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Mississippi, in pursuit of Beauregard. Returning, the regiment weut inta camp at Clear Springs and remained until August, when it moved to Jacinto, where it remained until the battle of Iuka, September 19th. This was the first battle of the regiment, and for some manifestly unjust cause the regiment received the censure of General Rosecrans. Its Inckless disaster was the result of somebody's blưnder, for which the regiment was not responsible, but were the sufferers. Next caine the battle of Corinth, Octo: ber 4th, where the regiment won high commendation from Rosecrans, who said it had amply atoned for the blunders of Iuka. In November the regiment joined Grant's campaign against Vicksburg, returning in December to Lampkin's Mills, where it went into camp on the 24th. In this campaign the boys learned the sublime art of foraging, and it was said of them that the could “fall out" catch, kill and dress a bog, and get into line without losing "the step.” In February, 1863, marched to Memphis, thence moved to the vicinity of Vicksburg, where for four months it endäred ar. duous service. It next entered upon the Yazoo Pass expedition, and shared the privations and trials of that foolish and unsuccessful move. May 13, 1863, it, with Seventeenth army corps, Seventh division, started for Jackson, where the regiment fought a hard fight, and won the victory. On the 14th the army started back to Vicksburg, and on the 15th fought the memorable battle of Champion's Hill, where the Seventeenth, and Tenth Missouri, with less than five hundred men, at a most critical juncture, turned the tide of battle and saved the Union army from serious disaster. On the 2uih it arrived in the rear of Vicksburg, where it remained until the fort was surrendered. During the siege of Vicksburg the regiment met its most serious loss at the blowing up of Fort Hill, the key to the rebel fortifications. The regiment was detailed to enter the crater of the exploded fort, where they were met by an overwhelming infuriated force armed with hand grenades. The slaughter was terrible; the killed and wounded being mutilated by the shells. From Vicksburg the regiment went to Chattanooga, and bivouacked under Lookout Mountain on the 19th of July. It was not engaged in the battle at that point until the afternoon of the 25th, when it had one of its hardest fought battles. From Chattanooga it moved to Huntsville, Alabama, where it was stationed to protect the railroad in front of Sherman's army. At Tilton, on the line of the Chattanooga Railroad, the regionent was quartered in a block-house, and on the 13th of October the rebels swooped down on them in force. A flag of trace was sent to the little garrison with orders to surrender or no quarter would be given. Col. Archer replied: "Give my compliments to General Stnart and tell him if he wants my command to come and take it.” “But," said the rebel officer, "we have thirteen thousand inen, and can storın your works.” “Can't help that," replied Archer, "we were put here to bold this place, and you can't have it 'till you blow us out.” “I admire your pluck, but you haven't got a d-d bit of judgment,” responded the rebel officer as he retired. In

" less than ten minutes no less than five thousand men besieged that blockhouse, pouring shot and shell into it until the roof was torn off, and the timbers nearly gone, when further resistance being useless, and to save the, slaughter of his men, the white flag went up. A8 General Stuart came up he reinarked to Col. Archer: “Do you know who yon are fighting? Your obstinacy has given me a d---d sight of trouble, and detained me nearly a whole day.” “That's just what I was put here for,” replied Archer. In the winter of 1864 the regiment came north on veteran furlough, and re

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turned to join Sherman at Goldsboro in his triumphal march to Washing ton. The regiment was mustered out at Louisville, Kentucky, July 25, 1864, and was the last of the veteran regiments. The casualties will be found on page 184. Its original number was 956 men. Marion county was represented in companies C, G, H and I. COMPANY O.

Andrew J. Cottrell, sixth corporal,

March 12; discharged November Joseph W. Stanfield, fourth sergeant,

15, 1862. enlisted October 24, 1861; pro Francis M. Stuart, seventh corporal, moted to third sergeant March 26,

March 12; wounded at Corinth; 1862; to second sergeant Decem

captured at Tilton, Georgia, Ocber 10, 1862; transferred April 27, 1863, for promotion in Eleventh Bennett Acklin, eighth corporal,

tober 13, 1864. Louisana colored infantry. Dillon, Ephraim, December 2, 1861.

March 12; promoted to fifth ser

geant; killed at Mission Ridge. Jourdon, Isaac, February 27, 1862;

wounded at Iuka; discharged Jan.

Dary 30, 1863. Jackson, William, July 20, 1861; discharged October 16, 1862.

+Allen, William H., March 1; capWhittel, Aaron, February 28, 1862; +Anthony, Richard M?, March 8;

tured at Tilton, Georgia. , captured at Mission Ridge.

captured at Tilton, Georgia. Bacon, David, March 17.

Belt, Henry E., March 29; died +William Horner, captain, April 10; June 7, 1863, at Young's Point,

wounded at Vicksburg June 25, Louisana. 1862.

Compton, Stilltion H., March 8; Abraham H. Barnes, first lientenant, died August 2, 1862, at Clear

April 4; resigned June 21, 1862. Springs, Mississippi. Oliver H. P. Smith, first sergeant, Caulkins, Levi W., March 20; cap

February 21; promoted to second tured at Tilton, Georgia. lientenant Jane 22, 1862; killed | Cox, James, March 18; captured at at luka.

