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twenty-second of June, 1843, and when three years of age accompanied his parents to Oskaloosa, Mahaska county, where he lived until 1853. He received his education in the common schools and at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. He was raised with a mercantile experience. He enlisted during the late war in the Thirty-third Iowa infantry, and served three years and participated in all the battles in which his regiment was engaged. He engaged in his present business in 1872, with M. Y. Kinne, under the firm name of Kinne & Welch. This relation continued for seven months, when Mr. John A. Welch purchased Mr. Kinne's interest, and the business was conducted under the firm name of Welch & Welch. Owing to impaired health Mr. J. A. Welch was obliged to retire, and Mr. McMillan became a partner. Under the present name of Welch & McMillan, they have taken a front rank among the business inen of Marion county, and have secured a large trade, and enjoy an enviable reputation. He was married in June, 1867, to Miss Maria McMillan, a resident of Marion county, but born in Lafayette, Indiana. They have one son, Archie.

WELCH, JOHN A.-Dealer in dry-goods and clothing. One of the pioneers of this county, was born in Paris, Edgar county, Illinois, on the 24th day of November, 1834, and lived in this and DeWitt counties until 1843, and then removed with his parents to Jefferson county, Iowa, and in 1844 came to this county. He was raised a farmer until 1854, and then went to California and spent three years in the mines. He returned to Iowa, and divided his time between attending school, teaching and working on a farm. He enlisted in the army during the late war, and after serving nine months was discharged on account of disability. After returning to his home he engaged in agricultural pursuits, and in 1863 commenced his mercantile experience. He has held the office of coroner, and served part of one term as sheriff. But few men have a better record. He started in life comparatively without means, and his career has been both honorable and successful, and he has always enjoyed the confidence of the community in which he resides. He was married in, 1861 to Miss Mary E. Haines, a native of Gloucester county New Jersey. They have four children: Edgar V., Galen H., Otto R., Mary W. Lost three in infancy.

WELCH, J. L.-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 23, P. O. Knoxville. Was born in Paris, Illinois, on the third day of December, 1830. His parents were John R. and Matilda Welch. John R. Welch was engaged in the blacksmithing business at that place. He removed with his family when J. L. was quite young to DeWitt county, where they resided until he attained the age of 14 years. In 1843, the family came to Iowa, locating in Jefferson county. In the spring of 1844, removed to Marion county, locating in Knoxville township. On the third of October, 1856, he was married to Miss Annis McMillen, a native of Ohio, a lady of refined tastes and domestic habits, the daughter of Solomon and Mary Ann McMillen. By this union they had six children, five of whom are living. I. Irene, LeRoy S., Milton R., Mattie, Alvin V.; one deceased. Mr. Welch's educational advantages were very limited, and he secured his education by improving the leisure hours, and an indomitable will. His present farm of 220 acres he has occupied since 1861. He makes a specialty of the stock trade, and has herds that will compare favorably with any in the township. His home is pleasantly situated, and indicates comfort and prosperity. October 1st, 1861, he enlisted in company G, Fifteenth Iowa infantry, participating in many of

since 1844.

