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the ring to a woman : therefore swear no more. Giannetto protested that what he had told her was true, and that he said all this to the lawyer, when he asked for the ring. The lady replied, you would have done much better to stay at Venice with your mistresses, for I fear they all wept when you came away. Giannetto's tears began to fall, and in great sorrow he assured her, that what she supposed could not be true. The lady seeing his tears, which were daggers in her bosom, ran to embrace him, and in a fit of laughter showed the ring, and told him, that she was hersell the lawyer, and how she obtained the ring. Giappetto was greatly astonished, finding it all true, and told the story to the nobles and to his compapions; and this heightened greatly the love between him and his lady. He then called the damsel who had giren him the good advice in the evening not to drinks the liquor, and gave her to Ansaldo for a wife, and they spent the rest of their lives in great felicity and contentment.

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