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28 Processes in preparing the staterials for Porcelain

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THE STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERIES. Varied Topographical Features of Staffordshire

27' Introduction of Porcelain Manufacture into the Potteries 41 Situation of the Pottery District 27 Messrs. Copeland's Works at Stoke

42 The Moorlands of Staffordshire

of Pottery Works

42, 43 Mole Cap

43, 44 Character of the Pottery District. 28 The Potter's wheel

44 Towns included in the Pottery District 28 Operations of the Thrower

44 Mr. Kohl's Account of the Appearance of the Pottery Pressed Ware District.

29 The Casting Process The Northern Members of the Pottery Towns 29 The Baking Process

44, 45 Tunstall 29 | The Glazing Process

45 Burslem and Longport 29, 30 The Process of Baking in the Glaze-oven

45 Characteristics of the Working Population of the The Painting-room

45 Potteries 30 Processes of the Blue Printed Ware

45 Juvenile Labour in the Potteries 30 The · Potter's Art'.

45 Hanley and Shelton

30 Mr. Kohl's Remarks on the Pottery Ware of England 46, 47 The North Staffordshire Infirmary

33 Diversity of Articles of Taste in the Porcelain ShowEtruria

47 Condition of the Workmen of the Pottery District 33 Museum of the Royal Porcelain Manufactory, at Sevres 47 Stoke .

33, 34 M. Brongniart's Remarks on the advantage of Labelling Lane End and Longton 34 Specimens in Museums

48 Government Estimate of the Number of Establishments State of Intercommunication between the Pottery Towns in the Pottery District 37 in 1750

48 Pottery found in the Nunnery Chapel at Farewell 37 Cutting of the Grand Trunk Canal

48 Sun-kiln Potteries 37 Canals in the Portery District

48 Dr. Plot's Account of the Potteries about 1680 37 | The Harecastle Tunnel

48, 49 Butter-pots :

37 The North Staffordshire Railway . Early Improvements in the Pottery Art 38 The Station at Stoke

49 Accidental Discovery of the Efficiency of Salt in Glazing 38 | Mr. Ward's Remarks on Tesselated Pavements

49 Potteries at Burslem in 1700

39 | Various Plans for making Tesselated Pavements sugo State of Atmosphere produced by the use of Salt in the gested within the last Century

49, 50 Potteries . Establishment of a Pottery at Bradwell, by the Brothers 39 Mr. Prosser's Discovery concerning Tesselated Pave

50 Elers, in 1690. 39 Environs of the Potteries

50 Stratagem by which Twyford and Astbury discovered Leek

50 the Manufacturing Secrets of the Brothers Elers 39 Congleton

50 Mr. Astbury's Discovery of the Use of Coloured Flint Biddulph Hall

53 in Pottery 39 Sandbach

53 Josiah Wedgwood 40 Crewe.

53 Partnership between Wedgwood and Mr. Bentley. 40 Newcastle-under-Lyne

53 The Queen's Ware

10 Trentham Jasper Ware 40 Stone

54 Establishment of the Etruria Pottery in 1768 40 Cheadle

54 Incident of the Barberini or Portland Vase 40 | New Roman Catholic Church at Cheadle

54 Evidence given by Mr. Wedgwood in 1785, illustrative of Mr. Didron's Account of the Ceremony of Opening the the Importance of the Pottery Manufacture at that time 41 New Roman Catholic Church at Cheadle

57 Attempts made in various Countries to imitate Chinese Alton Towers

57 Porcelain 41 Mr. Loudon's Description of Alton Towers


Designer. Engravers. The Potteries (Steel Plate)

F. W. Hulme T. A. Prior. 1. The Old Church, Burslem


27 2. Burslem and Longport


31 3. Wedgwood's Manufactory, Etruria


34 4. Etruria Vall


35 5. High-street, Stoke


38 6. The Bank


42 7. Oven for Firing Ware


43 8. Biddulph Hall


51 9, Trentham Hall





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Page Great Advantages of the Public Parks and Gardens of Pepys's Notices of the Improvements in St. James's-park 70 London

