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A NEW SERIAL, "THE CATTLE BARON'S DAUGHTER," by Harold Bindloss, begins in this issue.

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Chronicle and Comment.


Tainted Meat.-Pennsylvania R. R. Rebates.-Free Alcohol.The Russian Parliamentary Crisis.-"Negroes" or "Colored People."-Work at Panama. -French Capital in America.-Telephone Profits and Charges.-President Palma's Inauguration.Disorders in San Domingo.-International Postal Congress. Oxyrhyncus.-Index Librorum Prohibitorum.-Death of Henrik


American Church News....


Hallowing of Washington Cathedral Close.—Missionary Journeys in Alaska.-Bad and Good News from Fairbanks.-Progress in Honolulu.-Dividing Georgia.-Commencement at Lawrenceville.-The Church in Liberia.-A Buddhist Brother.-Presbyterian Union.-Spiritual Lard.—A Better Way.

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Bill. The C. E. L. and the Education Bill.-Ecclesiastical Criminology.-For Better Sunday Observance.—Higher Ordination Standards.-The Bishop of London's Fund.-Church Endowments in Wales. Church Army News. Death of Canon Maclure.-A Rood Screen Refused.


37th Street


876 Central Pennsylvania.-Chicago.-Kansas.-Los Angeles. Nebraska.

The Old Canal: A Poem by Clinton Scollard. Illustrated. 885
The Church as a Fellowship. Rev. W. A. Guerry. 889
The Cattle Baron's Daughter: A Serial Story. Herbert Bindloss.




Letters to the Editor...


Helen Ely Troxell: Whitsunday.-Bishop Johnston: Heresy Trials. Rev. John C. Ward: In Defence of Western New York. -Daniel M. Thomas: Dogberry's Counsel.-James H. Canfield: An Advisory Board for the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.— Rev. Dr. George Thomas Dowling: A Correction.


Gold Bangles and Bracelets

Bangles and Bracelets quoted are in 14-karat gold
Plain gold bangles, each
$13.50, $15.50, $17.00, $20.00
Plain gold link bracelets, each $15.00, $17.00, $20.00, $25.00, $35.00
Plain gold engagement bracelets, with permanent locking catch,

$18.50, $27.00, $28.00, $36.00

883 Napoleon.-Books for Sunday-Schools.—Sociology and Politics. Recent Biography.-Recent Fiction.

Letters on Church Matters in England: Mr. Birrell's Education Bill. D. C. Lathbury. 873

Faith: A Factor in Foreign Missions. Theodora Crosby Bliss. 874 Church Legislation and the Negro: A Study in Ecclesiastical Polity. Rev. A. B. Hunter. 875 Diversions of a French Casuist. 876

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Photographs of above or richer bracelets sent upon request

Tiffany & Co. are strictly retailers. They do not employ
agents or sell their wares through other dealers

Fifth Avenue New York

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Formerly at Union Square




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New Books of the Week.

Theology, Religion and Philosophy. APROPOS DE LA SEPARATION DES Eglises and de L'Etat, par Paul Sabatier (Seconde Edition, completement revue et tres augmentee), pp. 216. (Librarie Fischbacher, Societe anonyme, 33, Rue de Seine, Paris.) BOOK (The) OF COMMON WORSHIP, published by authority of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, for voluntary use in the churches, pp. 263. (Presbyterian Board of Publication, Philadelphia, Penn.) BUDDHISM, by Annie H. Small (Studies in the Faiths), pp. 108: 40 cents. (Dutton & Co.)


CHRISTIAN THOUGHT ON PRESENT-DAY Questions, by William Allen Whitworth, M.A., with a preface by the Bishop of London, pp. 214. (Macmillan Co.) CITY (The) THAT LIETH FOUR-SQUARE, or Things Above, by Alfred Kummer, pp. 262 $1. (Mayhew Publishing Co., 100 Ruggles street, Boston.)

