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Whose blood is fetcht from fathers of war-proof;
Fathers, that, like so many Alexanders,
Have in these parts from morn till even fought,
And sheath'd their swords for lack of argument.
Dishonour not your mothers ; now attest,
That those, whom you call’d fathers, did beget you.
Be copy now to men of grosser blood,
And teach them how to war. And you, good yeomen,
Whose limbs were made in England, shew us here
The mettle of your pasture, let us swear
That you are worth your breeding, which I doubt not;
For there is none of you so mean and base,
That hath not noble lustre in your eyes.
I see you stand like Greyhounds in the flips,
Straining upon the start; the game's a foot,
Follow your spirit ; and, upon this charge,
Cry, God for Harry! England! and St. George!

[Exeunt King, and Train. { Alarm, and Cannon go off.

SCENE III. Enter Nim, Bardolph, Piftol, and Boy. Bard. On, on, on, on, on. To the breach, to the breach.

Nim. 'Pray thee, corporal, stay; the knocks are too hot, and for mine own part, I have not a * case of lives. The humour of it its too hot, that is the very plain song of it. Pift. The plain song is moft juft, for humours do

abound, Knocks go and come ; God's vassals drop and die;

And sword and shield,

In bloody field, Doth win immortal fame.

Argument is matter, or fub- lives, of which, when one is 37.

worn out, another may ferie. A caje of lives.] A set of



Boy. 'Wou'd I were in an ale-house in London, I would give all my fame for a pot of ale and safety.

Pift. And I;
If wishes would prevail with me, o
My purpose should not fail with me,
But thither would I hye.

Enter Fluellen.
Flu. Up to the breach, you •dogs ; avaunt, you

Pijt. Be merciful, great Duke, to men of mould,
Abate thy rage, abate thy manly rage ;
Good bawcock, ’bate thy rage; use lenity, sweet chuck.

Nim. These be good humours; your honour wins bad humours.

[Exeunt. Boy. As young as I am, I have obferv'd these three swashers. I am boy to them all three; but all they three, though they would serve me, could not be man to me ; for, indeed, three such Anticks do not amount to a man. For Bar dolph, he is white-liver'd and redfac'd; by the means whereof he faces it out, but fights not. For l'istol, he hath a killing tongue and a quiet sword ; by the means whereof he breaks words, and keeps whole weapons. For Nim, he hath heard, that men of few words are the best men ; and therefore he scorns to say his prayers, left he should be thought a coward; but his few bad words are match'd with as few good deeds; for he never broke any man's head but his own, and that was againit a post when he was drunk. They will steal any thing, and call it purchase

, Bardolph stole a lute-case, bore it twelve leagues, and

9 This passage I have replaced by the succeeding editors. For from the first folio, which is the prevail I should read avail. only authentick copy of this play.

to men of mould,] To These lines, which perhaps are

men of earth, to poor mortal part of a song, Mr. Pope did not like, and therefore changed them, in conformity to the imperfect braveft ; fo in the next lines, play in 4to, and was followed good deeds are brave actions.


- besl men;] That is



cast it up

fold it for three half-pence. Nim and Bardolph are sworn brothers in filching; and in Calais they stole a fre shovel, I knew, by that piece of service, the men would carry coals. · They would have me as familiar with men's pockets, as their gloves or their handkerchers, which makes much against my manhood ; for if I would take from another's pocket to put into mine, it is plain pocketting up of wrongs I must leave them, and seek some better service; their villainy goes against my weak ftomach, and therefore I must

[Exit Boy. Enter Gower, and Fluellen. Gower. Captain Fluellen, you must come presently to the mines; the Duke of Gloucester would speak with you.

Fiu. To the mines ? tell you the Duke, it is not so good to come to the mines; for look you, the mines are not according to the disciplines of the war; the concavities of it is not sufficient; for, look you, th' athverfary (you may discuss unto the Duke, look you) is digt himself four yards under the countermines; by Cheshu, I think, a' will s plow up all, if there is not petter directions.

