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born January 1, 1840, in Boone county, Kentucky, and came with his parents, when young, to Putnam county, Indiana, where he lived five years. Then, in the spring of 1848, moved to Van Buren county, Iowa, where he ived five years, then removing to Fairfield, Jefferson county. He there earned his trade, and after four years, returned to Van Buren county, and then in January, 1859, he moved to Lovilla, where he lived until 1871, when he came to Marysville. He married Miss Elvira Rand, June 29, 1858. They have seven children: Elmer E., Willie E., Harry R., Chas L., Edward E., Dennie M. and Mary E., two of whom are deceased. Mr. F. enlisted in company B, Twenty-second Iowa infantry, and served six months as clerk of the post hospital at Raleigh, Missouri, where he took sick and was obliged to return home.


UGHES, A. E.-Dealer in general merchandise, Hamilton. Was born April 1, 1841, in Shelby county, Illinois, where he lived five years; then moved to Putnam county, Indiana, and lived there seven years, when he came to Monroe county, Iowa, the fall of 1853, and lived there twenty years. In 1873 he came to Hamilton, Marion county, and began his present business. He was married to Miss Mary E. Mefford, September 4, 1861, in Mahaska county, Iowa, by J. W. Caliway, Esq. They have four children: Samuel A., Della A., Ella N. and Luella.

JOLLIFFE, COLLINS—Farmer, Sec. 19, P. O. Marysville. Was born

in Monongalia county, Virginia, and there made his home until twenty-nine years of age, receiving his education in that place. After leaving there he came to this county and township, and arrived on the site of his present home in the fall of 1853. He owns 280 acres of land, well adapted to the production of all kinds of fruit, grain and hay, and is well watered by the North Cedar Creek. Mr. J. was married January 22, 1832, to Miss Jennie Holt, by the Rev. William Hawkins. She died March 9, 1870, leaving seven children: Melissa, Alsinda, James, S. H., Albert, Lovina and Elisha H., four of them being deceased.


ITCH, J. W.-Manufacturer of whipple-trees, broom-handles and neckyokes, Marysville. Was born April 19, 1821, in Tuscarawas county, Ohio, where he lived until 1863. Then removed to Jasper county, same State, and resided for two years, when he came to Iowa, settling in Wapello county. After remaining there two years he came to this county in the fall of 1867, and has since made this his home. Mr. K. was the first pastor of the Lutheran Church of Marysville, and served four years. He owns seventy-four acres of land on section 17. He was married April 20, 1843, to Miss Susie Long, a native of Canada. His second wife was Catharine Shetter, whom he married March 14, 1852. They have eight children: Francis E., Emeline C., Mary, John, Edgar, Arletta, Philip M. and Ada Belle. KNIGHT, H. S.-Miller, Marysville. Was born in Washington county, Pennsylvania, September 18, 1837, where he lived until twenty-two years of age. He then came to Keokuk, Iowa, in 1859, where he worked at the milling business two years, and in April, 1864, he moved to Marion county, Iowa, where he still lives. Married Miss Mary A. Quick, December 3, 1868. They have eight children: Charles, Wm. D. and Jessie.

LAMPIER, J. G.-Physician and surgeon, Hamilton. Is a native of Vermont, born September 25, 1822, but when quite young removed to New York, where he was raised and educated, and prepared himself for nie chosen profession. When twenty-two years of age he came to Georgecown, Brown county, Ohio, where he commenced the practice of medicine.

He lived there till 1850, when he moved to Stark county, Illinois, and sided there twenty years. He then came to Wapello county, Iowa, and tled at Eddyville. He also served as surgeon during the war. He came Hamilton August 7, 1880. Dr. L. is worthy of the highest honors in h profession, and during his practice in this county has had encouraging s cess. He makes a specialty of chronic diseases and has testimonials fr patients in all parts of the country. He was married to Miss Lucretia M. Ms shall, January 14, 1845, by Geo. W. King, Esq. They have seven ch dren: Florence M., Jno. M., Josie, William A., Belle, James and Georg LEGGETT, S.-Farmer, P. O. Hamilton. Was born June 30, 1815, Hamilton county, Ohio, where he lived till 1842, when he came to Pe county, Illinois, and lived there six years, then moved to Springfield, E nois, where he lived thirteen years, and in the spring of 1861, came to Maria county, Iowa. He enlisted in company D, Thirty-sixth Iowa infantry, May, 1862, and was under Generals Prentiss and Steele. Was engaged the battles of Little Rock, Helena and others, serving three years. ried Rachael Thompson in Ohio, April 6, 1836, who died July 3, 1856, s Springfield. Was married the second time November 16, 1865, to Mart Washon. He had two children by his first wife: Emeline J. and Thom B. The latter died January 20, 1872.


