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PAGE Aces, American..

299 Aerial Mail Service, The..

176 Agawam, First Fabricated Ship, Launching of the... 245 Aircraft Production...

91, 132, 181, 217 Air Exploits...

299, 300 Allied Unity, A Triumph for.

137 American Army and Navy, The, Abroad..

92 American Army of 1919, The...

404 American Federation of Labor, Convention of the... 302 American Labor War Platform, The..

187 Appreciation froun England...

309 Appropriations, Thirty Billions in...

512 Arabia, A New Nation in.

051 Army Athletics Here and Abroad.

57, 133 Array, Plans for a larger..

93 Art and Children...

618 Art Works, Destruction of ..

10 Athletics and the Army.

57, 133 Atrocities, Inviting ..

306 Austria-Hungary, Our Friends from...

91 Austrian Parliament, The Dissolution of the..

91 Bach at Bethlehem..

219 Baedeker Guide-Books, A Use for.

249 Bastille Day Celebrated in America.

473 Bastille, The Fall of the...

403 Beer and Light Wines, Mr. Hoover on.

304 Bethlehem, Bach at....

219 Blacklist, A Congressional,

616 Bond, Baby, Value of the. * Bonnet Rouge," The...

510 Booze or Coal..

180 Borah Resolution, The.. Boy Scouts, Work of the, for the Third Liberty Loan 177 Bridgeport, Connecticut, Adjusts Labor Troubles... 476 Britain's Bit...

619 British Empire, A New...

514 British Munitions Workers, Strike of.

511 Brown, Senator Elon R., A Wise Warning from. 578 Bulgaria, Criminal Nation..

579 Bulgarian Cabinet, The..

372 Bulgaria, Our Enemy's Ally, Our Allies’ EnemyCan She Be Our Friend?

59 Burian, Baron, and Count Tisza

8 Campbell, Lieutenant Douglas..

299 Canadian Conscription...

132, 515 Canals, Coastal..

617 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, The War Work of the...

510 “ Carry On"-Vocations for Crippled Soldiers and Sailors...

476 Cartoons of the Week 9, 55, 96, 134, 178, 215, 246, 303,

335, 375, 406, 441, 475, 509, 543, 577, 615, 647 Chamberlain, Austen, Member of the British War Cabinet..

6 Child Labor Law Invalid.

245 China, Prices in..

515 Churches, Consolidation of Three, in New York City 409 Church, The Message of the, to the World...... 620, 650 Coal Problems..

333 Colleges, The, Stripped for War.

373 Congressional Elections..

646 Congressional White and Black Lists.

616 Congress, What Should We Look for in a Candidate for!

338 Costa Rica

376 Courts, Criticism of the..

378 Courts Martial...

11 Current Events Ilustrated 23, 71, 111, 149, 193, 226, 277,

315, 349, 387, 421, 457, 481, 525, 561, 591, 629, 601 Czechoslovak Nation, The.. Daniels, Secretary, on Criticism in War Time.. 51 Danker, Captain....

575 Deaf, Lectures to the...

98 Debate, Real, A Proposal to Promote.

307 Decorations, Army and Navy

409 Detroit Children's Museum The

249 Diplomatic Relations...

372 Draft Age, The New...

579 Draft, The..

301 Elections, Preparing for..

374 Eremite, The Happy : Bulkeley, Mr., Concerning, and the Fight for His

Native Hills.
Defends Himself against a Charge of Fraud.


PAGZ Germany Still Predatory...

472 Gladden, Washington...

412 “God, Our, Is Marching On"