Holly Springs and at Tilton, Alvin White second sergeant, March Georgia.

12; promoted to first sergeant. Cox, John W., March 18; died De+William D. Hudson, fifth sergeant, cember 8, 1862, at Holly Springs,

March 17, 1862; promoted to sec- Mississippi. ond sergeant; to captain June 17, Crandall, Joel J., March 18; dis1865.

charged September 14, 1862. Samuel V. Duncan, tirst corporal, Crumpacker, Benjamin, March 21.

March 28; promoted to third ser- Coffman, Abraham L., March 8; geant; wonnded at luka.

promoted to third corporal OctoPerry J. Shank, fourth sergeant, ber 1, 1862; veteranized as ser

March 12; reduced to ranks; dis- geant; captured at Tilton, Georgia. charged July 25, 1863.

Dolton, Thomas, March 20; died John King, second corporal. March October 22, 1863, at Morning 12; wounded


and Sun, Iowa. Champion's Hill: died at St. +Dixon, William E., March 19; capLonis of wounds July 25, 1863. tured at Tilton, Georgia.


Veteranized March 18, 1964.


George, James W., March 22; cap- Silver, Cornelius, March 17; captured at Tilton, Georgia.

tured at Tilton. George, Frederick M., March 23; Spalti, Fridolin, March 17; dis

captured at Port Gibson, May 1, charged November 4, 1862. 1863.

Shelledy, Geo. W., March 17; capHook, Samuel A., March 17; died tured at Tilton.

June 6, 1862, at Hamburg, Ten. Springer, Lewis, March 30; died nessee.

July 18, 1863, at Young's Point, Hardin, James, March 17; captured Louisana. at Tilton.

Trussell, Albert G., March

15; + Hartley, John D., March 15; cap- promoted to fifth corporal Octotured at Tilton.

ber 1, 1862; wounded at ChampHutchins, Samuel A., March 15; ion's Hill and Mission Ridge.

captured at Tilton. Hayes, Stephen T., March 1; dis.

charged May 16, 1863. Jones, John, March 24; died June Bryant, Lorenzo B., December 24, 10, 1862, at Corinth, Mississippi. Bryant, Robert, July 1, 1863; cap

1863; captured at Tilton, Georgia +Kelley, John W., March 18; cap

tured at Tilton. tured at Tilton. Londenbach, Josepi A., March 20;

Stillwell, John, January 1, 1864; wounded at Mission Ridge; cap- Swain, William A., February 4,

captured at Tilton. tured at Tilton. Lash bangh, John, March 26; cap- Snethius, Rollin A., December 2,

1864. tured at Tilton.

1864. Marsh, Giles, March 17. Marsh, Carey, March 17; captured

at Tilton. Miles, Robert, March 17; killed at Andrew M. Vance, second sergeant, Jacksonville, Tennessee.

March 8; wounded at Iuka. +McCoy, Geo. W., March 15; cap- Dominic Carr. tured at Tilton, Georgia.

John A. Crozier, fourth sergeant; +McBride, William H., March 15. March 8; wounded at Corinth. Miller, James, March 17; died No. George Butler, first corporal, March vember 25, 1863, at Keokuk.

1; died at Corinth July 22, 1862. Pressley, Joseph, March 30; dis- William Burdick, second corporal, charged February 3, 1863.

March 1; reduced to ranks. Peyton, John H., March 30; wound. Henry J. Hassenlink, third corporal,

ed at Champion's Hill; died of February 1; captured at Tilton, wounds May 20, 1863.

Georgia. Penland, Abraham, March 30; Milton H. Pickerell, fourth corpo

wounded at Champion's Hill. ral, March 8; reduced to ranks; +Rinehart, Alexander, March 24. discharged August 3, 1863. Roby, Abraham, March 8; wounded Geisbert Steinbook, fifth corporal,

at Champior's Hill; died of February 1; reduced to ranks; wounds June 2, 1863.

wounded at Vicksburg. Ross, Gilbert E., March 15; died at James Butler, eighth corporal, Keokuk April 30, 1862.

March 7; reduced to ranks; died; Reed, Nathan, March 12; discharged March 13, 1863, at Helena, Arkan

June 14, 1862.



+Veteranized March 13, 1864.



Roorda, Henry, March 1; died Au

gust 19, 1862, in brigade hosBurdick, Samuel E., March 1.

pital. Burk, George W., March 1; dis- Swain, Martin, March 8; died charged October 25, 1862.

March 21, 1864, at Huntsville, Al. Cumınings, William H., March 3. ábama. Clodfelter, Noah A., March 18; dis Smith, James, March 6; died Sepcharged November 20, 1862.

tember 6, 1862, at Corinth, Miss. Cavin, Josiah, March 8; captured Smith, Samuel, March 13; killed at at Tilton.