the notable events of the war-Pittsburg Landing, Shiloh and Siege of Corinth. At the time of his enlistment he was appointed hospital steward, which duties he discharged until December, 1863, when he received the appointment of second lieutenant of the Forty-seventh U. S. colored regiment. Was on the Red River expedition, when he received a slight wound in one of the skirmishes, Yazoo City, and eight at Fort Blakely. He was honorably discharged in 1866. It was at the log house of John R. Welch, in the summer of 1844, that the first church services were held in Knoxville township. With the exception of his term in the service and eighteen months he spent in California (going there in 1854), he has been a resident of Marion county Thus we have traced the ups and downs of one Marion county's pioneers, but pioneers do not always sojourn in the country that they open up to the world. Such is the case with Mr. Welch. He contemplates leaving Marion. While the county suffers the loss of one of its respected and solid citizens, some other country and county will gain thereby. His mother, Mrs. Martha Welch, died at Butler, Missouri, November 28, 1880. WELCH, NIMROD-Farmer, Sec. 15, P. O. Knoxville. Was born in Washington county, Pennsylvania, in September, 1814. His parents were James and Margaret Welch. He was there educated and raised to manhood. In early life he adopted the profession of farming, which he has followed all his life. In 1840 he married Miss Elizabeth Moore, of Pennsylvania. By this union they have had eight children, Margaret, Mary A., Watson H., Robert Moore, E. E., David O., Wm. A., Sarah Jane (deceased). Mrs. Welch died in 1862. In 1849 he came to Iowa, locating in Mahaska. In 1853 he came to Marion county. His farın of 130 acres is well located. He is a man who has been closely identified with the general improvements of the county, and. is numbered among its respected citizens.

WELCH, W. H.-Son of Nimrod Welch. Born in Washington county, Pennsylvania, May twenty-fourth, 1847. He came to Iowa with his parents in 1849; to Marion county in 1855.

WETHERELL, A. D.--Physician and surgeon, and one of the best medical practitioners in Marion county. Was born in Burlington, Vermont, on the 21st day of July, 1818, and continued to reside in his native State until 1833, when his parents removed to Licking county, Ohio, settling on a farm. Here the subject of our sketch was principally raised; he received his education in the common schools and supplemented by a few terms in the preparatory department of Granville College, now Dennison University, and aiding his father, more or less, each year in his farm duties. After attaining his majority he engaged in teaching, and having made choice of medicine as a profession his leisure hours were devoted to reading, and after a thorough preparation with Dr. W. W. Bancroft as preceptor, he attended lectures at the Ohio Medical College at Cincinnati, and graduated in 1844, and after practicing nearly thirteen years in Licking county, in October, 1856, settled in Knoxville, where he continues to practice with marked success. In his medical relations he has built up his reputation by skill and energy. He has been twice married; first, to Miss Harriet Avery, of Ohio, in October, 1843. She died on the 31st of December, 1860, leaving four children: Marion (deceased), Maria (now Mrs. Cathcart), Lizzie (now Mrs. Mieslang), and Frank. His second marriage occurred November, 1861, to Miss Mary Walters, of Knoxville.

WEYERS, WM.-Undertaker. Was born in Prussia, March 27, 1815, and was raised in his native country. He emigrated to the United States

in 1849, landing at New York City; from there went to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, stopping a short time; then came to Iowa, locating at Burlington. In 1852, he moved to Knoxville and commenced working at the cabinet making business, which trade he learned in his native country. By industry and economy has accumulated a competency of this world's good and has built up for himself an enviable reputation for honesty and fair dealing. On the 30th day of January, 1854, he married Miss Margaret_Deppert, born in the kingdom of Bavaria in Germany, January 1, 1824. They have one daughter, Anna I.


WILSON, THOMAS-Superintendent of Marion county county-house. Was born in Flemming county, Kentucky, October 26, 1833. His parents were Samuel and Elizabeth Wilson. They were natives of that State, and of Irish and Dutch ancestry. Thomas there spent his boyhood days, and was educated. His early life was spent in agricultural pursuits. Caine to Iowa the autumn of 1855, locating in Knoxville and engaged in engineering and operating mills for different parties. On the 9th of August, 1862, Mr. Wilson concluded that he would make a suitable target for the Confederates, so he enlisted in company F, Fortieth Iowa volunteer infantry. passed through the usual routine of warfare, being honorably discharged August 2, 1865, and engaged in agricultural pursuits until the 4th of March, 1877, when he took charge of the county-house, and how well it has been managed may be inferred from the fact that under his supervision that establishment is now paying a dividend. He is a good example for managers of similar institutions throughout the State to pattern after. He was married November 19, 1856, to Miss Sarah E. Newberry, a native of Ohio. She is a lady possessed of many graces, and possessed of rare skill as a managress, which makes her a valuable assistant in the discharge of her husband's affairs. They have had a family of four children: Mary Elizabeth (now Mrs. Jackson), Clara B., Nancy J. and William A., who died April 15, 1874. He has a farin of 120 acres in Secs. 21 and 22, and fifteen acres of timber on English Creek. His father died in Kentucky a few years ago; the mother is living in Kentucky. Himself and family are identified with the Christian Church.