EXAMPLE (The) OF OUR LORD, ESPECIALly for His Ministers, by the Rt. Rev. A. C. A. Hall, D.D., pp. 86: 90 cents. (Longmans, Green & Co.)

son, pp. 64: 50 cents. (Revell Co.)
GOSPEL (The) IN ACTION, by the Rt. Rev.
Arthur F. Winnington Ingram, D.D., pp.
324 $1.40. (Imported by Whittaker.)
ISLAM, by Annie H. Small (Studies in the
Faiths), pp. 72: 40 cents. (Dutton & Co.)
An Examination of the Results of the Higher
Criticism, by Randolph H. McKim, D.D.,
LL.D., with a foreword by the Dean of Can-
terbury, pp. 136: $1. (Longmans, Green &

WORKS (The) OF FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS, translated by William Whiston, and newly edited by D. S. Margoliouth, D.Litt., pp. 989: $2. (Dutton & Co.)

Sociology, Politics and Economics. GUARDING A GREAT CITY, by William McAdoo, pp. 350: $2. (Harper & Bros.) MOROCCO OF TO-DAY, by Eugene Aubin, two maps, pp. 399: $2. (Dutton & Co.) PATRIOTISM AND THE NFW INTERnationalism, by Lucia Ames ead, pp. 123: 20 cents. (Ginn & Co.)

Biography and Travel.

CORNISH SAINTS AND SINNERS, by J. Henry Harris, pp. 312, ill. (John Lane Co.) FRIEND (A) OF MARIE ANTOINETTE (Lady Atkyns), translated from the French of Frederic Barbey, with a preface by Victorien Sardou, pp. 252: $3, ill. (Dutton & Co.) MODERN (A) SLAVERY, by Henry W. Nevinson, pp. 216: $2, ill. (Harper & Bros.) SPENCER, HERBERT, by J. Arthur Thomson, M.A., pp. 284: $1. (Dutton & Co.) TOLSTOY, LEO HIS LIFE AND WORK: Autobiographical Memoirs, Letters and Biographical Material, compiled by Paul Birukoff, and revised by Leo Tolstoy, translated from the Russian (Vol. I., Childhood and Early Manhood), pp. 370 $1.50, ill. (Scribner's Sons.) WESTCOTT, BISHOP, by Joseph Clayton (Leaders of the Church, 1800-1900), pp. 191. (Mowbray & Co., London.)

WRITINGS (The) OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, collected and edited with a life and introduction, by Albert Henry Smyth (Vol. VII., 1777-1779), pp. 440: $3, ill. (Macmillan Co.)

History and Criticism.

CHURCH (The) AND THE BARBARIANS: Being an Outline of the History of the Church from A.D. 461 to A.D. 1003, by the Rev. William Holden Hutton, B.D., pp. 228. (Messrs. Rivingtons.) HANDBOOK (A) TO THE WORKS OF WILliam Shakespeare, by Morton Luce, pp. 463: $1.75. (Macmillan Co.)

HISTORY (A) OF ENGLISH PROSODY FROM the Twelfth Century to the Present Day, by George Saintsbury (Vol. I., From the Origins to Spenser), pp. 428: 10s. (Macmillan Co.) HOLY (The) GRAIL: SIX KINDRED ADdresses and Essays, by James A. B. Scherer, pp. 210: $1.25. (Lippincott Co.) SCIENCE AND IDEALISM, by Hugo Munsterberg, pp. 71: 85 cents. (Houghton, Mifflin & Co.)

Science, Nature and Art. ANALYSIS (The) OF RACIAL DESCENT IN Animals, by Thomas H. Montgomery, Jr., Ph.D., pp. 311. (Holt & Co.) CHURCHES AND CHAPELS: THEIR ARrangements, Construction and Equipment, by F. E. Kidder, C.E., Ph.D. (Third Edition, Revised and Greatly Enlarged, with sixtyseven plates), pp. 179: $3, ill. (William T. Comstock, 23 Warren street, New York.) LIFE (The) OF ANIMALS: THE MAMMALS, by Ernest Ingersoll, pp. 555: $2, ill. (Macmillan Co.) NEW (The) EARTH: A RECITAL OF THE Triumphs of Modern Agriculture in America, by W. S. Harwood, pp. 379: $1.75, ill. (Macmillan Co.) PASTORAL MEDICINE: A HANDBOOK FOR the Catholic Clergy, by Alexander E. Sanford, M.D. (New Edition, Revised and Enlarged by a Chapter on "The Moment of Death"), by the Rev. Walter M. Drum, S.J., pp. 332: $1.50. (Joseph F. Wagner.)