LIIKE, LEOPOLD-Hardware dealer, Marysville. One of the pro nent citizens of the county. Was born in Prussia, September 16, 1843, a in 1852 emigrated with his parents to the United States and settled in M rion county, Iowa. He owns 550 acres of land. In the hardware busines he has been eminently successful. He enlisted in company K, Third Io cavalry, during the late war and served under Generals Steele, Washbur and Wilson. He is a prominent member of the Masonic fraternity. E was married September 15, 1872, to Miss Emaline Wasner, a native Pennsylvania. They have one son, Arthur.


CCARTY, DANIEL-Farmer, P. O. Marysville. Was born in Mer roe county, Iowa, January 12, 1859. When four years of age, h parents moved to Marion county, locating near the village of Marysville, a the farm now occupied by his mother. Daniel was the eldest of two chi dren. His brother's name was Joseph who still farms living on the far with his mother. Daniel received his education principally in the comm schools, supplemented by several terms at the Marysville schools. His fathe was a native of Ohio, born in 1839. His mother was born in Kentucky, i 1835. His father died January 16, 1862, from exposure in the Unite States service during the late war.

MCGRUDER, ANDREW-Farmer, Marysville. Was born in Mast county, Kentucky, December 19, 1813, where he was raised and educate and lived until 1843, when he came to Marion county. Mr. M. is one the oldest settlers of this part of the county. He married Miss Sarst Spillman, September 1, 1836.. They had a family of eight children: Wir liam M., Jas. R., Inga A., Mary F., Amanda B., Elijah W., George W

and John B.

MUNSELL, H. R.-Farmer, Sec. 35, P. O. Hamilton. Was born in Licking county, Ohio, June 24, 1821, where he was raised and educated and lived until thirty-one years of age. Then in the fall of 1855 he moved to Marion county. Mr. M. is one of the early settlers of this part of the county. He has been twice married. He is closely identified with the

rowth of the county and is numbered among its respected citizens and dustrious farmers.

MUNSELL, A. L.-Postmaster and dealer in general merchandise, Hamton. Was born March 12, 1851, in Licking county, Ohio, where he lived 11 seven years of age, then came with his parents to Marion county, Iowa. 'hey lived on a farm until 1875, when he commenced with his father in the erchandise business. His father died November 27, 1878, leaving his usiness to his son who was appointed postmaster. He married Miss ennie Faivere, March 7, 1877, in Linn couuty, Iowa, Rev. Wm. Demoss fficiating.

PA ARKER, RILEY-Farmer, Sec. 35, P. O. Hamilton. Was born June 19, 1805, in Ontario county, New York, where he lived until ten ears of age. He came to Marion county, Iowa, in the spring of 1851, vhere he commenced work at his trade, blacksmithing, and also conducted he work on his farm. He owns 143 acres of land which he now has ented, and his son Lewis has taken charge of the blacksmith shop. He narried Miss Catharine Quareld in Medina county, Ohio, They have nine children: Elizabeth E., Lewis L., Celestia M., Lawrence R., Lawton B., Lussion L., Sarah C., L. S. and Byron C.

CHNACK, P. A.-Farmer, P. O. Hamilton. Owns 110 acres of land

in section 35 which are well adapted to the raising of all kinds of fruit, grain and hay. He is a native of Germany, born November 21, 1827. Came o America and settled in Marion county, Iowa, in July, 1851. He was married to Miss Susie Beyely, August 10, 1854, in Indiana. They have eight children: Frederick, William E., Theodore, George, Frank, Charles C., Flora A. and Anna G. Mr. Schnack is one of a company of twelve Germans who banded themselves together and came to America for the purpose of establishing a colony, they being the first Germans who settled in Marion county. When they arrived at Keokuk, they made known their purpose, were kindly received and directed to Dr. Rousseau, who was county surveyor of Marion county at that time. They then started toward Hamilton, and after many days of hard trudging, and enduring such hardships as were common to travelers in those days, they finally reached Hamilton; but as there had been several claims made they were obliged to separate and take claims wherever they could find a vacant one.


AY, S.-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 9, P. O. Bussey. Was born in Mahaska county, Iowa, February 10, 1856, where he was raised and lived until twenty-two years of age, when he moved to Marion county, and bought the W. H. Brobst farm. He now owns 220 acres of land, has a fine orchard of four acres and makes a specialty or stock-raising. He married Miss Arminta Johnson, December 27, 1877, in Marion county, at the residence of his father, Rev. H. Runyon officiating. They have one child, Nora.

WILSON, W. H.-Farmer, P. O. Bussey. Owns 160 acres of land in section 24, also eighty acres in Mahaska county, Iowa. Born in Indiana, September 26, 1827, and lived there for sixteen years; then came to Washington county, Iowa, where he lived two years. In the spring of 1844 came to Marion county. He married Miss Mary E. Engle September 12, 1856. They have eight children: Horace G., Wiley G., Josie, John W., James W., William E., Charles E., Walter L. and Jessie W., deceased.