WOODRUFF, E. B.-Of the firm of Woodruff Bros., dealers in shelf and heavy hardware, stoves and agricultural implements. Was born in Mahoning county, Ohio, on the twenty-fifth day of June, 1834, and lived there until sixteen years of age. In 1851, owing to reverses in business and losses, his father was led to emigrate to the new State of Iowa, impressed with the idea that better opportunities offered to regain what had been lost. Soon after his arrival he sickened and died, and the care of the family devolved on the son, then only a little past sixteen years of age. After four years' experience in farming, he commenced his mercantile experience, and at the outbreak of the war he enlisted in company F, Fourth Iowa cavalry, as a private, and served until the close of the war, and was mustered out as first lieutenant. After his return from the army he engaged in his present business, in Knoxville, and no firm in Marion county has built up a more enviable reputation for honor, integrity, and fair dealing. He is eminently a self-made man. Commencing life in straightened circumstances, he has by his own indomitable will, energy and perseverance, made for himself a competency. He is a public spirited, generous citizen, and no one in Knoxville has shown more enterprise. In educational and other public enterprises, he has always been prompt to act and efficient


to work. He was married to Miss Elizabeth Parker in 1856. She was born in Medina county, Ohio. Their family consists of five children: Forrest W., Edward O., Watson, Stella and Fred.

WOODRUFF, M. D.-Of the firm of Woodruff Bros. Among the business men of Knoxville no one has a better standing than the subject of this sketch. He was born in Mahoning (now Trumbull county), Ohio, on the twenty-fourth day of November, 1836. His early life was spent on a farm. In 1851 he came to Iowa with his parents and settled in Monroe county, where he remained until 1859, and tlren went to California, where he was principally engaged in agricultural pursuits until 1868, when he returned to Iowa, and formed a co,partnership with his brother under the firm name of Woodruff Bros., and like his brother he is known as a man of decided character and untiring energy, and receives and merits the esteem and confidence of his fellow citizens. He married Miss Sarah Austin in 1869. She is a native of County Antrim, Ireland. Their family circle consists of three children: Ancil H., Lewis S. and Jessie.

WRIGHT, LARKEN-The oldest banker in Knoxville. Was born in Putnam county, Indiana, on the twenty-first day of September, 1823, and lived in his native State until twenty-eight years of age, and was raised a farmer. From Indiana he removed to Illinois, and lived in that State three years, and in 1854 he came to Iowa and settled in Marion county and engaged in agricultural pursuits one year, and then commened a mercantile experience of six years as a dealer in general merchandise. He was engaged in stock business for four years, and then opened a bank, and at this time is the pioneer in this line in Knoxville. He first commenced as a private banker, but was one of the organizers of the Knoxville National Bank, and was elected president of the same. In 1872 he disposed of his interest in this bank and became connected with the Marion County National Bank of which he is president. Mr. Wright is a good illustration of the noble army of self-made men for which Iowa is noted. He commenced life in straightened circumstances, with nothing but his good health, willing hands and hopeful heart, combined with indomitable energy and perseverance, and but few men have a better record or have achieved more grand results from a small and discouraging beginning. He was reared with scarcely any school facilities. He has by reading and observation gained such knowledge as places him prominent in society. Since his residence in Marion county no one has contributed more to its good reputation. As a citizen he has always taken a deep interest in all that has had a tendency to be of permanent benefit, and in character as well as in purse, he is one of the solid men of the county. He is a consistent member of the Christian Church, and one of its active workers, staunch supporters and most liberal contributors, and it is largely to him that the society is indebted for its present comfortable church edifice. He was married in May, 1843, to Miss Deliah Wright, of Putnam county, Indiana. They have by this union four children: Oliver P. (cashier of the Marion County National Bank), Jennie (now Mrs. J. D. Gamble), Francis M. and Charles D. WRIGHT, O. P.-Cashier of the Marion County Bank. Was born in Putnam county, Indiana, on the seventeenth day of March, 1844, and lived there until seven years of age, and then accompanied his parents to Illinois, and after a residence there of three years the family removed to this county, where the subject of our sketch has been principally raised. His youth was spent in acquiring an education, and in mercantile pursuits, combined with