BOOKS BOUGHT LIBRARIES PURCHASED Books Relating to American History, Law, Medicine, Mechanical, Scientific and Theology PURCHASED FOR CASH

JOHN JOSEPH MCVEY, 1229 Arch St., Write for any book you desire. Philadelphia, Pa.

THE WAITER TEACHES UNCLE JOHN TO PRONOUNCE "ROUEN." "What your Uncle John doesn't know about Rouen now isn't worth stopping to look up in the index. Why, I've even got the real French twang to the pronunciation. It's Roo-ank; only you stop short of the 'n' and the 'k,' so to speak. The waiter who brought my breakfast showed me how to do it-said he never saw a foreigner catch on to the "Seeing France with Uncle John," the new humorous serial story, by Anne Warner, author of the "Susan Clegg" stories, begins in the June Century Magazine.


CONTINENTAL and British: A Book of Handy Reference for Collectors, by R. L. Hobson, pp. 245: $3.50, ill. (Dutton & Co.) SEASONS (The) IN A FLOWER GARDEN: A Handbook of Information and Instruction for the Amateur, by Louise Shelton, pp. 117: $1, ill. (Scribner's Sons.) SUBCONSCIOUS (The), by Joseph Jastrow, pp. 549 $2.50. (Houghton, Mifflin & Co.) UNITY (The) OF WILL: STUDIES OF AN Irrationalist, by George Ainslie Hight, pp. 244: $3. (Dutton & Co.)

Poetry and Drama.

STUBBORNNESS (The) OF GERALDINE, by Clyde Fitch, pp. 214: 75 cents. (Macmillan Co.)

Fiction. BEMBO: A TALE OF ITALY, by Bernard Capes, pp. 310: $1.50. (Dutton & Co.) COURT (The) OF LOVE, by Alice Brown, pp. 211 $1.25. (Houghton, Mifflin & Co.) DAMASK (The) GIRL AND OTHER STORies, by Morrison I. Swift, pp. 144: $1. (The Morrison I. Swift Press, 136 William street, New York.) DISTRICT (The) ATTORNEY, by William Sage, pp. 296: $1.50. (Little, Brown & Co.)

Juvenile and Educational.

AMERICAN POEMS, 1776-1900, WITH NOTES and Biographies, by Augustus White Long, pp. 368. (American Book Co.) EXPERIMENTAL PHYSIOLOGY AND ANATomy, by Walter Hollis Eddy, pp. 112, ill. (American Book Co.)

Literary Notes.

"A Sword of the Old Frontier," by Randall Parrish (McClurg), is a romantic tale of frontier life in the vicinity of old Detroit. French, English, and Indians combine to form a lively background for the brave doings of the hero. The plot is trite but amusing. The book is spiritedly illustrated by F. C. Yohn.

"The Girls of Gardenville," by Carroll Watson Rankin (Holt), is a group of fifteen merry, moral tales about pretty sixteen-year-old girls and their pranks and scrapes. Almost all the stories have for theme some little fault of lazy, thoughtless girlhood, but there is no preaching and the young delinquents are disciplined in ways so amusing that the reader in her teens will hardly suspect a sermon, or will forgive it if she does suspect.

trick so quick before. I gave him one of those slim little quarters they have here, and he was so pleased that he taught me how to say 'Joan of Arc' for nothing. It's Shondark-Shondark. I learned it in no time. Well, come on, if you are ready. I've been waiting almost an hour."

-"Seeing France with Uncle John."


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To enable us to answer intelligently the requests made by readers of THE CHURCHMAN for information in Educational Matters, we ask our advertisers to send for our files the latest catalogues and particulars of their schools. These files are at the disposal of our readers and we are always glad to assist parents in the selection of a good school without any charge whatever. Address The School and Educational Department of THE

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THE CHURCHMAN will gladly answer requests of its readers for information about advertisements.

The Horace Mann Schools

Teachers College, Columbia University. For boys and girls-Kindergarten, Elementary, High. 75 teachers. Special attention to college preparation. Pupils admitted as vacancies occur. Address SAMUEL T. DUTTON, Supt., Broadway and 120th St., New York, N. Y.


New York.

Mount Pleasant Academy

Ossining-on-Hudson, N. Y.

A Preparatory School with Military Training. Founded in 1814

Also Mount Pleasant Hall

Mr. Brusie's School for Young Boys.