516 Grain Crops, The World's.

579 Guide-Books, A Patriotic Use for.

219 Gulick, L. H...,

618 Hampton Institute Graduate, A, On the Negroes under War Conditions

334 Harden, Maximilian..

612 Hearst, Eliminating..

539 Hearst Papers, The Rising Tide against the..

408 Hedjaz, The New Nation of the....

651 Heine, What He Thought about Prussia...

8 Higginson, Major H. L., and the Boston Symphony Orchestra..

57 Hog Island, Launching of the First Fabricated Ship at.

578 Home Efficiency, A School which Teaches.

58 Home Fires, A Poor Way to Keep Them Burning. 339 Hoover, Mr., on Beer and Light Wines..

304 Hospitality, War-Time....

620 Hospital Ship Llandovery Castle Destroyed by a Submarine..

405 Hughes, Charles E., on Postal Rates.

447 Hun, No Negotiations with the..

377 Hurley, Mr., Shipping Figures Given by...

304 Hylan, Mayor, and the New York City Health Department

56 Immigrant, The Vanishing

618 Immortality and a Personal God..

139 International Law, The President Defines. Irish Situation, The..

406 Italy's Three Years in the War, Celebration of, in New York..

213 I. W. W., Conviction of the.

646 Jagow's (Herr von) Reply to Prince Lichnowsky. Japanese Press, A Poll of the, on the Siberian Situation....

56 Kaiser, A Wish, a Hope, a Fear for the..

478 Kaiser Contradicted by Germans..

376 Kaiser, Punishment of the.....

618 Kaiser, Should We Pray for the ?.

445 Kaiser's Responsibility for the War, The...

301 Keane, Archbishop..

409 Keeper of the Light, A..

251 Kossovo Day..

336 Kühlmann's Speech, The Effect of..

406 Labor and the War.

404 Labor Troubles, A New Way of Adjusting..

476 “ Laggard, A, at the Fray”

13 Lands and the Soldier

337 Leonardo da Vinci Society, Report of the.

10 Liberty Bonds..

5 Liberty Loan, The Third.

93 Liberty Motor, The: Magneto or Battery Ignition.. 245 Lichnowsky Revelations, The.... Lindsborg (Kansas) Chorus, The..

334 Lloyd George on the American Soldiers in Battle.. 92 Lloyd George on Britain's Part in the War..

612 Lloyd George, Victory of, in the House of Commons 133 Loafing, Law against, in New Jersey.

97 Loggers and Lumbermen, The Loyal Legion of. 510 Love, To, is to Hate".

99 Lusitania, Anniversary of the Sinking of the..

59 Lynching a National Offense.

339 Lynching, Tennessee Conference of Charities and Correction and..

214 Lynching, The Mob Spirit and.

542 Malvy, Louis....

614 Meat, Consumption of...

337 Meat Industry, The Magnitude of the.

98 Meat Substitutes..

376 Medical Association, The American..

373 Mexican Editors, President Wilson to the..

336 Milk, How Shall We Reduce the Price of?.

12 Milner, Lord, Secretary of State for War..

6 Minerals, Our Minor.

98 Mitchel, John Purroy.

440 Mohammed V, Sultan of Turkey.

443 Motono's (Viscount) Resignation.

56 Mühlon, Dr., on the Kaiser’s Responsibility for the War...

301, 645 Murman Coast, Allied Troops on the..

507 Murman Railway, The Builder of the (Mr. Goriachkovsky)

507 Music for the Soldiers..

621 National Education Association, The National Forests, Three New..

477 Negroes under War Conditions..

334 New Jersey, The Compulsory Work Law of..

97 New York City Churches, Consolidation of Three... 409 New York City TM Evening Mail, bye 27 Ownership of...

473 New York City Health Departma 1, Sanyo Hylan and the

56 New York City Studio Club..

58 New York's Anti-Loafing Law

212 Work State Democratic Cat in

508 las II of Russia, The Exeo

506 artisan League, The, in Nu': , ku

439 The Need of

439 Training Camps for...

94 nt Pro-Germanism in the.

138 1The Second Attack on..

132 Xoruman Bill, Passage of the..

175 *, A British (Lord Lansde 11

575 Bé, Saving of, by Newspape

71 P .. i inship, Political, and the #

136 Contests in War Time..

409 ry Plan, The

444, 514 The Importance of ..

96 2 and National Unity

Irow on and Charles E. Hugh


EDITORIAL.- Continued.

PAGE Postal Rates, Periodicals and the.

52 Prayer, The Day for...

136 Praying for the Germans..

99, 145 Preaching on the War. Price, T. H., Actuary of the Federal Railroad Administration.

248 Profiteers, Two kinds of.

510 Profits and Profiteers..

250 Profits in War Time..

403 Pro-Germanism in the Orient..

138 Prohibition in War Time, The Problem of.. Prussianism, Latest Manifestation of (Compulsory Marriage)

216 Pulitzer Prizes in Journalisin and Letters..

248 Quebec, The Change in, Regarding Conscription 175 Quistconck, The Launching of the...

578 Rail

Wage Commission, The Report of the. 131 Railways, Government Administration of the.

374 Railways, The..

217 Red Cross, the American, The New Drive for. 131, 214 Red Cross, The, and the People..

176 Reprisals.

249, 512 Rheims Cathedral, The Destruction of

8 Rhondda, Viscount..

442 Richthofen, Rittmeister Freiherr von..

03 Rome, A Welcome for Americans in.

618 Roosevelt, Quentin ...

511, 648 Roosevelt's (Mr.) Speech at the New York Republican Convention.

