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+Burdick, Samuel E., March 1. Burk, George W., March 1; discharged October 25, 1862. Cummings, William H., March 3. Clodfelter, Noah A., March 18; discharged November 20, 1862. +Cavin, Josiah, March 8; captured at Tilton.

Carr, Dominic, April 2; promoted to first sergeant; captured at Mission Ridge.

Cobb, Samuel, March 17. +Edinger, Newton, March 3; wounded at Mission Ridge. Edinger, Alexander, March 13. Eubanks, John, March 13; discharged September 3, 1862. Forsyth, Charles W., March 14; died August 25, 1862, at Farmington, Mississippi.

Glenn, Jaines S., March S; captured at Corinth.

Gibson, Levi, March 1; discharged September 13, 1862. Grubb, Sylvester H. C., March 1; died at Corinth, October 4, 1862, of wounds received at Iuka. Harville, James, March 13; wounded at Champion's Hill. +King, George, March 8; promoted to second corporal. King, Jeremiah, March 8; wounded at Champion's Hill; captured at Tilton, Georgia.

King, Alexander, March 17; captured at Mission Ridge. Kolenbraden, Harmon, March 1; captured at Mission Ridge. Lee, Price B., March 8.

Lust, William, March 3; discharged November 29, 1862. +Pearson, Thomas J., March 13.

Roorda, Henry, March 1; died Au

gust 19, 1862, in brigade hospital.

Swain, Martin, March 8; died March 21, 1864, at Huntsville, Alábama.

Smith, James, March 8; died September 6, 1862, at Corinth, Miss. Smith, Samuel, March 13; killed at Corinth.

+Simons, Leibert, February 1; cap-tured at Tilton, Georgia. Vance, Ezra T., March 8; wounded at luka.

+Wicks, Benjamin F., March 1. Webb, James, March 3; died August 2, 1863, at Vicksburg,


John J. Koolbeck, fifth sergeant, March 15; promoted to third sergeant July 1, 1862; died September 1, 1862, of wounds received at Iuka.


Brink, Garrett, March 1; discharged December 8, 1862.

Keegel, Jacob, March 1; captured at Tilton, Georgia. McReynolds, David, March 4; discharged September 6, 1862.` +Paardekooper, G., February 1; captured at Tilton.

Paardekooper, William, October 3, 1864.

Rysdam, Egidius, January 8; captured at Tilton.

Schell, Garrett, January 8; wounded at Corinth.

+Scheffers, Covert, March 1; captured at Tilton, Georgia.

Verhoeff, Leandert, February 1; captured at Tilton, Georgia.


The Eighteenth infantry regiment was organized under the call of July 4, 1862, for 300,000 men. It was mustered into the United States service August 6, 1862, with a rank and file of 860 men, John Edwards, colonel. On the 11th of August it started for the field. While it has not the promi+Veteranized.

nent record of some Iowa regiments, it was none the less efficient in service, brave in action, prompt in duty. That it is not so notable is because there is less known of it. From the time it whipped and cleaned out the braggart Marmaduke at Springfield, Missouri, January 8, 1862, who attacked with at least 1,870 men, while the Eighteenth had only 500 men, on to the fight with Price, April 30, 1861, its conduct was such as to elicit high commendation from division commanders. It had the reputation of getting out of difficulties through smaller chances than few would have dared attempted. At Poison Spring, April 18, 1864, was a notable instance. The regiment got completely isolated and hemmed in on all sides by the enemy. It flocked together and wormed itself out, fighting rod by rod, scattering the enemy by charges, when it would re-form and occupy the vacuum and thus cut its way out and returned to Camden. In May, 1864, it returned to Fort Smith, Arkansas, having marched 730 miles over mountains, through swamps, subsisting on raw corn, wading days and nights through mud and water. At Fort Smith it remained during the summer and fall of 1864, making in the meantime several long and brilliant expeditions: February 26, 1865, four companies were sent to Van Buren, Arkansas, for garrison duty, until July 6, when the regiment was ordered to Little Rock for muster out. July 21, it started for Davenport, where, August 5, the men were discharged, having served three years and two days. The regiment marched 4.160 miles. Of the original number of the regiment but four hundred returned for muster out. Of the original officers but eight returned.

The casualities will be found on page 184.

Marion county was represented in companies C, F and G.