the stock business. He commenced his banking experience in the office of his father performing the duty of cashier and book-keeper. He was one of the organizer of the First National Bank of Pella, but disposed of his interest and assisted in organizing the Marion County National Bank. He has been its cashier from the first, and it is largely owing to his financial ability and integrity of character as well as large business capacity, that the institution has secured that reputation for security and safety which it richly merits. Mr. Wright was married in 1865, to Miss Artie Marsh, a native of Washington county, Indiana. Their family consists of four children: Carrie B., Lee, William M. and Maud.

WRIGHT, W. E.-Among the physicians of Marion county deserving of mention is the subject of this sketch. Was born in Fayette county, Indiana, on the eighteenth day of July, 1840, and was raised in this and Franklin counties until 1856 when he removed to Iowa and settled in this county. Until he attained to manhood, his time was chiefly spent in acquiring an education and teaching until the outbreak of the Rebellion, when he enlisted in company B, Third Iowa infantry and was in the service three years. He was wounded by guerrillas on his way to Vicksburg, and was sent to the hospital at Keokuk and while here he made choice of medicine as a profession, and commenced study under the auspices of the College faculty. After a through preparation he attended lectures and was graduated from the College of Physician and Surgeons in 1867, and at once entered on the active practice of his profession and in which he has been satisfactorily successful. He married Miss M. A. Woodruff, in 1868. She was born in Ohio. They have five children: Willie B., Jessie M., Edmund F., Katie and an infant.

WRIGHT, P. F.-Dairyman. Is one of Marion county's old and highly esteemed citizens. He was born in Sussex county, Delaware, on the third day of March, 1814, and lived there until 1838. He learned the plastering trade in his youth and has followed it the greater portion of his life. In 1838 he removed to Indiana where he remained until 1856 when he came to this county and followed his chosen occupation and has been closely idenfied with the growth and material prosperity of the county. In 1874 he retired from the plastering trade, and has since devoted his time to the dairy business, and in this line has an enviable reputation. He married Miss Deborah Conwell, in 1840; she was born in Delaware. They have a family of six children living: W. E. (a practicing physician), David C., Elias, Maggie, Katie, Frank and Lafayette. Lost Samuel and Edmond. Three sons, Wm. E., Samuel and Edmond served in the army, and Samuel died from disease contraced in the service of his country.


OUNG, W. B.-Physician and druggist. One of Marion county's early, as well as most reliable citizens, was born in Mercer county, Pennsylvania, on the 12th day of November, 1812, and when young accompanied his parents to Ohio, and resided at Zanesville and McConnellsville, that State, until after attaining his majority. He was raised on a farm and divided his time between farming and teaching, until making choice of medicine as a profession. After thorough preparation he commenced the practice and continued it for thirteen years, in Wayne and Ashland counties, Ohio, with satisfactory results. In 1852 he emigrated to Iowa and settled in this county, and continued in his chosen avocation. Having gone the security of a friend, in order to save as much as possible he was obliged to take a stock of goods and devote his attention to the disposition of them.

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