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Post Office Directory.
Tropical Fibers. E. G. Squires.
Our Garden Friends and Foes.
Session Laws, N. Y.
National Almanac and Annual Record.
Annual Scientific Discoveries.
Albany Directory.
New York Directory.
Annual Cyclopedia, N. Y. Appleton's.
Session Laws, N. Y., 1864.

BY DONATIONS AND EXCHANGES. Transactions of Society and Institute, 1864. 17 vols. Alderman Jas. I.

Johnson, Albany. Catalogue Sale Short Horn Cattle, of late Jonas Webb, Babraham, Eng. H. Strafford, Euston sq., London. Fourth vol. Devon Herd Book, from John Tanner Davy. Rose Ash, South Moulton, Devonshire, Eng. From same, cuts Devon Bull, Duke of Flitton, Devon Cow, Temptress. Transactions 1855. 2 vols. Geo. C. Bradley, Watertown. American Geographical and Statistical Society of New York-Proceedings

of the Society, 1862, 1863. Transactions Society, 1852. 11 vols. And Institute 5 vols. Hon. T. I.

Chatfield, Owego. Dr. C. Schneitler, Berlin: Landwirthfliche Zeitung, January to March, 1863, 10 Nos. Central der Lande Verein, Koningsburgh. 11 Nos. From the Ostpreuss Landwirthschaftliche. Central Stelle, Koningsburg. Bulletin de la Societe des Sciences Naturelles de Neufchatel. 1 No.

Neufchatel. Dr. Flügel, Leipsic: Die Cutterplanzen Norwegens. Dr. F. C. Schubeler, Conservator Botanical

Museum, Norway University. Christiania. 1 vol. Folio. (Cuts

Agricultural Implements. 1 vol. Entomological Society, Stettiner, 1854 to 1862. 9 vols. Index to same.

1 vol. Royal Horticultural Society, South Kensington. W. London. Vol. 3, No.

5. 1 vol. Maine Agricultural Society, Transactions Society 1862. 24 vols. S. S.

Goodale, Secretary.

Premium Lists and Regulations Indiana State Board of Agriculture, 1863.

W. H. Loomis, Secretary. 2 vols. Herd Book of Thorongh-Bred Stock, 1863. Henry A. Dyer, Hartford,

Conn. 1 vol. Sixth Report of Central Park Commissioners, N. Y., 1863. From Hon.

John H. Green, President. 1 vol. Wool Grower and Manufacturer, Cleveland, Ohio. J. D. Pickham, Pro

prietor. 1 vol. Catalogue Stoves and Hollow Ware. J. S. & M. Peckham, Utica. 1 vol. Catalogue Saratoga Agricultural Society. John A. Corey, Secretary.

1 vol. Report Superintendent Coast Survey for 1861. Prof. A. D. Bache, Super

intendent U. S. Coast Survey. 1 vol. Folio. New York Insurance Report, vol. 3. William Barnes, Esq., Superintend

ent. 1 vol. Message President U. S., and Diplomatic Correspondence. Hon. J. S.

Morrell, M. C. 1 vol. American Short Horn Herd Book, vol. 6. Hon. Lewis F. Allen. 1 vol. Proceedings American Geographical and Statistical Society. Wm. W. P.

Trowbridge, Librarian, Clinton Hall, N. Y. 1 vol.
Catalogue Dartmouth College, 1863, '64. 0. P. Hubbard, M. D. 1 vol.
Catalogue Harvard University, 1863 '64. J. Langdon Siblev, Librarian,

1 vol.
Department Agriculture, 1862; Report from Commissioner. 1 vol.
Report Agricultural College, Penn. From Dr. E. Pugh. 1 vol.
Address S. W Fisher, D. D., State Fair. From Author. 1 vol.

. Address Hon. A. Wells, Tompkins County Fair. From Author.

1 vol. Proceedings American Geological and Statistical Society, vol. 20, No. 1.

From Coventry H. Waddell, Secretary. 1 vol. Practical Shepherd. Hon. H. S. Randall and D. D. T. Moore 1 vol. J. B. Lewes, F. R. S. F. C. S. Rothamsted, Herts, England. Rothamsted Memoirs, by Lewes & Gilbert. Field Experiments, vol. 1 and

2. 2 vols. Rothamsted Memoirs, fol. 1; vol 1. Drawing and Plans of the Lewes Testimonial Laboratory, Rothamsted,

Herts. 2 vols. Manor House, Rothamsted, Herts. Department Agriculture, 1862. Commissioners Agriculture. vol. 25 Report on International Exhibition, held in London, 1862. B. P. Johnson,

U. S. Commissioner. 1 vol. Address before St. Lawrence Agricultural Society, by H. G. Foote. From

Author. 1 vol. Illustrated Annual Register of Rural Affairs, No. 10. L. Tucker & Son,

1 vol. Catalogue Michigan Agricultural College. T. C. Abbott, President. 1 vol. Catalogue Howard's Steam Cultivator and Apparatus. A. Baldwin, N. Y.