59, 60 Aspect of St. James's-park in the Time of Charles II. 71, 72 Number of Places of Popular Resort in and around The Game of Pall-mall

71, 72

72 Peculiar Character of the Different Parks of London 60, 61 Charles 11.'s Walks in St. James's and Hyde-parks . 72, 73 Most Public Gardens formerly Private Royal Pleasure- Situation of the Regent's-park

73 Grounds. 61 Geography of the Regent's-park

73 Acquisition of St. James's and Hyde-park by Henry The Regent's-park in 1812

73 VIII. 61 The Ancient Manor-house at Marylebone

74 Gradual Formation of the Kensirigton Gardens 62 Neighbourhood of the Victoria-park. Resolutions adopted by the House of Commons in 1652, The Victoria-park regarding Hyde-park 62 Visitants to the Victoria-park

76 State of Hyde-park from 1652 to 1730 . 62 Public Gardens of London

76 Evelyn's Account of Kensington Gardens when first pur- Kew a Winter Garden

76 chased by William III. 62 Kew Interesting to the Lover of Flowers

77 Bowack's Account of the Improvements in Kensington Successive Additions to the Wealth of the Kew Gardens 77 Gardens carried on by Queen Anne 62 Present State of the Kew Gardens

77 Limits of Kensington Gardens in the time of Queen Anne 62 Dr. Lindley's Remarks on Kew as it was, and as it is 78 Addison's Remarks on Kensington Gardens . 63 The Conservatory

79 Operations of Queen Caroline in Hyde-park 63 Kew Palace

79 Changes in Hyde-park and Kensington Gardens since The Orangery

79 the Death of George II. 63, 64 | The American Excelsa

79 Present Site of Kensington Gardens . 64 The Palm-stove

79, 80 Hyde-park on the 1st of May formerly . 64 | African Crassulas

80 Various Sports in Hyde-park 64, 63 | The New Zealand House

80 Ludlow's Account of an Accident which happened to The Orchids

80, 81 Cromwell in Hyde-park, in 1654 65 | The Museuin

81 Cromwell's Partiality to Hyde-park 65 The Grounds of Kew

81 Various Reviews in Hyde park

Dr. Lindley's Hopes for Kew

81 Various Duels in Hyde-park 66 The Chiswick Gardens

81 Frequency of Highway Robberies in the neighbourhood

A Fête-day at Chiswick

82 of Hyde-park

66 Scene from the Terrace at Chiswick on a Fête-day 82 Narrative of the Principal Witness on a Trial for High- Orchard at Chiswick

83 way Robbery in 1752 66 "The Royal Botanic Society of London:

83 Contrast between the Times of Charles II. and of

Site of the Botanic Gardens .

83 William III. 66–69 Features of the Botanic Gardens

84 Beauties of St. James's-park 68 Various Compartments of the Botanic Gardens

84 Water-fowl in St. James's-park 68 The Winter Garden

84, 85 Present Character of Hyde-park

69 Interest of the Zoological Gardens A Walk through Hyde-park and Kensington Gardens . 69 Inhabitants of the Zoological Gardens

86 St. James's-park before the Alterations made by Charles A Walk round the Zoological Gardens

86--90 II. 69 | The Aviary

86 Spring Garden 69 The Carnivora Terrace

87 Mr. Garrard's Notice of the Bowling-green in Spring The Condor

89 Garden 69 The Monkey House

89 Various Notices of the Spring Garden at different The Museum

90 Periods 69 The New Reptile House

90 The Mulberry Garden 70 The Giraffe House

90 Dr. King's Lines on St. James's-park.


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Designers. Engravers. The Environs of London (Map) 1. Serpentine Bridge .

W. F. Tiffin GRAY 2. St. James's-park, in the Time of Charles ii. .

FAIRHOLT SEARS 3. The Boat-house


Rowe 5. Kensington Lodge .

