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CHAPTER VI.- Examination of parties.

SEC. 389. Action for discovery abolished...

390. A party may examine bis adversary as a witness.

391. Such examination also allowed before trial. Proceeding


392. Party, how compelled to attend...

393. Testimony of party may be rebutted..

394. Effect of refusal to testify....

395. Testimony of a party not responsive to the inquiries may

be rebutted by the oath of the party calling him....

396. Persons for whom action is brought or defended may be


397. Examination of coplaintiff or codefendant..

CHAPTER VII.—Examination of witnesses.

SEC. 398. Interest not to exclude a witness....

399. Parties to actions and special proceedings may be witnesses

on their own behalf, except in certain cases.

CHAPTER. VIII. — Motions and orders.

SEC. 400. Definition of an order...

401. Definition of a motion; motions, how and when made;

motions in the first district; stay of proceedings;

compelling parties to testify on motions...

402. Notice of motion.

403. In actions in the supreme courrt, county judge may exer-

cise powers of a judge at chambers; his orders, how re-


404. In absence, &c., of judge at chambers, motion may be

transferred to another judge

405. Enlarging time for the proceedings in an action.

CHAPTER IX.-Entitling affidarits.

SEC. 406. Affidavits defectively entitled

CHAPTER X.- Computation of time.

Sec. 407. Time, how computed....

CHAPTER XI.—Notices, and filing and service of papers.

SEC. 408. Notices, &c., how served.

409. Service, how made.

410. Service by mail.

411. The like..

412. Double time where service by mail...

413. Notice of motion, &c., where personally served.

414. When papers need not be served on defendant.

415. Service of papers where parties reside out of the State..

416. Summons and pleadings to be filed....

417. Service on attorney ....

418. When this chapter does not apply.

CHAPTER XII.Duties of sheriffs and coroners.

Sec. 419. Duty of sheriff and coroner in serving or executing pro-

cess, and how enforced...

CHAPTER XIII.-- Accountability of guardians.

Sec. 420. Guardians not to receive property until security given.....

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this act...

472. Certain statutes repealed.

473. Act, when to take effect




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