1 vol. Catalogue International Exhibition, Hamburg. From same. 1 vol. Fowler's Catalogue of Steam Plowing Apparatus. From same. I vol.

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Ohio Transactions Board of Agriculture. J. W. Klippert, Secretary. 19

vols. Addresses Hon. A. Wells and Hon. E. J. Richardson, before Tompkins

Agricultural Society. Hon E. Cornell, Ithaca. 2 vols. Joel Munsell, Albany: Jamaica and the Americans, by W. M. Anderson, Esq., one of the protect

tors of Slavery, 1857. 1 vol. Memoir of the Expediency of Improving Home Markets for Agricultural

Products. George Tibbits, Troy, N. Y. Read before the Board of

Agriculture, N. Y., 1825. 1 vol. Address before Mass. Hort. Society, by John C. Gray, 1834. 1 vol. Address before Essex Agricultural Society, Mass. Rev. A. Abbott, 1821.

1 vol. Address before Phila. Society of Agriculture. Matthew Cary, 1824. 1 vol. Evening Journal Almanac, 1864. Hon. E. Cornell. 1 vol. Oberh, Ges für Natur und Heilkruuk Giefsen Landwirthfehaftiliche Zei.

tung. D. E. Schneitler. I vol. Sendrung des Offenbacheicher Vereins fur Naturken de Offenback. Dr.

Herrick Shaffer. 1 vol. Kon Ned Met Institute. Utrecht. Horticultural Society, London, Eng., from Secretary. 1 vol. Transactions Michigan Agricultural Society: R. F. Johnston, Sec'y. 12

vols. Statistiches Nacrichten. Vol. 3—über das. Goossbsperzog thurin, Olden

burg 1817 to 1861. Folio V. C. F. Hagerdorn, Consul Oldenburg:

(Phil.) Farmers' Guide, by Wm. Drown, with the aid and inspection of Solomon

Drown, M. D. Providence, R. I., 1824. (F. W. Lay, Greece.) 1 vol. Transactions State Ag. Society. Joel Munsell, Albany. 11 vols. Patent Office Reports, 2 vols., Mechanics. D. Halloway, Com. Patents. Catalogue Short-horn Cattle. A. L. Harrison, Morley, N.Y. Illustrated Catalogue of Implements and Prize List of Cattle. Smithfield

Club. London, 1863. Hon. Frederick Smyth, Manchester, N. H. 1

vol. Sample Sea Island Cotton from Charleston, South Carolina, picked in 1860,

(at time of Presidential Convention.) Dr. D. P. Bissell, Utica. Bi-monthly Reports Agricultural Department, July to December—January

and February 1. From Commissioner. 6 vols. Report Canal Commissioners New York, 1864, and Report Canal Apprai

sers, New York, 1864. 2 vols. Nineteenth Annual Report Prison Association, New York. From Commit

tee. 1 vol. Sixteenth Annual Report Inspectors State Prison. From Inspectors. 1

vol. Metropolitan Police, New York. From Commissioners. 1. vol. Thirty-Eighth Annual Report Juvenile Delinquents. From Managers. 1

vol. Insurance Department, New York, 4th Report. William Barnes, Esq.,

Superintendent. 1 vol.

Report Niagara Ship Canal Company. From Senator Ames. 1 vol.
Report Adjutant General, New York. General Hillhouse. I vol.
Associated Cheese Dairies, New York. X. A. Willard. I vol.
Comptroller's Report, 1864. Hon. Lucius Robinson. 1 vol.
Annual Register Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Charles Drowne, C.

E., A. M., Director. 1 vol.
Transactions Rhode Island Society Domestic Industry. Hon. W. R. Sta-

ples, Secretary. 1 vol. Dr. Flugel, Leipsig, Centrale der Landen Vereine, Koningsberg. 1 vol. Die Landwirthfchaftlichen. (Report on London Exhibition.) 3 vols. K. Sandes Ven. Collegium, Berlin. 1 Vol. Royal Agricultural Society, London. From Secretary. 1 vol. Rev. Chauncey E. Goodrich, Utica, Transactions State Societies and Patent