KIRCHNER 6. St. James's-park, Ornainental Water

SuEPHERD SMYTHI 6. Tempest's View of St. James's-park

FAIRHOLT Rowe 8. Game of Pall-Mall

BRANDARD NICHOLLS 9. Marylebone House

W. F. TIFFIN SLADER 10. Victoria-park

W. HARVEY DALZIEL 11. Palm House, Kew .

T. WILLIAMS 12. Horticultural Gardens, Conservatory 13. Royal Botanical Gardens (in some copies erroneously named Horticultural Gardens)

DaLziEL 14. Zoological Gardens—The Bridge

W. F. Tupfix JACKSON 15. Zoological Gardens-Carnivora Cages .

59 61 63 67 67 70 71 71 74 75 78 83

86 87 78


· 106





Page New State of Art in England during the Reign of Arrangement of Barry's Paintings in the Society of George I. and the beginning of that of George II. , 91 Arts' Room

105 Advent of Hogarth, Sir J. Reynolds, Gainsborough, The Idea which Barry desired to convey in his Decoraand Wilson 91 tions

106 Reynolds's Description of the Mode of Portrait-painting Barry's Painting of Orpheus civilising the inhabitants

92 of Thrace' Hogarth's Mention of the First Attempt made to form A Grecian Harvest Home'

106 an Artist's Academy 92 The Victors at Olympia'

109 Various Artists' Associations established in the beginning Fourth and Fifth Pictures of Barry's Series in the Society of the Eighteenth Century 92 of Arts' Room .

109 Discovery of the Advantage of Exhibition 92 The 'Elysium'

109 Formation of the Society for the Encouragement of Admirable Manner in which Barry has avoided all Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce 92 Personality in his · Elysium'

109 First Public English Exhibition of Art

92 Anecdotes of Barry connected with the 'Elysium' 110 Charter obtained by the Society of Incorporated Artists 93 The Rewards of Barry's Work .

113 Dissensions amongst the Incorporated Artists 93 | Rise of the British Institution

113 Secession of Reynolds and West from the Society 93 Yearly Exhibition of the British Institution

113 Anecdote of George III., West, and Kirby .

93 Banks's “ Achilles Mourning the Loss of Briseis' 113 Establishment of the Royal Academy 93 Poverty of the National Gallery

113 Choice of Reynolds as President of the Royal Academy 93 Donations to the National Gallery from Private BeneCharacter of Sir Joshua Reynolds


113 Zoffany's Picture of the ' Hall of the Academy' 91–96 Bad Arrangement of Pictures in the National Gallery 114 Sir William Chambers .

96 Judicious General Management of the National Gallery 114 Wilson 96 Lionardo da Vinci

115 Anecdote of Richard Cosway 96 The Florentine School

115 Nollekens

96 Account of Michael Angelo's Share in the “ Raising of Johann Zoffany 96 Lazarus

115 Connection of "Johnson and Goldsmith with the Royal Francia's Pictures in the National Gallery

115 Academy 96 Perugino's · Virgin and Child, with St. John'

115 Removal of the Royal Academy to Somerset House . 96 Raphael's Works in the National Gallery

115 Leading Incidents in the History of the Royal Academy 97 Paintings of Raphael's Pupils in the National Gallery 116 Immense Proportion of Portraits exhibited in the Present Works by Baronio, Caravaggio, Guercino, Mola, Carlo Day

97 Maratti, and Pannini, in the National Gallery 116 Opie's Complaint of the Prevailing Taste för Portraits 97 Titian's works in the National Gallery

116 Transfer of the Royal Academy from Somerset House Giorgione

116 to Trafalgar-square. 97 Works by Sebastian del Piombo

116 Disadvantages arising from the Want of Space in the Story told of Tintoretto

116 Present Quarters of the Academy

97 Works of Bassano, Paul Veronese, Padovanino, AlesAdmission Arrangements of the Royal Academy sandro Veronese, and Canaletto