[blocks in formation]

Brobst, Flavius J., July 17.
Bellamy, Socrates N., July 18; dis-
charged December 19, 1862.
Bellamy, Benson C., July 19; wound-
ed and captured at Poison Spring,

Carr, John, July 19.
Christolear, William, July 10; dis-
charged January 22, 1863.
Convers, Lewis, July 12; wounded
at Springfield, Missouri.
Dean, Joseph, July 7.
Ellsworth, John W., July 9.
Estes, Jesse C. H., July 16.
Flanders, Francis M., July 11; dis-
charged November 29, 1862.
Goleanor, William, July 21.
Hodges, James B., July 12; died at
Jefferson City, Missouri, Novem-
ber 16, 1862.
Harvey, William, July 10.
Houseman. Joseph W., July 15;
wounded at Springfield, Missouri.
Jumper, William, July 14.
King, Alfred, July 14.
Middleton, William D., July 12.
McConnaghay, Andrew M., July 19;
discharged January 24, 1863.
McKinsey, John, July 7.
McMillen, George, July 14.
Miller, John M., July 7.
Moore, William H., July 7; died at
Jefferson City, Missouri, Septem.
ber 18, 1862.

Miller, Rudolph, July 10.
Niles, Alonzo, July 15, captured at
Poison Spring; died at Ft. Smith,
Arkansas, March 6, 1865.
Petty, Samuel S., July 7; discharged
February 19, 1863.

Rodgers, William A., July 12.
Rodgers, Joseph R., July 16; died
December 6, 1862, at Springfield,

Rigg, David C., July 17.
Settle, John M., July 11; discharged
January 24, 1863.

Sunbro, Joseph, July 15; discharged
December 18, 1863.

Shappell, Leonidas M., July 25.
Van Syoc, Isaac, July 7; died at Se-
dalia, Missouri, October 2, 1862.
Willis, Willett, July, 17; discharged
December 18, 1862.

Welch, Strotten S., July 19.
Walker, Thomas, July 17.
Young, William B., July 17.
Murphy, P. V., August 15; dis-
charged December 22, 1863.


McKenzie, Semore, December 5, 1868.

Young, Winfield Scott.
Estes, Elijah M., December 30, 1863.
Geer, Walter A., November 19, 1863;
died September 20, 1864, at Fort
Smith, Arkansas.


This regiment was organized by General S. A. Rice, in September, 1862, and mustered in October 1st, with nine hundred and eighty men. It left for the field, November 20th, for St. Louis; thence, December 21st, for Columbus, Kentucky, arriving on the 24th, where it was immediately engaged in building earthworks, the men without shelter, sleeping on the bare ground in the mud and rain. January 3, 1863, it returned to Columbus, the enemy failing to attack, as expected. January 8th it embarked for Helena, Arkansas, arriving on the 13th, where several expeditions were made.

In April, Colonel Rice was appointed to a brigade, and Lieutenant-colonel Mackey became colonel. It was reported Colonel Hood had declared he would take his dinner, July 4th, in Helena. The regiment at once prepared to give him a hearty reception, and at two o'clock in the morning were called out to receive him. The contest lasted until eleven o'clock, when Hood was driven back toward Little Rock, and the 'Thirty-third remained

masters of the position, having acquitted itself bravely. It had five hundred men engaged; the enemy over two thousand. The Thirty-third captured as many prisoners as it had men in action. September 10th the enemy were followed, and Little Rock captured. Here the regiment built log barracks and remained until March, 1864, when it started on the southwestern Arkansas expedition. From the 10th to the 13th skirmishing and artillery fighting was had on Prairie d'Anne, in Hemstead county, Arkansas. On the second of April, General Steele decided to march on Camden with his division, which became known to the enemy, and the race was a lively one. Several engagements were had, notably Elkin's Ford, April 4th, Prairie d'Anne, April 10th and Jenkin's Ferry, April 30th. The latter was the great battle of the expedition. The regiment with the division had reached Šaline River, on its return to Little Rock, on the evening before. The enemy were in force in the rear, while in front was a swollen river and no bridges. The battle began in the morning and lasted until near noon, when the enemy retired. retired. It was during the evening's last charge that Colonel Rice was wounded in the foot, from the effects of which he died August 6th following.

