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PAGE. F. McClure to construct a dam across the Des Moines River,...

19 16. An act to repeal an act entitled an act revising and con

solidating the laws incorporating the city of Dubuque,
and to establish a City Court therein,..

20 17. An act to legalize the acts of certain School officers,... 20 18. An act authorizing the County Judge of Lee county to build a jail in the city of Keokuk, in said county,...

21 19. Au act in relation to the time of holding Court in Fort

Madisuli, Lee county, and providing for a special term

of said Court for the purpose of trying criminal cases, 20. Ant to amend an act to establish a Recorder's office in

city of Keokuk, approved January Stli, 1857,... 23 21. Ai t Defining the crime and punisl.ing the offence of

linking false entries of fines and fees on deckets of
Courts and otherwise, and of failing or neglecting to
ray over such fines or fees according to law,..

24 22. An act entitled an act prescribing the manner of certifying acknowledgments in certain cases,.

27 23. An act making a further appropriation for the State Insane Asylum,..

28 24. An act concerning the foreclosure of mortgages, amendatory of chapter 118 of the Code,..

28 25. An act regulating the mode of service of Notices of Protestly Notaries Public,.

29 26. An act to amend chapter &t of the laws of 1553, entitled

"an act to amend section 1848 of the Code, approved
January 24th., 1853. (Attachment.)..

30 27. An act entitled an act to amed and carry into effect an

act cutitler van act to create a Board of Commissioners
with authority to erect a free Bridge across the Cedar
River, at Cedar Rapids, in Linn county, approred Jan-
uary 25th, 1855,..

31 28. Anact to change the time of holding Courts in the Fourth Judicial District,

36 29. An act to repeal an act establishing a School District in Van Buren township, Van Buren county,...

37 30. An act providing for the acknowledgment and recording

of deals in certain cases, and rendering valid the ac



knowie igment it deels and instruments in writing.... 37 31. An act fixing the terms of Court in the Third Julicial District...

39 32. An act to legalize certain acts of James II. Berry, late

County Judge of Linn county, and of certain other per-

40 33. An act to give greater security to purchasers and mortgapers of Real Estate. (Not approved.)....

42 34. An act to give additional security to land titles in this State,..

43 35. An act to provide for the apportionment of the interest

on the School Fund for the year 1858, and to legalize
the apportionment of sail interest male by James D.
Eads, for tlie year 1857,..

43 36. An act continuing the several School Fun Commissioners in ottiec,...

41 37. An act to annend an act entitled "an act to fix the time's

of holding Courts in the Eleventh Juicial District,".. 13 38. An act providing for an additional Justice of the Peace

in Union township, Davis county, Lowl,... 39. An act to amen chapter 221 ot'the Session Laws of 1856 --57. (Mechanics' Liens.).....

16 40. An act providing for the revision of the laws of lova, and

the preparation of a code of civil and criminal procedure +7 41. An act making appropriation for the State University,.. 18 42. An act explanatory of an act entitled "an act to create the county of Humbolilt and locate the Comty Seat

13 43. An act to provide tir the punishment of wiltul and mali. cioris oppression,

50 H. An act to amend section 1610 of the Code. (Negro testimony.....

51 45. An act to permit certain indians to reside within the Stuto 51 46. An act tixing compensation of tinture General Assemblies 32 47. An act to attach the county of' Worth to the county of Crn) Gono tor (rtain purposes....

53 48. An act to encourage the orradinio vt' Tire (opanies, and for the protection of frem 2012 t... propory of



Fire Companies,



49. An act to amend section 1209, chapter 78 of the Code.

(Tenancy at will.)....


50. An act qualitying the criminal jurisdiction of Justices of

the Peace,

51. An act to amend chapter 167 of the laws of the Sixth

General Assembly, ..


52. An act for the Public Instruction of the State of Iowa,.. 57

53. An act making appropriation for the Iowa Penitentiary,

and defining the duties and salaries of certain of its offi-

cers, .


54. An act to correct an error in an act entitled “an act to

incorporate the town of Newton, in Jasper comty,....

55. An act for the relief of certain tax-payers of Jackson Co.,


56. An act to legalize the election and official acts of the city

of Council Bluft's, ..


57. An act for the appointment of a Commissioner to settle

with the sureties of J. D. Eads,..