116 Scbools 97 Correggio's Works in the National Gallery

117 Privilege of the Gold Medalists

97 Mrs. Jameson's Opinion of Correggio's Mercury and Reynolds's Opinion of Banks 98 Venus

117 School for Drawing from the Life Model 98 Parmegiano's · Vision of St. Jerome

117 Anecdotes of Fuseli .

98 Paintings of the Ferrara School in the National Gallery 117 The Hall of Casts 98 Decay in Art at the Time of the Reformation

117 The Library 99 Foundation of the School of Bologna

118 The Council Room

99 Paintings of the Carracci in the National Gallery 118 Character of Fuseli's Genius 99 Pictures of the Scholars of the Carracci School

118 Flaxman 99 | The Flemish School

118 Gainsborough

100 Picture by John Van Eyck in the National Gallery 118 Constitution of the Royal Acadeniy 100 Works of Rubens in the National Gallery

118 Mode of selecting Pictures for Exhibition . 100 Vandycks in the National Gallery

119 Anecdote of Fuseli 100 Work of Jordaens in the National Gallery

119 Annual Dinner given by the Academicians 100 Paintings of the Dutch School

119 The Society of Arts 100 Works of Rembrandt

119 Long dormant State of the Society of Arts 100 Claude Lorraine

119 Services rendered to Art by the Society of Arts

100 The French School Encouragement given by the Society of Arts to Agricul- Works of the Poussins

119 ture, Chemistry, Manufactures, and Mechanics. 101 | Bourdon .

119 Rewards of Merit given by the Society of Arts . 101 Salvator Rosa General Management of the Society of Arts . 103 The Spanish School .

119 Object of the Society

103 Velasquez Model-room of the Society at the Adelphi

103 Paucity of Native Pictures in the National Gallery Exhibition of the Works of the Most Eminent Living Representatives of the English School in the National Painters, established by the Society of Arts

104 Gallery Connection of the Society of Arts with Barry

104 The Vernon Gallery Personal Appearance of Barry .

104 Various Picture Galleries of London Barry's Picture of St. Patrick

104 The Soane Museum .
Barry's Determination to devote himself to Art 104 Pictures in the Soane Museum
Barry's Mention of the Proposed Decoration of St. Egyptian Sarcophagus in the Soane Museum
Paul's, by all the greatest Artists

105 The Water-colour Schools
Refusal of the Academy to Decorate a Room of the The Old Society of Painters in Water Colours '
Society of Arts

105 The New Society of Painters in Water Colours'. Barry undertakes to Decorate the Room of the Society The Society of British Artists of Arts

105 Panoramas, Dioramas, Cosmoramas, etc.





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Page Suitability of the South-west Corner of Devonshire for a Exterior of the Eddystone Lighthouse

139 great Naval Station .

