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She is a native of West Virginia. Their family consists of eight children: James, Charles, Ancel, Elizabeth, Emma, Maggie, Arthur and Mary.

HASSELMAN, A. P.-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 20, P. O. Pella. Was born on the 1st of August, 1805, in Netherlands. He learned the carpenter trade when about sixteen years of age, and came here with the first Holland colony in 1847. He worked at his trade sixteen years in Pella. then engaged in farming. His home farm consists of 115 acres of land with good improvements; also owns a farm of 140 acres in Jasper county. He married Miss A. R. G. Temmermans, February 30, 1836. She is also a native of Netherlands, and was born August 16, 1809. They have eight children living: Wilhelmina L..(now Mrs. H. Vennenwegen), Adriana M. (now Mrs. G. Van Horssen), Hermanas J., Catolina (now Mrs. G. de Young), Albattus L., Lovwesen W., Peteranella, and Adam P. They lost five. Himself and wife are members of Bethel Church.

HEIMSTRA, F. S.-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 30, P. O. Pella. Was born on the 10th of December, 1828, in Netherlands, and resided there until 1853. He served four years as a soldier under King William. Came to the United States in 1853, and settled in Erie county, New York. Resided there two years, when he came to Marion county and settled, and has remained here since, and has been engaged in agricultural pursuits. He owns forty-two acres of fine land. He married Miss E. de Haan, in June, 1862. She is a native of Holland, and was born in 1845. By this union they have seven children: Jesse, John, Anna, Jette, Henriette, Harry, and Mary; they lost one. Himself and wife are members of the Reformed

Church of Otley.

HOPSON, P. P.-Blacksmith. Was born on the 11th of July, 1825, in Mason county, West Virginia, and was there raised and received his education. He spent his boyhood days on a farm, and at the age of sixteen commenced to learn the blacksmith trade at Point Pleasant, which he fol lowed several years. In 1855 he emigrated to Iowa and settled in this county. He engaged in the saw-mill business at Coalport, and in 1860 emigrated to Adair county, Missouri, and resided there some three years. He helped to organize the first Union Home Guard Company in North Missouri, which was known as the famous Washington Union Home Guards. He served some nine months with them. In 1862 he helped to recruit the Fifty-fifth Missouri State Militia, and served eighteen months with them. He was commissioned first lieutenant of the company when they organized, and held that position during his time in the service. After leaving the army he came to Marion county, started a shop at Iola post-office, and came from there to Pella. He helped to organize the Pella Manufacturing Company. In politics he is a staunch Republican, always votes the straight ticket. He married Miss Leah Coffman in 1847. She is a native of the same place as himself, and was born on the 1st of October, 1826. They have four children: Harriet A. (now Mrs. W. Lee Mary M. (now Mrs. Warren Whaley), Flora R., and Frank M. They lost two children. Himself and wife are members of the M. E. Church of Pella, in which he holds the office of trustee, and also steward.

HORST, W. VAN DER-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 21, P. O. Pella. Was born March 22, 1821, in Gelderland, and spent his boyhood days farming, receiving his education in the common schools. In 1856 he emigrated to this country and settled in Chicago, where he commenced the brickmaking business. In the fall of 1864 he came to this county and pur

chased the farm on which he now resides. It consists of seventy acres, well improved, good and comfortable buildings. He has been twice married. First, to Miss Jane Wilmstyn, in 1841. By this union they had two children: Peter and Woater; they lost two children. He lost his wife in 1848. He married Mrs. Melinda Westerlake in 1849. She is a native of Gilderland, born February 7, 1810. By this union there is one child living, William C.; they lost one. Mrs. van der Horst has one child living by her first husband, George W. Westerlake. They also have a sister of Mrs. van der Horst living with them, Annie Murlenburg. They are all members of the First Reformed Church of Pella. He has held the office of school director. Mr. van der Horst belongs to that noble army of which Iowa can so proudly boast. He is a kind-hearted and industrious man, and one of the best citizens of this county.

HOSPERS, JOHN-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 31, P. O. Pella. Was born in the Netherlands, city of Amsterdam, on the thirtieth day of August, 1801. He was raised in this city until thirteen years of age and enjoyed excellent educational advantages in his youth, and at the present time he speaks fluently the English, French and Holland languages. In 1819 he removed to South Holland and engaged in teaching. He held the office of clerk of two towns for thirty-two years and treasurer twenty-five years, and church treasurer twenty four years. He was a member of the board of emigration and contributed his full share towards making the colony which settled in Marion county one of the most successful ever made in the country. His duties in this direction prevented his emigrating until 1849, when he came and settled on the land he now occupies. His farm comprises 360 acres, well improved, and his dwelling is one of the most convenient and attractive farm houses in the township, and is a striking contrast to the time he first settled here, when all was a vast wilderness. The howls of wild animals and the mammoth snakes were well calculated to discourage and intimidate the hearts of the most courageous. Since his settlement no one has taken a more active part, or exerted a greater influence in the growth and development of this township, and he has held all of its most important offices. He was one of the organizers of the Pella National Bank, and is one of its directors. No man in Marion county has a better record. In private life he is generous and charitable, devoted to his family and a faithful friend, and it is worthy of note that he has aided twenty-one of his county men to come to this country, and make themselves homes. He is an active member of the First Reformed Church of Pella, and has held the office of deacon eight years, and elder twelve years, and is the clerk of the session. His social powers are admirable, and his moral character irreproachable. He married Miss Henrietta Middelkoop, August 23, 1829. She was born in South Holland, March 21, 1808. By this union they have six children: Henry, Nicholas, T. de Gelder, Emeline, William H. and Cornelius. Lost four. The third son took his name of de Gelder from his uncle with the approval of the king to whom he paid 100 guilders for the privilege.

