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erend author of the election ser- preached and prayed, in the sec-. mon, that it is not the only source; ond church of Salem, before his for in that case, however unintelli- own enlightened congregation, gible, he might have enjoyed the without having his abilities called credit of producing a most sublime in question. But in an evil hour performance.

he resolved to publish. Vanity Pope observes, that, true, no urged him on, he appeared in meaning puzzles more than wit'; print, and the world were unde. and we must fairly acknowledge, ceived. His pen produced the opthat no offspring of the press, posite effect of Ithuriel's spear, which we have yet perused, has and caused this literary giant to been involved in such impenetra- shrink, from his imaginary bulk, ble obscurity as this sermon. The into a contemptible dwarf, inferiour poetry of Lycophron is clear and in dimensions to the most diminuintelligible, compared with the tive of mortals. prose of Mr. Bentley. We have But let us proceed to the ser. read it, and re-read it ; we have mon of this great scholar. transposed and analyzed its sen- text is to be found in Deut. xxxii. tences. But in vain.

3. The sermon begins thus : -ibi omnis Effusus labor.

"We refer to the Hebrew scriptures Ipse diem noctemque negat discernere

for political, united with religious recælo,

flections, as their government combined involvit caligine caca

these two objects, which the christian Prospectum eripiens oculis.

scriptures do not.' Nir. Bentley early obtained, and Pray, Mr. Bentley, what is the had long enjoved, the reputation government of the Hebrew scripof a great scholar. He had hold- tures ? The great scholar proen a distinguished rank among the ceeds, American litcrati; and a demo- • The religious sentiments of all ages: cratick congress considered them.' and the nature of all religious establishselves as paying a compliment to ments, as well as the example of the learning, when they chose for their primitive settlers of New-England, chaplain the Alinister of the second have concurred in recommending the

appropriate devotions of this day.' church in Salem. But whence was this same derived ? What evidence Here is a discovery! The re. have the world ever received of ligious sentiments of all ages, past the superiour talents of Bentley ? and present, and the nature of all This question is not easily an- religious establishments, that is, swered. The reputation for great the religious establishment in Juparts is very oddly acquired in this dea, and the religious establishcountry, where all our geese are ment in England, and the religious swans, and our swans, alas ! 100 establishment in France, before often turn out geese.

and since the revolution, and every Had Mr. Bentley been satisfied other religious establishment, in with the literary character, which whatever part of the world, have ignorance and credulity bestowed concurred in recommending the on him, he might still have passed, appropriate devotions of this day. with those who do not know him, What day? Why the day of genfor, what the English style, a very eral eleciion in Massachusetts, to clever fellos. He might still have be sure. The sentence can have

p. 12.

no other possible meaning, and the men, who are fond of riddles, enig. discovery does infinite honour to mas, and conundrums, humbly acthe ingenuity of the reverend ora- knowledging our'utter inability to tor.

comprehend it, and firmly belier

ing, notwithstanding the author is Such is the truth, which is accepted minister of the second church in Se. from the words of the lawgiver of the lem, that he will never be hanged Hebrews.' p. 7.

for a witch. Instead of arcefited, he should have written received, or more for

ART. 38. cibly still, contained in the words, The Christian Monitor, No. IV. ; &c. The great scholar is remind- containing nine discourses on rela ed, that we do accept truth, as a ative duties, and reasons for bichild accepts an orange or a piece lieving the truth of divine rer's of gingerbread, or a young lady a elation. 12mo. Boston, Munroe présent from her lover.

& Francis. Speaking of the first settlers in our country, he says,

IT is impossible for us to view

with indifference any exertions of • They possessed in ship-building the "A society for the promotion of knowledge, which the French had com.

christian knowledge, piety, and char. municated, and which a late English artist has rendered familiar to his ity. As believers in the gospel, countrymen.'