125 | The Town of Devonport Rise of Devonport 125 The Post Office

140 General Sketch of the South-west Corner of Devon- The Mechanics' Institute

140 shire 125, 126 The Town Hall

140 Various Names of Plymouth at different Periods 127 The Library and News Room

140 Fortification and Incorporation of Plymouth by Henry

The Column

140 VI: . 127 Families connected with Devonport

140 Formation of the Plymouth Leat by Sir Francis Drake 127 Toll over Stonehouse Creek

143 Stonehouse. 128 Stonehouse .

143 The Dockyard . 128 The Town of Plymouth

143 Industrial Arrangements of Devonport Dockyard . 128 Principal Buildings of Plymouth

143 Slips of Devonport Dockyard 128 Emigrant Depôt at Plymouth

143 Immense Consumption of Timber in our Dockyards 131 Steam Navigation connected with Plymouth

143 I'he New Dock 131 | Mount Batten.

144 The Rope Houses . 131 Bridge over the Lara

144 Stores of the Devonport Dockyard 131 Saltram

144 The Rigging House 131 Plympton

144 The Smithery. 131 Mount Edgecumbe

144 Stages in the History of Anchor Forging . 132 Mount Edgecumbe House

145 The Engineer's Department

132 Narrative of Joseph Baretti's Journey from London to The Mast House and Basins 132 Falmouth in 1760

145 King's Hill 132 The South Devon Railway

146 Keyham Point 133 | Dartmoor

146 Plan for Great Steam Docks at Keyham Point . 133 The Inhabitants of Dartmoor

147 Enormous Sums spent, and to be spent, on the Keyham Relics of Antiquity in Dartmoor .

148 Works

133 Mrs. Bray's Mention of the Granite Quarries at DartDifficulty of finding a New Site for the Powder Maga:

148 133 The Tavy

148 Selection of Bull Point for a New Powder Magazine - 133 Tavistock

148 Connection between the Powder Magazine and the Ships Lidford

148 in the Harbour 134 | Morwell Rocks

149 The Gun Wharf 134 Endsleigh Cottage

149 View from Mount Wise 134 Brent Tor

149 Official Residences on Mount Wise 134 | The Tamar

149 Victualling Yard on Cremill Point 135 Cottrell House

149 Biscuit-baking Establishment of the Victualling Yard 135 History of the Gothic Chapel at Cottrell

150 Commissariat Department of the Navy 135 Saltash

150 Committee appointed by the Admiralty to Inquire into Tremarton Castle

150 the Expediency of reducing Daily Rations of Spirits 136 St. Germain's

• 150 Decision of the Committee 136 The Steam Ferry Bridge

150 The Hoe 136 Dartmoor Mines.

151 The Citadel 136 Superstition of the Divining Rod'.

151 The Block House . 136 Liskeard

. 151 The Royal Naval Hospital 137 The Village of St. Neot's

152 The Royal Military Hospital, and Marine Barracks 137 Railway from Looe to Caradon

152 The Hamoaze. 137 The Cheesewring

152 Ships lying "in Ordinary 137 Mode of separating Blocks of Granite

152 Drake's Island 138 Caradon ..

152 The Breakwater .

138 Mode of Working thie Caradon Mines . 152, 153 Features of Plymouth Sound 138 Tut-workers and Tributers.

153 Plan of Operations pursued by Mr. Rennie in forming Mode of Disposing of the Copper Ore .

153 the Breakwater 139 Tin Mines of Cornwall

153 Baron Dupin's Account of the works at Oreston

1:39 Mr. Redding's Account of the Mines of Cornwall 154 Construction of the Eddystone Lighthouse 139 The Consolidated and the United Mines





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Page Perception of Sublimity Awakened by Beautiful Archi- Incident which led to Granville Sharp's first Attempt 155 towards the Emancipation of Slavis

165 Cathedrals of England the Great Landmarks of the Busts of St. Evremont and of Shadwell

165 Progress of Christianity

155 Tablets to Christopher Anstey and to Mrs. Pritchard 165 Obscurity of the early Records of the History of West: Monument of the Duke of Argyle

166 minster 155 Statue of Addison

. 166 John Flete's Statement concerning the Erection of a Addison's Remarks on Westminster Abbey

166 Temple of Apollo on the Site of Westminster Abbey. 155 Incidents of Addison's Death-bed

. 166 Legend concerning the Consecration of Westminster Remains of Cumberland and of Henderson

166 Abbey 156 Monument to Camden .

166 Charters preserved among the Archives of the Abbey 156 Dr. Busby's Monument

166 Tradition concerning the Restoration of Westminster Remains of Gifford, Chambers, Adam, Old Parr, and Abbey 156 Sheridan.

