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Williamson County Society-Dr. J. C. Anderson, Granger.
East Texas Society-Dr. E. W. Link, Palestine.
Harrison County Society-Dr. O. M. Heartsill, Marshall.
Comanche County Society-Dr. T. P. Weaver, De Leon.
San Angelo Society-Dr. Boyd Cornick, San Angelo.

Cooke County Medical Society-Dr. F. D. Garrett, Gainesville.
Brazos Valley Medical Society-Dr. I. P. Sessions, Rockdale.
Johnson County Medical Society-Dr. J. D. Osborn, Cleburne.

Dr. Osborn moved that Dr. McCormack's name be sent to the Judicial Council for membership on the honorary list.

Carried by rising vote.

Adjourned until 2:30 p. m.

FIRST DAY.—Afternoon Session.

Dr. Red called the Association to order promptly at 2:30 p. m. Dr. James H. Bell moved that a recess be taken for twenty minutes, which was duly seconded and carried.

The President, having called the Association to order, appointed the following to fill vacancies on the Judicial Council:

Dr. G. T. Thomas, Rogers.

Dr. J. F. Y. Paine, Galveston.

Dr. S. E. Milliken, Dallas.

Dr. J. H. McCracken, Mineral Wells.

Dr. J. T. Moore, Galveston.

Dr. W. A. Rape, Victoria.

Dr. R. R. Shapard, Anson.

Dr. J. R. Nichols, Terrell.

Dr. J. D. Osborn, of Cleburne, offered the following:

Whereas, It has come to our knowledge that our dearly loved ex-President, Dr. J. T. Wilson, of Sherman, Texas, is prostrated by severe illness, and thus prevented from being with us, be it

Resolved, That, by a rising vote, the President of this Association be instructed to send a telegram of sympathy and condolence, and call down the choicest blessings of God for his speedy recovery.

Duly seconded and unanimously adopted.

A resolution was offered by Dr. J. T. Moore extending the courtesies of the Association to Dr. Stiles, as representative of the Marine Hospital Service.

The executive session was adjourned and Dr. J. T. Moore, of Galveston, as Chairman of the Section on General Medicine, called that Section to order, and read the Chairman's address.

Dr. Love, of New York, not being present, Dr. J. S. Lankford. of San Antonio, read a paper on "Diphtheritic Paralysis."

The paper was discussed by Drs. W. A. Harper, of Austin; W. B. Collins, of Lovelady. The time of Dr. Collins was, upon motion, extended in order to permit the completion of his discussion. Dr. C. W. Goddard, of Holland, closed the discussion.

Maj. Chas. F. Mason, U. S. A., read a paper entitled "Malta Fever-Report of a Case."

The paper was discussed by Drs. H. W. Crouse, of Victoria; H. A. West, of Galveston; J. T. Moore, of Galveston; and closed by Dr. Mason.

Dr. H. A. West, of Galveston, read a paper "Some Remarks on the Subjective Symptomatology of Heart Disease," which was discussed by Drs. H. W. Crouse, of Victoria; Frank Paschal, of San Antonio; W. B. Collins, of Lovelady; and closed by Dr. H. A. West, of Galveston.

This closed the Section on General Medicine, and the Section on Obstetrics and Diseases of Children was called.

The Chairman of the Section on Obstetrics being engaged in important committee work, on motion of Dr. H. A. West, Dr. J. T. Moore was continued in the chair as Chairman of this Section.

The papers of Drs. J. C. Anderson and E. M. Thomas were passed, and Dr. H. W. Crouse read a paper on "Circular Laceration of the Cervix Uteri."

Dr. John B. Holt, of Lockhart, read a paper entitled "Bronchitis in Children," which was discussed by Drs. H. W. Crouse, of Victoria; Bethel Nowlin, of Jonah; W. C. Moore, of Runge; Frank Paschal, of San Antonio; and closed by Dr. Holt.

Dr. J. C. Anderson, of Granger, having completed his committee

work, then took charge of the Section on Obstetrics, and read the Chairman's address.

On motion of Dr. Wm. Keiller, of Galveston, the Association adjourned until 9 o'clock Wednesday morning.

SECOND DAY.-Morning Session.

At 9 o'clock Dr. Red, President, called the Association to order and stated that this hour was set apart by the program for the transaction of executive business.

The President then called the attention of the Association to the fact that the Examining Board would expire with this meeting and that eighteen names should be presented to the Governor.

