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Dro. E. I'll serve you, sir, five hundred at the

rate. Ant. E. To what end did I bid thee hie thee

home? Dro. E. To a rope's end, sir ; and to that end am I returned. Ant. E. And to that end, sir, I will welcome you.

[beating him. Off. Good sir, be patient.

Dro. E. Nay, 'tis for me to be patient; I am in adversity.,

Off. Good now, hold thy tongue.

Dro. E. Nay, rather persuade him to hold his hands.

Ant. E. Thou whoreson, senseless villain !

Dro. E. I would I were senseless, sir, that I might not feel


blows. Ant. E. Thou art sensible in nothing but blows, and so is an ass.

Dro. E. I am an ass, indeed ; you may prove it by my long ears. I have served him from the hour of my nativity to this instant, and have nothing at his hands for my service, but blows : when I am cold, he heats me with beating; when I am warm, he cools me with beating : I am waked with it when I sleep, raised with it when I sit, driven out of doors with it when I go from home, welcomed home with it when I return : nay, I bear it on my shoulders,

1 Which his master had lengthened by frequently pulling.

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