HOSPERS, T. DE GELDER-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 31, P. O. Pella. Was born September 22, 1838, in South Holland, where he was raised and attended the common school. At the age of ten years he came to this country with his parents and joined the colony at Pella, in 1849. He married Miss Johanna Wormhoudt, December 25, 1878. They have one child, John. Mr. H. is an honest, industrious and energetic farmer, and

one who attends to his business. He is one of Marion county's best citizens. His second name, de Gelder, was attached to his name by the request of his uncle, who paid 100 guilders to the king for that privilege.

HOSPERS, N.-Farmer, Sec. 31, P. O. Pella. Was born in South Holland, May 4, 1836, and lived there until he came with his parents to the United States in 1849 and since that period has been engaged in farming, and has proved himself a successful agriculturist. His ingenuity has led him to receive two patents, one for a corn-husker and another for a churn, both his own invention.

HOUVELINGE, GYSBERT VAN-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 1, P. O. Pella. Was born in Pella, October 24, 1848, and spent his boyhood days on a farm, his education being received in the common schools. In 1874 he commenced farming for himself; farms eighty acres of land, and is a successful agriculturist. On the 17th of March, 1874, he was married to Miss Nellie de Young. She is also a native of this county, and was born on the eighth of August, 1854.

ELSMA, S. J.-Insurance agent. Was born on the eighth of June, 1841, in Netherlands, and was brought to this country by his parents when sever. years of age. They settled on a farm five miles west of Pella, and here S. J. spent his boyhood days. His father also ran a cheese factory. S. J. attended school some but obtained most of his education by self-application. In 1860 he opened a general store at Pella, and was in business here some eight years, then moved back to the farm, remaining until 1877, when he went into town again. He married Miss G. de Young on the twenty-first of May, 1863. She is a native of the Netherlands and was born on the sixteenth of August, 1841. By this union they have five children: Seitoske, Jannes, Maria, Menttje and Jelle. Lost three. Himself and wife are members of the Presbyterian Church of Pella.

JOHNSON, J. R--Blacksmith. Was born on the twenty-sixth of April, 1832, in Licking county, Ohio, but was principaliy raised in Deleware county, following agricultural pursuits. He came to Iowa in 1859 and settled on a farm in Mahaska county. In 1863 he moved to Pella and commenced to learn the blacksmith trade and has worked at it since. In February, 1880, his shop burned, by which he sustained a serious loss. In December, 1880, he built his present shop. He has held the office of alderman of the First ward one term, and city marshal one year. He married Miss Lucinda Croll in November, 1856. She is a native of Pennsylvania, and was born on the seventh of February, 1848. By this union they have two children: Mary and Ellen. The family are members of the M. E. Church.


EABLES, B. F. -The oldest practicing physician in Pella, in point of residence, and one of the earliest to come to the county. Was born in Elba, Genesee county, New York, and when four years of age was taken by his parents to Jackson county, Michigan, and lived there until nineteen years of age. In 1847 he removed to Oswego, Kendall county, Illinois, where he remained three years most of the time teaching and studying medicine. In 1850 he attended medical lectures in Keokuk and pursued his studies and was graduated an M. D. In 1852 he came to Pella and commenced the practice of his profession, and has since made it his home. He was one of the organizers of the War Democratic party that defeated the regular Democratic ticket for the first time in the county. He has always taken a deep interest in educational matters, and was president

of the school board when the first school-building was erected. In 1860, owing to failing health, he made a trip to Colorado and returned in the fall very much improved. In the spring of 1862 he was commissioned assistant surgeon of the Third Iowa infantry, and in October of the same year was promoted surgeon by the special request of the colonel, and held this position until the regiment was mustered out. In 1871-2 he represented his district in the Thirteenth General Assembly of the State Legislature, and in 1872 was elected his own successor. In 1875, owing to impaired health, he made a second trip to Colorado. This proved of benefit to his health but not very happy in a financial point, as he invested heavily in mines whose value rapidly depreciated. He has been interested in the drug business for twenty-five years, and his drug store at the present time is under the management of his sons Henry and Frank. The Doctor is giving his whole time to the practice of his profession. His army experience has caused him to have quite an extensive and successful practice in surgery. He is well known throughout the county, and is held in high esteem as a successful practitioner. He was one of the early Odd Fellows of the county and a member of the Masonic fraternity, and belongs to the Chapter at Knoxville, and the Encampment at Oskaloosa. Soon after locating here as a physician he married Miss Sara, eldest daughter of the late Rev. H. P. Scholte, February 24, 1853. Mrs. Keables was born at Doveren, Holland, November 9, 1833. By this union they have five children: Henry S., Kate, John, Haller F. and Mary.