Corinth. Carr, Dominic, April 2; promoted +Simons, Leibert, February 1; cap

to first sergeant; captured at Mis- tured at Tilton, Georgia. sion Ridge.

Vance, Ezra T., March 8; wounded Cobb, Samuel, March 17.

at luka. +Edinger, Newton, March 3; wound + Wicks, Benjamin F., March 1. ed at Mission Ridge.

Webb, James, March 3; died AuEdinger, Alexander, March 13.

gust 2, 1863, at Vicksburg, Eubanks, John, March 13; dis.

charged September 3, 1862. Forsyth, Charles W., March 14; died

John J. Koolbeck, fifth sergeant, August 25, 1862, at Farmington,

March 15; promoted to third serMississippi. Glenn, Jaines S., March 8; captured

geant July 1,1862; died September

i, 1862, of wounds received at at Corinth.

Iuka. Gibson, Levi, March 1; discharged

September 13, 1862. Grubb, Sylvester H. C., March 1; Brink, Garrett, March 1; discharged

died at Corinth, October 4, 1862, December 8, 1862.

of wounds received at luka. Keegel, Jacob, March 1; captured Harville, James, March 13; wounded at Tilton, Georgia. at Champion's Hill.

McReynolds, David, March 4; dis+King, George, March 8; promoted charged September 6, 1862. to second corporal.

+Paardekooper, G., February 1; capa King, Jeremiah, March 8; wounded tured at Tilton.

at Champion's Hill; captured at Paardekooper, William, October 3, Tilton, Georgia.

1864. King, Alexander, March 17; cap. Rysdam, Egidius, January 8; captured at Mission Ridge.

tured at Tilton. Kolenbraden, Harmon, March 1; Schell, Garrett, January 8; wounded captured at Mission Ridge.

at Corinth. Lee, Price B., March 8.

Scheffers, Covert, March 1; captured Lust, William, March 3; discharged at Tilton, Georgia. November 29, 1862.

Verhoeff, Leandert, February 1; +Pearson, Thomas J., March 13.

captured at Tilton, Georgia.



The Eighteenth infantry regiment was organized under the call of July 4, 1862, for 300,000 men. It was mustered into the United States service August 6, 1862, with a rank and file of 860 men, John Edwards, colonel. On the 11th of August it started for the field. While it has not the promi


Dent record of some Iowa regiments, it was none the less efficient in service, brave in action, prompt in duty. That it is not so notable is because there is less known of it. From the tiine it whipped and cleaned out the braggart Marmaduke at Springfield, Missouri, January 8, 1862, who at tacked with at least 1,870 men, while the Eighteenth had only 500 men, un to the fight with Price, April 30, 1861, its conduct was such as to elicit high commendation from division commanders. It had the reputation of getting out of difficulties through smaller chances than few would have dared at tempted. At Poison Spring, April 18, 1864, was a notable instance. The regiment got completely isolated and lemmed in on all sides by the enemy. It flocked together and wormed itself out, fighting rod by rod, scattering the enemy by charges, when it would re-form and occupy the vacuum and thus cut its way out and returned to Camden. In May, 1864, it returned to Fort Smith, Arkansas, having inarched 730 miles over ipountains, through swamps, subsisting on raw corn, wading days and nights through mud and water. At Fort Smith it reinained during the summer and fall of 1864, making in the meantime several lovg and brilliant expeditions, February 26, 1865, four companies were sent to Van Buren, Årkansas, for garrison duty, until July 6, when the regiment was ordered to Little Rock for muster out. July 21, it started for Davenport, where, August 5, the men were diseharged, having served three years and two days. The regimcot'marched 4,160 miles. Of the original number of the regiment but four hundred returned for muster out. Of the original officers but eight returned.

The casualities will be found on page 184.
Marion county was represented in companies C, F and G.

William P. Cowman, first sergeant,

Jnly 7; discharged Dec. 18, 1863. Dill, George W., July 15.

Orlo Teed, second sergeant, July 7;

dismissed May 25, 1865. OOMPANY F.*

William F. Welch, fifth sergeant, Adams, Henry C., discharged Feb- July 8; discharged March 25, ruary 9, 1863.

1863. Donnel, John W., wounded at James M. Williams, first corporal, Springfield, Missouri; discharged

July 10. February 19, 1863.

Samuel H. Worthington, second corDecou, John.

poral, July 7; died at Ozark, MisDalton, David S., died at Spring Cortis W. Scoles, seventh corporal,

souri, November 19, 1862. field, Missouri, Sept. 26, 1862.

, George, Fountain W.

July 12. Pearson, Joshua, died April 17, 1863, Jacob Bennett, eighth corporal, July at Springtield, Missouri.

14. Houston Wagoner, musician, Jnly

15. Daniel P. Long, captain, July 7; resigned October 31, 1863.

Addington, Henry, July 12; disJordon, J. D. Scoles, first lieutenant, charged December 24, 1862.

July 7; discharged for promotion Allison, Isaac A., July 12; disin colored regiment.

charged February 20, 1863. *Enlisted July 7, 1862, unless otherwise stated.




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