Gower. The Duke of Gloucester, to whom the order of the fiege is given, is altogether directed by an Irish man, a very valiant gentleman, i'faith.

Flu. It is captain Macmorris, is it not ?
Gower. I think, it be.

Flu. By Chesnu, he is an Ass, as is in the world ; I will verify as much in his beard. He has no more


the men would carry 4 - is digt himself four yards cals.] It appears that in Shake- under the countermines;} Flueliin Seare's age, to carry coals was,

means, that the enemy had digged I know not why, to endure af- himself countermines' four yards fronts. So in Romeo and Juliet, under the mines. one servingman asks another whc 5.- will plow up a'l] That coals.

is, he will blow up 3


ther he will carry


directions in the true disciplines of the wars, look you, of the Roman disciplines, than is a Puppy-dog.

Enter Macmorris, and Capt. Jamy.' Gower. Here he comes, and the Scots Captain, Captain Jamy with him.

Flu. Captain Jamy is a marvellous valorous gentle. man, that is certain ; and of great expedition and knowledge in the ancient wars, upon my particular knowledge of his directions ; by Cheshu, he will maintain his argument as well as any military man in the world, in the disciplines of the pristine wars of the Romans.

Jamy. I say, gudday, Captain Fluellen.
Flu. Godden to your worship, good captain James

. Gower. How now, captain Macmorris, have you quitted the mines ? have the pioneers given o'er?

Mac. By Chrish law, tish ill done; the work ish give over, the trumpet found the retreat. By my hand, I swear, and by my father's soul, the work ish ill done ; it ish give over ; I would have blowed up the town, so Chrish save me law, in an hour. O tish ill done, tish ill done ; by my hand, tish ill done.

Flu. Captain Macmorris, I beseech you now, will you vouchsafe me, look you, a few disputations with you, as partly touching or concerning the disciplines of the war, the Roman wars, in the way of argument, look you, and friendly communication ; partly to fatisfy my opinion ; and partly for the fatisfaction, look you, of my mind; as touching the direction of the military discipline, that is the point.

Jamy. It fall be very gud, gud feith, gud captains bath ; and I fall quit you * with gud leve, as I may pick occafion; that fali I, marry.

6- Ifball quit you] That is, interpose with my arguments, as I shall, with your permission, re I shall find opportunity. quite you, that is, anfuer jou, or

Mac. It is no time to discourse, fo Chrish fave me: the day is hot, and the weather and the wars, and the King and the Duke ; it is not time to discourse, the town is beseech'd, and the trumpet calls us to the breach, and we talk, and by Chrish do nothing, 'tis shame for us all; fo God sa' me, 'tis shame to stand still ; it is shame, by my hand; and there is throats to be cut, and works to be done, and there is nothing done, so Chrish sa' me law.

Jamy. By the mess, ere theise eyes of mine take themselves to Nomber, aile do gud service, or aile ligge i'th' ground for it; ay, or go to death ; and aile pay it as valorously as I may, that sal I surely do, the breff and the long; marry, I wad full fain heard some question 'tween you tway.

Flu. Captain Macmorris, I think, look you, under your correction, there is not many of your nation —

Mac. Of my nation? what ilh my nation? ish a villain, and a bastard, and a knave, and a rascal ? what ish my nation? who talks of my nation ?

Flu. Look you, if you take the matter otherwise than is meant, captain Macmorris, peradventure, I shall think you do not use me with that affability as in discretion you ought to use me, look you ; being as good a man as yourself, both in the disciplines of wars, and in the derivation of my birth, and in other parlicularities.

Mac. I do not know you so good a man as myself; so Chrish save me, I will cut off your head.

Gower. Gentlemen both, you will mistake each other,
Jamy. Au! that's a foul fault. [A Parley founded.
Gower. The town sounds a parley.

Flu. Captain Macmorris, when there is more better opportunity to be requir’d, look you, I'll be so bold as to tell you, I know the disciplines of war; and there's an end. *

(Exeunt. • It were to be withed that logue had not been purchased the poor merriment of this dia. with so much profaneneis.


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