508 Rouland, Mr. and Mrs. Orlando.

621 Russia, Help for....

251, 644 Russia, How Shall It be Saved ?.

410, 612 Russia-Shall It be Free or German ?.

438 “ Russia, Standing by ".

302 Ryan, J. D., Director for Ai.. {!} luction for the Army

52 " Schrecklichkeit," Politics

14 Schwab, Charles M... Sedition.. Shad and River Pollution Shipping Progress.. Ships, Launching of, on the Fourt. Ships, Three : Sea Power's Answer to Gt. Ships, Why Were We Not Prepared with ?. Siberian Situation, A Poll of the Japanese Press on

the.. Siberia, Our New Ally

478 Sinn Fein Traitors, The.

175 Slavs and Poles in Austria..

91 Slavs, Anti-German, Encouragement

337 Smith College War Emergency Summer Courses.... 408 Soap-Box, The Conversion of the..

581 Soldiers' and Sailors' Insurance

253 Soldiers' Future, The..

216 Soldiers' Mail, The Delay in the.

51, 645 Soldiers' Music..

218 Staats-Zeitung, New-Yorker, Conversion of the..... 576 Statesman, Wanted-A (for Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs).

11 Stielow Case, The End of the..

136 Stone, W.J., Senator...

11 Studio Club of New York City..

58 Submarine Campaign, The Anti-American..

300, 645 Submarine, The Hunted.....

472 Submarine Warfare, The Continuance of

574 Sugar, Restrictions in Use of...

406, 539 Supreme Court, The, Nullifies the Child Labor Law. 245 Taxes or Bonds ?.

474, 080 Telegraphers, The Government and the

404 Telegraphs, Government Control of...

474, 539 Tillman, B. R..

440 Tisza, Count..

8 Training for Boys under Military Age.

100 Trollope, Captain J. L., Royal Flying Corps.

299 Turkey, Declare War on...

378, 410 Ukraine, German Aggression in the...

92 Underwood Resolution, The...

331 Vanderbilt University, Commencement at...

333 Vassar College, A Training Camp for Nurses at.. 94 Vertical, The View..

649 Wagner, Charles...

133 War Camp Community Service.

96 War Employment for Men of Draft Age..

211 War Funds and Small Wage Earners..

214 War Labor Policies Board, The...

404 War Platform, The American Labor.

185 War Savings Day, The National

331 War, The : Airplanes for Oversea Flight.

405 Airplanes on the Italian Front.

405 Aisne, The New Battle of the..

212 Albania, The Italian Victory in.

472 Allies as the Aggressors.

93 America in the War.

332 American Army at the Front, The.

371 American Counter-Attack in New German Drive. 471 Americans in Russia...

574 American Soldiers Abroad, The Numbers of.

439 American Soldiers in Battle..

054, 573 Austrian War-Ships Attacked by Italians. Britain's Bit.

15 Garden, A, and a Garden...

218 Garden, Concerning Many a Vanished

140 Keeper of the Light, A

251 Meditation at Dusk.

100 Patagonia, Concerning a Man Who Fled to.

182 Erle Canal, The, Taken Over by the Government. 96 Express Company, The Government..

248 Fairbanks, Charles W..

305 Finland, Oppressed and Distracted

306 Fish, Cause of the High Price of.

376 Fonck, Captain René, French Ace.

299 Food and Water....

305 Food Victory, The...

Ford, Henry, and the Senatorship.
Fourteenth of July, The..
Fourth of July, The, an International Day.
France Cleaning House (Malvy case).
France de l'Arrière, La..
France's Independence Day Celebrated in America.
Fronts, The Three...
German Peace Offensive, Is There a New ?.
German People, The, and Peace...
Germanes, Praying for the......

Germah Propaganda Unmasked.
German Treachery, Direct Testimony as to.
Germany a Civilized Nation, Is ?..
Germany an Economic Outlaw...
Germany, Compulsory Marriage Recommended in..
Germany, Shall she be Excluded from World Trade ?
Germany's Scherne for a Roman Empire in Europe.

619 Czechoslovak Allies, Our.

372, 644 England's Fighting Spirit..

6 Foch, General, The Offensive of..

505 Fourth Year Ends in Confidence of Victory 511 French Colonies, The Effort of the..

574 French Front, Allies Successful on the.

405 German Defeat, The...

573, 611 German Drive, The Fourth...

300, 332, 471 German Offensive, Opinions on the outcome of the. 54 German Offensive, The Third ..

244 Germans, Retreat of the..

541, 613 German Self-Accusation..

615 German Treachery, Direct Testimony as to... 043




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