The Thirty-third entered Camden in the evening of the fifteenth of April, where for five days there were no rations, the men subsisting on four ears of corn per day, which they ground in hand-inills and made into cakes. At the battle of Elkin's Ford or Jenkin's Ferry, the loss of the regiment was severe, being one hundred and twenty-three. The regiment arrived at Little Rock May 3d, where it remained on garrison duty during the year. February 14, 1864, it started for New Orleans, thence to Navy Cove, Alabama, where it joined an expedition against Mobile, which was successful. It took part in the battle of Saline River, Arkansas, April 30, and met with considerable loss. Thence it moved to Whistler's Station and MeIntosh's Bluff, Alabama, April, 1865, where it remained until June; thence to Brazos Island, Texas; thence up the Rio Grande to Bagdad; thence to New Orleans, where, July 17, 1865, it was mustered out, except the three years' recruits, who were transferred to the Thirty-fourth regiment, an unusual act, and which received the firm protest of Colonel Mackey.

The causalities of the regiment were:

Killed in action, 26; died of wounds and disease, 236; discharged for va rious causes, 164; wounded, 166; taken prisoners, 73; transferred to other regiments, 27; mustered out, 430.

Marion county was represented in companies A, G and I, and on the staff; to-wit.,

Hiram D. Gibson, major, August 10, 1862; resigned April 22, 1864. Cyrus B. Boydston, major, April 23, 1864; from captain company A. William M. Scott, assistant surgeon, September 16, 1862; resigned December 24, 1864.

Andrew F. Sperry, fife major, September 8, 1862.


Cyrus B. Boydston, captain, August 9; promoted to major April 23, 1864.

Samuel L. Pierce, first lieutenant;

August 10; promoted to captain
April 24, 1864.

Erastus K. Woodruff, second lieu-
tenant, August 8; resigned March
3, 1863.

James M. Cooper, first sergeant,

August 11; promoted second lieu- | Barnhill, Benjamin.


tenant March 4, 1863; to first lieu-Brees, Isaac, discharged May 13, 1865. tenant April 24, 1864. Bellamy, Samuel W., died April 7, Joshua T. Curtis, second sergeant, August 13; wounded at Helena, July 4, 1862; discharged June 29, 1865.

Lodrick C. Collins, third sergeant,
August 11; died January 1, 1864,
at Little Rock, Arkansas.
Abijah W. Bishop, fourth sergeant,
August 14; promoted to first ser-
geant; to second lieutenant April
2, 1864; wounded at Helena, Ar-
Thomas J. Wallace, fifth sergeant;
discharged April 17, 1863.
Oliver Schee, first corporal, August
9; reduced to ranks December 10,

John McKinney, second corporal,
August 15; died May 9, 1863, at
Helena, Arkansas.
Ephraim Cooper, third corporal,
August 11.

John M. Welch, fourth corporal, August 8; reduced to ranks at own request November 14, 1862. Daniel Fort, fifth corporal, August 11.

Leob Levan, sixth corporal, August 8.

[blocks in formation]

Brown, Wilson L., discharged May 23, 1863.

Beaver, James A., wounded July 4,
1863, at Helena; died of wounds
August 16.
Brewster, Henry D.
Busenburg, Daniel, died August 11,
1863, at Memphis.
Chambers, Zephaniah.

William, discharged

March 21, 1865.
Chambers, William R.
Craig, John, died September 14,

Craddick, William W., discharged
March 2, 1863.
Curtis, Francis.
Day, Hiram C.

Downing, George S., died December 30, 1862, at Columbus, Kentucky.

Duncan, James T., wounded and captured at Saline River; died, date and place unknown. Feagins, Leonard B.

Forst, David, captured at Helena. Grant, John, discharged February 6, 1863.

Gregory, Enoch G., died August
20, 1868, at Helena.
Gibson, William, discharged March
16, 1863.

Gregory, John W., died at St. Louis
December 2, 1862.
Gose, Stephen A.

Harned, Michael R., discharged
April 23, 1863.
Hammond, Henry I.
Hammond, Greenville C., died May
4, 1863, at Helena.

Hager, Alfred, wounded at Saline

Hunter, Joseph.

Hodges, Milton J., wounded accidentally, date and place unknown; discharged February 24, 1863.

*The enlistment paper dates September 9, though the men went into quarters from the 9th to 15th of August.

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