we ardently wish the success of

every endeavour which is made to We rather suspect, that the extend it ; and heartily approving great scholar is mistaken in suppo- of the views and spirit, with which sing that the French at that period the Christian Monitor is conducted, excelled in ship-building, nor do we cordially recommend it to the we know to what English artist he pious, as well adapted for edificarefers. Sir Walter Raleigh,many tion, and to the rich and liberal years before, had written a treatise for distribution. on this art, which is still extant ; The fourth, fifth, and sixth of nor was it long before the peace these discourses are selected from of 1763 that the French built any the sermons of Francklin, and the ships of superiour excellence. The eighth and ninth from those of Courageux, captured by the Mon. Riddoch. The rest were never mouth, a short time previous to before published. A prayer and that peace, was the first evidence, a hymn is affixed to each discourse. which the English received of the In a very small compass is comsuperiority of French naval archi pressed a very clear and satisfactecture.

tory view of the duties of aged We would willingly, for our men, and of aged women; of husown amusement, and for that of bands, of wives, and of parents ; the publick, make more remarks of children to parents and to each on this performance, which the other ; of superiours, and of inauthor courteously styles a ser- feriours. It is the lowest praise of mon, did not its remaining obscure a work, expressly intended to aid ity set all further criticism at de- the progress of piety and virtue, fiance. We would recommend it that it is written with elegance ; however to the attention of all and the pious author, who consethose ingenious ladies and gentle crates his labours to this best of

Vol IV. No. 6. Tt

purposes, will derive no plea- You make her uncomfortable in herself, sure from such commendation, and an object of suspicion and reproach

to the world. More : You are your compared with that, which is ex

own enemy. You take the direct me. cited by the tendency of Iris efforts thod of alienating her affections from to accomplish the good, which he you, and yours from her, and thus of designed. Yet he, who is deliber. rendering yourself wretched. The ating to what he shall direct bis love of your wife cannot alone make attention, may feel the balance in you happy; she also must possess yours.

It is mutual kindness that softens the his mind to be turned by this con- heart, and refines, sweetens, and bless. sideration ; and such we, would es the relation. Let parents receive inform, that with a frequent glow ever so much obedience and honour of ardent piety, is united in these from their children, they must never.

theless themselves love their children discourses a correctness and beau

to be happy in them. We, cannot in. ty, which will often gratify a fas- deed be at ease in this world, unless tidious taste.

the people with whom we associate, We offer to our readers a single perform their duties to us; but our prin. extract, by which they may form cipal felicity will ever spring from the for themselves a judgment of the conscientious performance of our duties

to them. If this remark is true, with work.

respect to other relations, it is especie The arguments against polygamy ally so in regard to the married state. and concubinage conclude with greater Were religion, therefore, out of the force against adultery. Fidelity in question, fidelity to your wife is your marriage is so primary and important a highest wisdom and best policy.'. duty, that a violation of it destroys at once both root and branch of domes. tick felicity. There is no prospect nor

ART. 39. chance for matrimonial happiness, The Duties of Children. A sermon, where either party is unfaithful to its vows. Infidelity in either man or wo.

delivered on Lord's day, April man, is probably the basest falsehood, 12, 1807, 10 the religious society the most inexcusable folly, and the in Federal-street, Boston. By blackest injustice that, in a christian William E. Channing, A.M. mincommunity,can be committed. In this case the hymeneal bands become like

ister of said society. Boston, flax, which the flame has scorched.

printed by Manning & Loring. To this fidelity, husbands, you are as

June, 1807. strongly obliged as your wives. Though the consequences of their infidelity are The style and sentiments of this more horrible to society, than those of sermon bespeak the seriousness similar wickedness in you, yet remember, that you make the same promises, Dess, the sincerity, and piety, of a

and experience of age, the faithful. which are obligatory on them. If you genuine teacher of Jesus Christ. break these promises, in the view of God and good men your infidelity is as

There is no parade, no ostentacriminal as theirs, and is justly deserv. tious display of brilliancy. It ing of the same damnation. Are you a comes clad in the meek simplicity son? What would be your feelings if which characteríses the language the husband of your mother should live of that holy book, which the weakin adultery! Are you a father? How would your indignation rise, if the est understandings may campreinan, to whose arms you consigned a hend. Addressed to children, it is virtuons and unoffending daughter, pure and nourishing as the milk should wander from her bed! Such, from which they were lately weanin kind, but much sharper in degree, ed, as the dew of Hermon, and as are the miseries, which you prépare an innocent wife, when you are false the dew that descended upon the to your vows. You wound her feelings. mountain of Zion,

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For JUNE, 1807.
Sunt bona, sunt quædam mediocria, sunt mala plura.-MART.



