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Truth, an enemy to falfe wit, N. 63.

Tryphiodorus, the great lipogrammatift of antiquity, N.



Ꮴ ENICE prefero'd a tragedy founded on

wrong plot, N. 29.

Uglinefs, fome fpeculations upon it, N. 32.

Vifit; a vifit to a travelled lady, which the received in
her bed, defcribed, N. 45.

Understanding, the abufe of it is a great evil, N. 6.
Vocifer, the qualifications that make him pafs for a fine
gentleman, N. 75.

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HO and Which, their petition to the Spectator, N. 78.
Wit, the mischief of it when accompanied with
vice, N. 23. very pernicious when not tempered with
virtue and humanity, ib. turned into deformity by af
fectation, 38 only to be valued as it is applied, N. 6.
nothing fo much admired and fo little understood, 58.
the hiftory of falfe wit, ib. every man would be a wit
if he could, 59. the way to try a piece of wit, 62.
Mr Locke's reflection on the difference between wit and
judgment, ib. the god of wit defcribed, 62.
Women, the more powerful part of our people, N. 4.
their ordinary employments, 10.fmitten with fuperficials,
15. their ufual converfation, their ftrongeft paffion,
33. not to be confidered merely as objects of fight, ib.
Woman of quality, her drefs the product of a hundred cli-
mates, N. 69.


YARICO, the ftory of her adventure, N. 11.

The end of the firft Volume.

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