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Census Bureau may obtain, without expense to the state, transcripts or certified copies of births and deaths without payment of the fees herein prescribed.

Sec. 22.—That any person, who for himself or as an officer, agent, or employee of any other person, or of any corporation or partnership, fa) shall inter, cremate, or otherwise finally dispose of the dead body of a human being, or permit the same to be done, or shall remov.: said body from the primary registration district in which the death occurred or the body was found, without the authority of a burial or removal permit issued by the local registrar of the district in which the death occurred or in which the body was found; or (b) shall refuse or fail to furnish correctly any information in his possession, or shall furnish false information affecting any certificate or record, required by this Act; or (c) shall willfully alter, otherwise than is provided by Section 18 of this Act, or shall falsify any certificate of birth or death, or any record established by this Act; or (d) being required by this Act to fill out a certificate of birth or death and file the same with the local registrar, or deliver it, upon request, to any person charged with the duty of filing the same, shall. fail, neglect, or refuse to perform such duty in the manner required by this Act; or (e) being a local registrar, deputy registrar, or sub-registrar, shall fail, neglect, or refuse to perform his duty as required by this Act and by the instructions and direction of the state registrar thereunder, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall for the first offense be fined not less than five dollars ($5.00) nor more than fifty dollars ($50.00), and for each subsequent offense not less than ten dollars ($10.00) nor more than one hundred dollars ($100.00), or be imprisoned in the county jail not more than sixty days, or be both fined and imprisoned in the discretion of the court."

Sec. 23.—That each local registrar is hereby charged with the strict and thorough enforcement of the provisions of this Act in his registration district, under the supervision and direction of the state registrar. And he shall make an immediate report to the state registrar of any violation of this law coming to his knowledge, by observation or upon complaint of any person, or otherwise.

The state registrar is hereby charged with the thorough and efficient execution of the provisions of this Act in every part of the state, and is hereby granted supervisory power over local registrars, deputy local registrars, and sub-registrars, to the end that all of its requirements shall be uniformly complied with. The state registrar, either personally or by an accredited representative, shall have authority to investigate cases of irregularity or violation of law, and all registrars shall aid him, upon request, in such investigations. When he shall deem it necessary, he shall report cases of violation of any of the provisions of this Act to the prosecuting attorney of the county, with a statement of the facts and circumstances; and when any such case is reported to him by the state registrar, the prosecuting attorney shall forthwith initiate and promptly follow

up the necessary court proceedings against the person or corporation responsible for the alleged violation of law. And upon request of the state registrar, the attorney general shall assist in the enforcement of the provisions of this Act.

1 Provision may be made whereby compliance with this Act shall constitute a condition of granting licenses to physicians, midwives, and embalmers.

NOTE.-Other sections should be added giving the date on which the Act is to go into effect, if not determined by constitutional provisions of the state; providing for the financial support of the law; and repealing prior statutes inconsistent with the present Act.

It is desirable that the entire bill should be reviewed by competent legal authority for the purpose of discovering whether it can be made more consistent in any respect with the general form of legislation of the state in which the bill is to be introduced, without material change or injury to the effectiveness of registration.

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