WILLSEY, MRS. A. E.-Hamilton. Widow of I. Willsey. Was born September 28, 1838, and when twelve years of age came with her parents

to Marion county, Iowa, and has since resided here. She is the owner c' 130 acres of land in section 26, and thirty acres in section 27. Was tw married; first, September 30, 1860, in Warren county, Iowa, by Rev. 4 Pool, to Wm. Bradley. Shortly after their marriage Mr. B. enlisted a company E, Sixth Iowa volunteer infantry, and fell in the battle of Me phis, Tennessee, July 23, 1862. Her second husband was I. Willsey, whe she married February 28, 1865. After enjoying life for about eight yean death seized him. He left his faithful wife as guardian of all his property besides having the care of an infant babe and four who were almost ch ren. Mrs. Willsey has passed through more than many women of e age.

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YOUNG, S. H.-Merchant, Marysville. Was born on the thirtieth c January, 1836, in Johnson county, Indiana, and when an infe moved to Warren county Illinois, where he resided seven years. The came with his parents to Monroe county, Iowa, where he lived nineteen year and then removed to this county in the spring of 1865. Owns lands in ser tions 27 and 29. His stock of general merchandise is the largest in Marys ville and he is the leading merchant. Was married December 24, 1864, Miss Mary A. Robb, by Rev. R. J. Rocheldon. They have a family: five children: Luella, Jennie W., Mayo, William J. and John.



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THIS township is composed of that part of congressional townships 75 am: 76, of range 18, which lies south of the Des Moines River. It is traverses by English Creek and Cedar Creek, and is considerably broken in may parts, especially in places contiguous to these streams.

It is said that the name was given it in honor of the illustrious Wa statesman, Henry Clay, a large majority of the voters of the township & the time of its organization being Whigs.

Since its organization it has undergone several changes in its norther boundary. In 1848 all of township 75 north of the river was added to it t authority of the county commissioners, and the second of October of th same year, in answer to a petition of Samuel Martin and others, it was "or dered that all of township 76, range 18, south of the Des Moines River, added to Clay township." And again, in 1850, that part of Clay included township 75, north of the river, was detached from Clay and re-attached t Lake Prairie. This left both townships in their present shape.

Previous to its organization as Clay township, November, 1846, it wi part of Cedar precinct.


At an election held at the house of Jasper Koons in April, 1846, ther were twenty-eight votes cast. As these voters constituted the first settlen of the township, we give them: David Durham, Andrew C. Sharp, Josepi Clark, Jasper Koons, Isaac H. Walters, D. T. Durham, Aaron Faulk, Jo S. Foster, John B. White, John R. Whaley, J. P. Deaton, Thomas Gregory

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Andrew Foster, Levi Bainbridge, Isaac B. Powers, Benajah Williams, John Conrey, Israel C. Curtis, Robert Willis, John Harsin, Garret G. Harsin, Stanford Doud, Joshua Way, Elias Williams, James Willis, Martin Smith, Squire B. Zane, James Holowell.

Of the early settlers of the township

Dr. James L. Warren died in Mahaska county in 1872.
C. H. Durham lives at Durham Station in this township.

Elias Williams is one of the leading physicians of Pleasantville.

Andrew Foster died of small-pox in Clay township in 1849

John R. Whaley died in the township in 1852.

B. Williams died near Oskaloosa in 1848.

James Tong went to Oregon.

Matthew Ruple still lives in the township.

Thomas Tong died at Knoxville.

Jasper Koons and wife went to Indiana on a visit during the fall of 1851, and both died there.

Thomas Gregory died with small-pox in 1849.

John Wise still occupies the farm he settled upon in Clay township in


George Wise moved to Missouri.

John Kinney died in Lake Prairie township.

Robert Willis went to Oregon.

John Harsin lives now in Oregon.

Garret G. Harsin settled in this township in 1844, and now lives at Durham, in his ninety-first year.

Martin Smith moved to Oregon in 1852 or 1853.

'Squire B. Zane lives four miles north of Oskaloosa. John S. Foster lives in Clark county, Missouri.

George W. Harsin lives on the farm first occupied by Benajah Williams, in Clay township.

David T. Durham, one of the first settlers of the county and of Clay township, the first treasurer of the county, for several times representative from the county to the State Legislature, and for a longer time prominently identified with the interests of Marion county than any other man, still lives in the township.

The first election held in Clay township of which there is any record, came off at the house of Jasper Koons, April 2, 1848. About twenty votes were cast and the following officers elected: John Randall, justice; Thomas Gregory, Andrew C. Sharp and Elias Moore, trustees; D. T. Durham, clerk; Jasper Koons, treasurer, and Francis A. Barker, inspector.

The first school in the township' was taught by David T. Durham, in a house erected for a dwelling by Andrew Foster.

Benajah Williams planted the first orchard, and it is said that some of the trees are still in a thrifty condition.

In the summer of 1849 the township was visited by the small-pox, that prevailed to such an extent as caused quite a panic among the people. This was partly owing to its unexpected appearance, many being exposed to it ere they were aware of its presence. About sixty cases of it, and of that nild type known as the varioloid occurred, and much suffering was experienced by the afflicted in consequence of lack of attention. So prevaBent was the fear of contracting the disease that a number of cases proved atal. A man had come from Red Rock who afterward was taken sick, and

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