. I like all, but restoring; that catho- tho' lost lick doctrine

By custom irrecoverably, past the hope I do dislike. Learn, all ye officers,

Of friends' restoring, love hath here retriev'd By this, to live uprightly-if you can! [Erit. To her own habit; made her blush to see

Assist. You cobler, to translate your man- Her so-long monstrous metamorphoses : ners new,

May strange affairs never have worse success! Are doom'd to th' cloisters of the Mendicants,


she prove

37 Behold the power of love, to Nature lost,

Lote hath here retriev'd.] Here is another difficult passage, at least to me, Behold the power of love, which (love) hath here to lost Nature retrieved to her own habit. This the reader may make sense of if he can, while I endeavour to set the place right thus:

Behold the power of love, Nature tho' lost,

Love hath retriev'd To her own habit, &c. Here we have a glimmering of sense and reason, and the poets are clear'd from a blunder they could hardly be guilty of,


EPILOGUE. Our author fears there are soine rebel hearts, With spirit and life; such odd things as these Whose dullness doth

love's piercing lle cares not for; nor ever means to please; darts;

For if yourselves, a mistress, or love's friends, Such will be apt to say there wanted wit, Are lik’d38 with this sinooth play, he hath The language low, very few scenes are writ liis ends. 38 Lik’d.] 1. 6. Pleased. Sympson.



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The Commendatory Verses by Gardiner and Hills ascribe this Play (which was first printed

in the folio of 1647) to Fletcher alone. Part of it is founded on Boccace's Decameron, on which Chaucer has built a Tale, which Dryden has modernized : there has been no re presentation of it at either Theatre for many years, nor do we know of any alteration of it.



COURTIERS. Duke of Sienna, Suitor to Belvidere.

A FARMER, Father to Soto.

Silvio, a Gentleman of Quality, Servant to

Soldiers of the Guard.

A CLERK. CLAUDIO, Silvio's Friend, Brother to Isabella, but disguis’d to her, under the nume

Bomey, an Enemy to Wakes and Muy-poless

Morris-dancers, Masquers.
of Rugio.
BARTELLO, Captain of the Citadel, Uncle to

Lopez, a sordid Usurer, the jealous Husband Duchess of Florence.
of Isabella.

BELVIDERE, a virtuous Princess, Daughter PENURIO, a hungry Servant to Lopez.

to the Duchess, in love with Silvio. S010, a merry Sertunt to Claudio.

Rodope, Wife to Burtello. LORDS of Florence.

ISABELLA, H’ife to Lopez. Lords of Sienna.

JAQUEN ET, Servant to Isabella,

Two Gentlewomen.
SCENE, Florence.




Enter Bartello and Silvio. Silvio. 'T'Stre

[a just one, She is a right good princess, and And Florence, when she sets, has lost a planet.

(nephew, Bart, My mistress? I tell thee, gentle There is not such another friend to goodness, To downright dealing, to faith, and true heart,

[hless'd us, Within the Christian confines. Before she Justice was a cheesemonger, a mere cheescmonger,

[maggots, Weigh'à nothing to the world but inites and And a main stink: Law, like a horse-courser, Her rules and precepts hung with gauds and

ribbands, And pamper'd up to cozen him that bought


When she herself was hackney, lame, and

Sil. But the sweet lady Belvidere, the
bright one

(dear nephew,
Burt. Ay, there's a face indeed! Oh, my
Could a young fellow of thy fiery inettle
Frceze, and that lady in his arms?
Sil. I think not.

(let that pass:
Burt. Thou hast a parlous judgment! Buc
She is as truly virtuous, fair, and noble,
As her great mother's good; and that's not

[ones, Sil. But why (so many princes, and so great Being suitors) should the duchess deny to match her?

(bosom; Burt. She is a jewel, man, hangs in her Her only child: with her eyes she sees all things,

[from her, Discourses with her tongue; and pluck her (So dotingly the old one loves her young 1”),




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