Office Reports. 31 vols. Evening Journal Almanac. Hon. James Matthews, Assembly. 1 vol. Speech Hon. Ezra Cornell before Senate, on the question of a Ship Canal

connecting Cayuga Lake with Lake Ontario. Hon. Cornell. 1 vol. Societé Centrale D'Agriculture de Belgique. Journal Society, Sept., '63,

to Feb., '64. 6 Nos. Smithsonian Institution, 1862. Prof. Joseph Henry, Washington. 1 vol. President's Message and Documents. Hon. L. A. Morrell, M. C. 4 vols. Albany Institute, Transactions. From Principal Institute. 4 vols. Red Book, New York, Charles Van Benthuysen, Esq. 1 vol. Hamburg Exhibition-plates of Prize Animals. From Commissioners. Transactions Essex Agricultural Society. From John W. Proctor, South

Danvers. 1 vol. Transactions Rhode Island Society Domestic Industry. From Hon. Elisha

R. Potter. 1 vol. Comstock & Cassidy, Albany, Transactions Society and Institute. 26 vols. Medical Society, New York. Same. 1 vol. Assessor's Report, New York. T. C. Peters. 1 vol. Prof. Miles, M. D., State Agricultral College, Michigan, Catalogue College.

Second Annual Report State Board of Agriculture. 2 vols, Report Dudley Observatory, 1863. From George W. Hough, Astronomer,

in charge. Address Hon. A. C. Hand before Warren County Agricultural Society. Agriculture Massachusetts, 1843. From C. L. Flint, Secretary. 30 vols. Royal Horticultural Society, London, February, March and April. 3 Nos. Centralstelle der Landwithsch. Koningsberg. From Prof. Dalfrosti

, Universitas. Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, vol. 13th; Smithsonian Miscel

laneous Collections, vol. 5th. Prof. Joseph Henry, Secretary. Catalogue Library late John N. Campbell, D. D. From J. Hiccock. Smithsonian Report, 1862. Hon. E. D. Morgan, U. S. Senate. Moore's Rural New Yorker, 1862 and 1863. From D. D.T. Moore, Roches

ter. 2 vols. folio. Practical Shepherd. D.D.T. Moore. 2 extra bound copies. 24th edition. New York Insurance Reports. C. Van Benthuysen. · 1 vol. Journal Legislature, 1862. Hon. C. M. Depew, Secretary State. 14 vols.

Catalogue Library of the Corporation of London, with Supplements. From

Librarian. Alfred Pinsonault, Esq., Montreal, Front Des Fiefs, Par McGermain Antoine

Guyot Avocat du Parlament, 1738. 7 vols., quarto. Scientific Agriculture, by M. M. Rogers, M. D. E. Darrow & Brother,

Rochester. R. J. Swan, of Rose Hill farm, near Geneva, N. Y., cane made from timber

prison ship Minden, (of Revolution,) presented to Secretary, and by

him deposited in Museum. Population of U. S., 1860, (the 8th Census.) From J. G. Kennedy. 1 vol.

folio. Seventh Annual Report Commissioners Central Park, New York. From

A. H. Green, Comptroller. Journal of Agriculture and Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural

Society, Scotland. From J. Hall Maxwell, Secretary, through W.

Blackwood & Sons, Edinburgh. 2 vols. and 1 quarterly No. Journal Royal Agricultural Society, England. From H. Hall Dare, Sec

retary, 12 Hanover Square, London. Vol. 25, part 2d, No. 53, 1864. London Exhibition, 1862. J. Pintus juror, Berlin, Part 2, 3, 4. Landro Verein, Munchen, 1863. Nunsender Landwirthfchaft, &c., C. V. Salviate, Berlin, 1864. K. K. Zod-bot-Gesellschaft. V. Frauenfield, Secretary, Wein. With

plates, 2 vols. Wochenschaft des Vereins Zur Beförderung, &c. Prof. Dr. Kare Roch, Ber

lin. 30 Nos. Annalen des Landwirthschaft, Berlin. 27 Nos. Her Zoologische Gartien, &c. Prof. Dr. C. Bruch, Frankfort. 6 Nos. Die Landwirthfchaftlichen Machinen. Prof. Dr. C. Bruch, Frankfort. 6

Nos. Proceedings Royal Horticultural Society, London. From Secretary. May

to October, 1860. J. M. Schaffer, Secretary, Fairfield, 10 vols. Transactions State Agricultu

ral Society, Iowa, and Secretary's Report. W. C. Flagg, Secretary Illinois State Horticultural Society, Transactions Society, 1862, 1863.

Country Gentleman, Albany.
Genesee Farmer, Rochester.
Rural New Yorker, Rochester.
American Agriculturist, New York,

Scientific American, do.
American Stock Journal, do.
Lyceum Nat. History, do.
Historical Society Report, do.
Astor Library Report, do.
Working Farmer,

do. Journal American Geographical and Statistical Society, New York.. [AG. TRANS.)


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