58. An act for the punishment of freticide,. .


59. An act in regard to practice in the Supreme Court of Iowa 93

60. An act authorizing a loan from the School Fund to the

College of Physicians and Surgeons at Keokuk, known

as the Medical Department of the University of the

State of Iowa.....


61. An act to amend chapter 256 of the Session Laws of 1856

– 57, approved January 29th, 1857. (Crave Yard in

Davis county.).

62. An act allowing a bounty upon the scalps of certain ani.


63. An act to repeal sections 110 and 1411 of the Code, pre-

scribing the descent of property,..

64. An act to amend the law in relation to divorce and ali-

mony, ...

65. An act respecting aliens,..

66. An act to contirin the division of the rights and liabilities

of the county of Webster since its division,...


67. An act to authorize and regulate the adoption of children, 102

68. An act to provide for levying a tax on certain land to

complete and keep in repair a levee on Muscatine Island


and for the election of a Levee Commissioner tu super-

intend the same,..


69. An act to amend sectio two of an act entitled "an

change the name of New Haven, in Buchanan county,

approved January 27th, 1857,...,


70. An act authorizing School Districts to subscribe for the

“Voice of Iowa,"


71. An act to provide for the election of an additional Justice

of the Peace in Jackson township. Poweshiek county, 107

72. An act regulating and defining the notice to be given in

allowances of Judicial Sales of property,..


73. An act to annex the county of Butler to the Tenthi Judi-

cial District, and prescribing the time for holding courts



74. An act to amend an act approved January 16th, 1857,

incorporating the city of Sioux City,...


75. An act to amend an act entitled “an act to fix the time of

holding courts in the Eleventh Judicial District.".... 111

76. An act to repeal part of the twelfth section of Chapter

156, in relation to Swamp Lands, Approved January

25th, 1855....


77. An act to repeal Chapter 23 of the acts of the Sixth Gen-

eral Assembly,


78. An act in relation to the Keokuk and Des Moines Valley

Plank Road Company,


79. An act to designate Sunday and the holidays to be obs.

served in the acceptance and payment of Bills of Ex-

change and promissory notes,...


80. An act requiring two at least, of the Trustees of the Du-

buque and Pacific Rail Road Company to reside in the

State of Iowa, and to regulate the issue and disposition

of the construction bonds of said Company,...


81. An act supplementary to "an act for the Public Instruc-

tion of the State of Iowa," and relating to the elec-

tion of County Superintendent of Common Schools.. 115

82. An act providing for argument terms of the Supreme

Court of the State of Iowa, inereasing the contingent

tund thereof, allowing mileage to Judges, and addi-

tional pay to the Clerk of said Court,



83. An aet tixing punishment for malicious mischiet,.. 118

84. An act to amend an act entitled "an act to authorize

John V. May and his associates to construct a dam

across the Cedar River, in Linn county," approvedl Jan-

uary 24th, 1855,..


85. An act for the benefit of Railroad Companies...


86. An act to re-apportion the State into Senatorial Dis-

tricts, ..


87. An act to incorporate the State Bank of Iowa,.... 125

88. An act to amend an act entitled "an act to incorporate

the city of Davenport, and to amend the several acts

amendatory thereto,


89. An act to authorize the Dubuque and Pacific Railroad

Company and others to bridge the Mississippi River at



90. An act to legalize the assessment of taxes made in the

several counties in this State, in the year 1855, 1856

and 1857,..


91. An act to provide for the establishment of a State Agri-

cultural College and Farm, with a Board of Trustees,

which shall be connected with the entire agricultural

interest of the State of Iowa,...


92. An act to regulate the sale of unclaimed goods in the pos-

session of Forwarding and Commission Merchants, Ex-

press Companies and other common carriers...


93. An act authorizing the construction of Bridges in the

State of lowa,..

. 183

94. An act creating Eleven Judicial Districts and defining

their boundaries.....


95. An act anthorizing courts to set aside, sales of real

estate where there was no title in the judgment debtor,

at the time of the lery,


96. An act tixing the time when laws published in newspa-
persthall take ettert,


97. An act appointing a Commissioner to procure the lands

granited or improving the navigation of the Des Moines

River, to be tied to the state......


98. An act for the formation of limited partnerships,.. 190

99. An act disposing of the grant of land male by an act of

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