Congress ; in two Letters. By Agres. Sermons on various subjects, by Jo- tis. Charleston, S.C. Marchant, Wilseph Lathrop, D.D. pastor of the First lington, & Co. Church in West-Springfield 1 vol. Margaretta, or the Intricacies of the 8vo. pp. 400. Price $1,75 bound.- Heart, by a Lady of Philadelphia. $1. Springfiela, Henry Brewer.

Philadelphia, S. F. Bradford. Vors. I. II. and III. of The Laws of Fashion's Analysis, or the Winter in **the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Towi, a satirical poem, by Sir Anthony

from November 28, 1780, to February Aval:nche, with notes, illustrations, &c. 28, 1807. With the Constitutions of By Gregory Glacier, Gent. Part I... the United States of America and of 75 cts, in boards. N. York, J. Osborn. the Commonwealth prefixed. To wiich The Boston Directory, containing the

is added, at the end of the 2d volume, names of the inhabitants, their occupaMan Appendix, containing acts and clau- tions, places of business, and dwellingses of acts from the Laws of the late houses; with lists of the streets, lanes,

Colony, Province, and State of Massa- and wharves; the tuwn officers, poblick *chusetts, which either are unrevised or offices, and banks ; of the stages, which respect the title of real estate. Pub. run from Boston, with the times of their lished by order of the General Court. arrival and departure ; and a generai 8vo. Vol. I. pp. 520 ; II. 1073 ; III. description of the town, illustrated by 404. Price $12 in law binding. Bos- a plan, drawn from actual survey. Bos. ton, Thomas & Andrews, and Manning ton, Edward Cotton. June, 1807. & Loring. June, 1807. (Vols. I. and A Sermon, preached before the Con. II. are new editions.]

vention of the Congregational MinisReports of Cases, decided in the ters, in Boston, May 28, 1807 By Conference Court of North-Carolina. Join Reed, D.D. pastor of the First By Duncan Cameron and W. Norwood. Church and Congregational Society in 1 vol. 85. Raleigh, J. Gales, Bridgewater. 8vo. pp. 40. Boston,

A Narrative of Col. Ethan Allen's Munroe & Francis. Captivity, from the time of his being A Sermon, preached April 15th, taken by the British, near Montreal, 1807, to the Scholars of Derby AcadSept. 25th, 1775, to the time of his ex- emy, in Hingham : at a Lecture founchange, May 6th, 1778 ; containing his ded by Madam Derby. By Edward voyages and travels, with the most re. Richmond, minister of Stoughton. 8vo. markable occurrences respecting him- Boston, Munroe & Francis. self, and many other continental pris- The Duties of Children. A sermon, oners, of different ranks and charac. delivered on Lord's Day, April 12, ters, which fell under his observation 1807, to the Religious Society in Fedein the course of the same : particularly ral-Street, Boston. By William E. the destruction of the prisoners at New

Channing, A.M. minister of said Socie. York, by General Sir William Howe, ty. Published at the request of the in the years 1776-7 ; interspersed with hearers. 12mo. Boston, Manning & some political observations. Written Loring. by himself, and now published for the

A Sermon, preached before the Mas. information of the curious in all nations, sachusetts Missionary Society, at their &c. &c. Troy, N. Y. Wright, Goode- annual meeting in Boston, May 26, now, & Stockwell.

1807. By Elijah Parish, A. M. pastor A short Review of the late Proceeds of the Church in Byfield. 8vo. pp. 26. ings at New Orleans, and some Re. Newburyport, printed by E. W. Allen, marks upon the Bill for suspending the and sold by Thomas & Whipple. Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Cor- A Discourse, delivered before the pus, wnich passed the Senate of the Members of the Female Charitable United States during the last session of Society of Newburyport, at their 4th


anniversary, May 20, 1807. B: James ican, from the 3d London edition. 2 Miltimore, A. M. minister of the gos. volumes in 1. 12mo. Price 1S bound. pel in Stratham, New Hampshire. Pub. Hartford, Lincoln & Gleason. lished at the request of the managers, Vol. IV. Part II. of the New Cyclo. at whose invitation it was delivered.-- pædia, or Dictionary of Arts and Sci. 8vo. Newburyport, Thomas & Whip- ences. By Abraham Rees. 4to. Phiple, publishers.