DR. CANTRELL: At the time we selected the names, from which the Governor should appoint nine, there were fifteen congressional districts; now we have sixteen. It will be necessary to choose two from the State at large, where we choose three. We had a separate Nominating Committee for this board. I think that this will be well. I move that the different congressional districts attending this meeting shall select a delegate from each congressional district to serve on the Nominating Committee.


have been at great

The number of gentlemen present at this session is too small for that motion to be put now. That committee has been working hard on their report for the last two years, and we certainly ought to wait until we hear the reading of their report—then it will be time for this motion to be brought forward for us to discuss. My idea is, and in talking it over with other members of the Association, that we recommend to the Governor the names of the nine men who have already so successfully put in operation this bill, and in carrying it out they expense and, until lately, have not been recompensed. Leave it to them to select nine or ten other men whose names shall be recommended, and they be sent by us to the Governor and, by this resolution, asking the Governor to reappoint that same board. They certainly have the work well in hand and are working for its best interests, and we should not dispose of that committee, but ask the Governor to reappoint them. At any rate, let us wait and hear the committee report. They tell us that they will be ready at some later hour.

DR. H. A. WEST: It will simplify matters to refer the nomination of the Medical Examiners to the Nominating Committee, as this committee

represents all the congressional districts, and it is entirely unnecessary to have a special committee for that purpose.

DR. TAYLOR HUDSON: I believe that Dr. Osborn is right in his position that this matter rest until we hear the report of the State Medical Examining Board. We ought to have that report, then refer their report to this committee, or any other committee, for their action in the matter.

Dr. Osborn moved that the matter be deferred until tomorrow's executive business.

Dr. West moved as a substitute that the matter be sent to the Nominating Committee for their action. Substitute carried.

Dr. M. M. Smith, Secretary of the Judicial Council, reported the admission of new members, and that of Dr. J. N. McCormack, of Bowling Green, Ky., as an honorary member.

The report was duly adopted.

DR. CROUSE: Gentlemen, we have with us at the present time, Dr. Charles Wardell Stiles, chief pathologist of the Marine Hospital Service, of Washington, D. C. A great honor has been conferred upon the State Medical Association of Texas by Surgeon General Wyman, in detailing Dr. Stiles for this meeting. Dr. Paschal and myself, through the co-operation of our worthy President, Dr. Red, were able to secure Dr. Stiles only after an extensive amount of correspondence. I wish to make a motion that Dr. Stiles, not only as a mere form, but as a justice due him, be elected as an honorary member of the State Medical Association of Texas.

DR. S. C. RED: The matter will have to be referred to the Judicial Council.

And it was so referred.

Dr. J. T. Moore called the Judicial Council to meet.

The committee to whom was referred the reports of the Secretary and Treasurer made report recommending that said reports be adopted as read to the Association. Report of the committee was adopted.

Dr. M. M. Smith, as chairman of the committee to whom was referred the President's message and recommendations, then made the following report:

We, your committee appointed to examine the recommendations of the President of this Association, beg leave to report that, taking these recommendations up in the order mentioned in said report, we are heartily in

favor of establishing a legion of honor in this Association, and that it will be well to give a badge, or medal of appropriate design, to those members of the Association who have attended ten consecutive meetings. We therefore suggest that this recommendation be referred to the House of Delegates for their favorable consideration. In reference to the question of a permanent home for this Association, we are of the opinion that this plan is not feasible at this time, but it is a question that should receive careful consideration of this Association, when its funds and membership would justify such an undertaking. We further desire to report that we are opposed to this Association journalizing its transactions, as we do not believe that the plan is feasible, and we are of the opinion that the publication of the Transactions in the present form is unquestionably the best plan, but suggest that they should be placed in the hands of the members at the earliest moment possible. We do not favor the suggestion that this Association assume all costs of defending its members against malpractice suits. We desire to especially commend the plan adopted by your honored President in addressing a communication to the different members of this Association, several months before its annual session, and thereby obtaining from tabulated replies those points of special interest to its membership.

Respectfully submitted,


Dr. H. A. West then moved that the section referring to a journal of the Association be stricken out as entirely gratuitous, and that the balance of the report be adopted.

The motion, as thus amended, was carried.

Dr. M. M. Smith offered the following report from the Provisional House of Delegates:

We, your Committee of House of Delegates, met on the afternoon of April 28, and upon roll call found delegates representing the Medical Societies of the State as follows:

Austin District Medical Society.-Dr. F. E. Daniel, Austin.
Austin Academy of Medicine.-Dr. M. M. Smith, Austin.

Brazos Valley Medical Association.-Dr. I. P. Sessions, Rockdale.
Central Texas Medical Association.-Dr. J. M. Frazier, Belton.
Comanche County Medical Society.-Dr. T. P. Weaver, Del Rio.
Cooke County Medical Society.-Dr. F. D. Garrett, Gainesville.
East Texas Medical Society.-Dr. E. W. Link, Palestine.

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