KEABLES, E. H.-Physician and surgeon. ven, Connecticut, March 14, 1820.

Was born in New HaHe resided in his native State until ten years of age and then removed to Elba, Genesee county, New York, and after a residence of five years in this State went to Jackson county, Michigan, where they lived three years. He was educated in the common schools where he had lived and at Lexington, Indiana, and at Harrison's Academy in Michigan, after which he engaged in teaching. Having selected the practice of medicine as a profession he prosecuted his studies in connection with his teaching, and in 1847 attended a course of lectures at Rush Medical College, Chicago, Illinois, and in 1848 commenced to practice in Michigan. In 1852 he went to California, remaining three years practicing in Sacramento. In 1855 he returned to the States and settled in Pella. In 1858 he attended medical lectures in Keokuk and in 1861 graduated from the Medical College of St. Louis. He was engaged in active practice in this county until 1870 and then went to Thayer, Kansas, where he lived five years. In 1872 he was elected to the lower house of the Twelfth General Assembly of the Kansas Legislature, and made a diligent and faithful representative. He also held the position of mayor of Thayer. In 1875 he once more made his home in Marion county and settled in Pella and resumed his practice in which he has secured a full share of the practice, meeting with uniformly good success. His reputation for skill is excellent, and is held in high esteem by his brother practioners. He has been twice married, first to Miss Caroline T. Chapin, February 11, 1847. Mrs. K. died March 23, 1857, leaving two children, Luella (now Mrs. J. M. Cox), and George B. He married for his second wife, Miss Harriet N. Rose, October 20, 1857. She was born in Granville, Ohio, June 4, 1837. They have by this union three children, Nora (now Mrs. Scholte), Charles A. and Alonza M. They have lost three. Was

KLEIN, G., SR.-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 5, P. O. Pella.

born November 20, 1825, in South Holland, and was raised on a farm and attended the schools of that country. In 1847 he came to America with the Holland colony, settling at Pella. In 1856 he moved on the farm on which he now resides, consisting of eighty-six acres of land well improved upon which are good and comfortable buildings. Also owns seventy-seven acres in Summit township which are well improved. He has been married three times. First, to Miss Neeltje van der Wild, a native of Koko, South Holland. By this union there were two children, Gerret and Seige (both deceased). Mrs. K. died in August, 1854. In December, 1854 he married Jane Korneg, and by this union had six children: Gerret H., Gerret J. Harry, Dina William and Henrietta. Lost seven. Mrs. Klein was burned

to death by a coal oil accident, April 24, 1874. On June 9, 1874, he married Miss Henrietta Hessels. She was born June 16, 1855. By this marriage they have three children: Tunis H., Jane and Eva. Lost one. and wife are members of the Baptist Church of Pella.


KOCK, PETER DE-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 36, P. O. Pella Was born July 29, 1833, in Gelderland, and in youth was engaged in farming, receiving the benefits of a common school education. In 1854 he came to this county, settling at Pella, where he worked at various occupstions until 1869, when he moved on the place he now occupies. Owns sixty acres of land with good and comfortable buildings, and well stocked. Mr. de Kock is one of Marion county's self-made men. He married Miss E. Van Zee, February 11, 1858. She is a native of Gelderland, born June 4, 1847, and was brought to this country with the Holland colony. They have seven children: Antonia, Metge, Jange, Koenraad, Elizabeth, Angeline and A. F. He and most of his family are members of the First Reformed Church of Pella. In his manners he is kind and genial.

KOELMAN, P. J.-Retired farmer. Was born February 1, 1829, in Utrecht, South Holland, and spent his youth in that city, receiving his schooling there. In the spring of 1847 his father and two children crossed the ocean with the first colony and arrived here in August, Pella, at that time, consisting of two log cabins. P. J. helped Mr. Scholte to lay out the town and survey the land in the vicinity; he planted the first groves in the city. Mr. K. married Miss Cornelia de Haan in 1852, a native of Heergansdam, born on the fourth of February, 1829. She came to this country in 1849. He farmed one year on a rented farm and then moved to Pells. residing there some five years, and continued to improve his farm on Sec. 16. In 1859 he again moved on his farm where he resided until 1877, then returning to Pella. Has a handsome brick residence in the nothwestern part of town. He also owns five farms, containing in all about 600 acres. Himself and wife are members of the Presbyterian Church in which he holds the position of elder.

KOOPMAN, PETER-Baker and grocer. Was born August 21, 1854. in Netherlands, and resided there until twelve years of age. Came to this country in 1866, located in Cook county, Illinois, and remained for a time. after which he came to Peila, remained two and a half years, returned to Cook county, and again came to Pella in 1871. A short time afterward he moved to Ackley, Hardin county, thence to Chicago, and once more came to Pella in 1875, where he has been engaged in trade. He married Miss Dina Haze in 1873. She is also a native of Holland, and was born on the twentieth of November, 1853. They have four children: Henry, Minnie,

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