166 Relics bestowed on Westminster Abbey by Edward the Want of Systematic Arrangement in the Abbey MemoConfessor 157 rials

167 Remains of the Confessor's Building

157 Inharmonious Effect of the Later Monuments in WestBenefactions of Henry III. to Westminster Abbey 157

minster Abbey

. 167 Procession to Westminster Abbey on St. Edward's Interior View of the Abbey from Poets' Corner 168 Day, 1217 157 Late Alterations in Westminster Abbey

171 Fair granted to the Abbot of Westminster by Henry III. 158 Monuments of Sir Cloudesley Shovel, Dr. Isaac Watts, Advance in the Abbey during the Reign of Henry III. 158 Dr. Bell, and Thynne

171 Additions to the Abbey made by Edward I. 158 Monuments in the Nave

171 Benefactions of Simon Langham to Westminster Abbey 159 Memorial of Major André

171 Story told of the Profanation of the Sanctuary of West

Roubiliac's Monuments of Lieut.-General Hargrave, minster Abbey in the Reign of Richard II.

159 Major-General Flemming and Marshal Wade 171 Reasons of the Contrast presented by the Ecclesiastical Monuments in the Cloisters

171 Edifices of the Present Day to those of Earlier Times 159 Funeral of Sir Edmondbury Godfrey

171 Progress in the Abbey during the Reigns of Richard II., Memorial to Congreve

171 Henry IV. and Henry V. 160 Remains of Dean Atterbury

172 Connection of Westminster Abbey with Elizabeth Wood- Lines of Pope referring to Mrs. Oidfield's Burial 172 ville

. 160 Pope's Inscription on the Statue of James Craggs 172 Residence of Caxton in Westminster Abbey

160 | Removal of two Screens near the Western Entrance to Benson and Sir Thomas More 160 make room for Military Memorials

172 Change of the Abbey into a Cathedral at the Reforma- Memorials to Major Rennell, to Tierney, and to Sir tion 160 Godfrey Kneller

172 Restoration of the Albey on Mary's Accession 160 Monuments to Mrs. Jane Hill, to Spencer Perceval, and Restoration of the Cathedral Foundation by Elizabeth 160 to Philip Carteret

172 Exterior of Westminster Abbey

160 Screen erected in the North Aisle of the choir by Mr. The Chapter-House 161 Blore

. 172 Appropriateness of the Appellation : Poets' Corner 161 Monument to Sir Isaac Newton

172 Tomb of Chaucer 162 Dimensions of the Abbey

172 162 Monuments from the North Aisle of the Nave to the Ben Jonson's Account of the Last Days of Spenser 162 North Transept

. 175 Burial-place of Beaumont 163 Epitaph on Purcell's Monument

175 Epitaph to Ben Jonson 163 Monuments in the North Transept

· 175 Evelyn's Mention of Cowley's Funeral 163 Flaxman's Monument of Mansfield .

175 Monument to Cowley 163 Westmacott's Memorial to Mrs. Warren and Child

175 Dryden's Monument 163 | Eastern Aisle of the Transept

176 Inscription by Pope on Rowe's Monument 163 Sir Francis Vere's Effigy

· 176 Showy Monument of Prior. 164 The Nightingale Monument

176 Memorial of Gay

164 Monuments in the Chapel of St. John the Baptist . 176 Monuments of Denham and Macpherson 164 Monuments in the Chapel of St. Paul

176 Honorary Memorials of Milton, Shakspere, Phillips, Monument in the Chapel of St. Nicholas

177 Butler, Grey, Thomson, Mason, Goldsmith and Monuments in the Chapel of St. Edmund, and in the Southey 164 Chapel of St. Benedict

177 Incident connected with the Tablet to Goldsmith 164 Universal interest attached to the Coronation Chair 177 Monument to Barrow in Poet's Corner .




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164 | Traditions concerning the Coronation Chair 177, 178 Remains of Jonson 165 Credible History of the Coronation Chair

178 Charles Lamb's Remarks on Garrick's Monument. 165 Shrine of the Confessor

178 Handel's Monument 165 | Tomb of Henry III.

179 Tablet to Granville Sharp

. 165 Tomb of Edward I.


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