ladelphia, S. F. Bradford ; L. Blake, A Sermon, delivered before the Gov. agent in Boston. ernour, the Honourable Council, and Volume III. of The Works of the both branches of the Legislature of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke.Commonwealth of Massachusetts, on 8vo. Boston, John West, 76 Cornbill, the day of General Election, May 27, and Oliver Cromwell Greenleaf, 3 1807. By William Bentley, A.M.min Courisreet. ister of the Second Church in Salem. Number 111. of the second Bastus Svo. Pp. 28 Boston, Adams and edition of Shakespeare's Plays. C1}Rhoades, printers to the State.

taining Merchant of Venice, and As A Discourse, delivered before the You Like It, with notes by Johnson, Ancient and Honourable Artillery Com- &c. 12mo. Boston, Munroe & Francis. pany, in Boston, June 1, 1807, being A Supplement to the Life of Richard the anniversary of their Election of Cumberland ; written by himseitOfficers. By Thomas Baldwin, D. D. 12mo. pp. 40. Boston, David West, pastor of the 2d Baptist church in Bos. John West, and 0. C.Greenlcai.

8vo. 25 cts. Boston, Munroe & Francis, 10 Courtstreet.

HORKS IN THE PRESS. A Sermon on the death of the Hon. William Patterson, Esq. LL.D. one of the associate justices of the supreme

The Life of George Washington, court of the United States. By Joseph United States of America, throughout

commander in chief of the armies of the Clark, A.M. New-Brunswick, A.

the war which established their inde. Bleuvelt. 1806.

pendence, and first president of the A Sermon, delivered at Lebanon, in

United States. By David Ramsay, M. the south society, at the dedication of

D., author of The History of the Amer. the new brick meeting house, Jan. 21,

ican Revolution. 1 vol. 8vo. pp. 400. 1807. By William Lyman, A.M.Hartford, Hudson & Goodwin.

Ornamented with an engraved Head of A Sermon preached in Halifas, Vt.

Washington. Price to subscribers, in Sept. 17, 1806, at the installation of Island, E. S. Thomas.

boards, $2,50. Providence, RhodeRev. Thomas H. Wood, over the con

The 211 edition of “A new system gregational church and society in that

of Domestick Cookery,” &c. by a Lady. town. By Joseph Lyman, D.D. North

12mno. Boston, Andrews & Cummings, pinpton, Win. Butler.

and L. Blake, A view of the economy of the church of God, as it existed primitively, under

Boswell's Life of Johnson, vols. I.

and II. 8vo. Boston, Andrews & the Abrahamick dispensation, and the Sinai law; ani as it is perpetuated un

Cummings, and L. Blake.

Burke's Works, vol. IV. Boston, der the more luminous dispensation of

J. West, and 0. C. Greenleaf. the gospel; particularly in regard to

My Pocket-Book ; or, Hints for the covenants. By Samuel Austin, A.M.

“Ryghte Merrie and Conceitede Tour, minister of the gospel in Worcester. Worcester, Thomas & Sturtevant.

in Quarto.—To be called “ The Stran. Universal Salvation a very ancient

ger in Ireland,” in 1805. By a Knight

Errant. New-York, Ezra Sargeant. doctrine, with some account of the life and character of its author ; a sermon

Spelling Dictionary. By Mrs. Susan

nah Rowson. delivered at Rutland, west parish, 1805.

12mo. Boston, D. CarBy Lemuel Haynes, A.M.

lible, for John West. Sixth edi.

Staniford's Graminar. 12mo. D. tion, Boston, D. Carlisle. 1807.

Carlisle, for J. West.

St. Clare, a novel, by Miss Owenson. VEIL EDITIONS,

Philadelphia, S. F. Bradford.

Telemachus, in French and English, Easavs, in a Series of Letters to a and in English: Hawney's MensuraPriead By John Foster, First Amer- tion, Philadelphia, Mathew Carey,

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