Term began Sept. 21, 1905. Apply for information to


Boys; College Preparatory: 18 miles from N. Y.; emcient masters; well equipped laboratories; gymnasium. APPLY FOR CATALOGUE TO

Fred❜k L. Gamage, D.C.L., Head Master, Garden City, L. I., N. Y. THE SOMES SCHOOL Founded 1798. AURORA, N. Y. Ideal home for boys. On Cayuga Lake, near Cornell University. College preparation by expert teachers. Individual and class instruction, modern equipment, healthful location. Write for catalogue.


CONNECTICUT, Bridgeport.

Park Avenue Institute.

For manly boys. A home and school combined. 34th year. The individual is the unit of work. Boys are thoroughly fit ted for the best colleges and scientific schools, or for business. $450. Illustrated catalogue.

SETH B. JONES, A.M., Principal.


Established in 1856

The Rt. Rev. ALEX. H. VINTON, D.D., LL.D., Springfield, Visitor. A busy, working school, fitting its students for leading places in collegiate, professional, or business life. Character prime requisite. Address JOSEPHI ALDEN SHAW, A.M., Headmaster.



For Boys. Location high and dry. Laboratories. Shop for mechanic arts. Strong teachers. High ideals. A new gymnasium with swimming pool. Fits for college. scientific school and business. Illustrated pamphlet sent free. Address DR. O. P. WHITE, Rock Ridge Hall, Wellesley Hills, Mass.


An endowed Academy for boys. 65th year begins in September. Cottage system. Biological, Physical and Chemical Laboratories. Gymnasium and athletic grounds. For free catalogue, address JOSEPH H. SAWYER, L.II.D., Principal, Easthampton, Mass. Box 155 0 K.

New Hampshire.


BOYS We do not attempt to advertise all of the particular advantages of this school. If you wish to learn of them send for catalogue. Address

Rev. Lorin Webster, M.A., Rector, Plymouth, N. II.


Chestnut Hill Academy

Chestnut Hill,
Philadelphia Co., Pa.

A boarding school for boys situated among the hills bordering the upper Wissahickon Valley, in a region noted for healthfulness and natural beauty. For catalogues address the Headmaster.


Staunton Military Academy

An Ideal Home School for Manly Boys.

275 Boys from 40 States last
session. Largest Private
Academy in the South. Boys
from 10 to 18 years old pre-
pared for the Universities,
Government Academies, or

1,600 feet above sea-level; pure, bracing mountain-air of the famous Shenandoah Valley. Pure mineral spring waters. Military training develops obedience, health, manly carriage. Fine, shady lawns, gymnasium, swimming pool and athletic park. Daily drills. Boys from homes of refinement only desired. Personal individual instruction by our Tutorial Bystem. Academy forty-six years old. New $50,000 barracks, full equipment, absolutely fireproof. Charges, $360. Handsome catalogue free. Address Capt. Wm.II.Kable, A.M., Prin., Staunton, Va.

Don't decide on your school until you have looked through the pages of



Girls' schools all together, boys' schools all together,
military schools all together; then come co-educational.
All school announcements alongside or facing pure
reading matter-most accessible school directory issued

Collier's for April 28
Collier's for May 26
Collier's for June 30

These are the numbers in which the School Directory will be published. Your
name will be entered for all six issues on receipt of thirty cents. (Stamps accept-
able.) These numbers will be of special interest and value to you, for, in addition
to carrying the School Directory, they will contain Miss Jessie Willcox Smith's
interesting series of pictures, entitled "Tragedies of Childhood." Each picture
will be beautifully reproduced in colors. Address COLLIER'S, The National
Weekly, 430 West 13th Street, New York.

The 68th year opens Sept. 26, 1906.
For Boys. Applications for admission now
registered. Catalogue on application.

L. M. BLACKFORD, LL.D., Principal.



New York City-Continued.

Episcopal High School MISS BANGS and MISS WHITON


Re-open their school for girls in New York October
4th. College Preparatory, Special, Music and Art
Courses. In connection, an Upper House, where
graduate and special students may pursue grad-
uate courses while enjoying the opportunities-
educational and social-offered by a residence in
New York City.

733 & 735 Madison Avenue, Cor. 64th Street.

[blocks in formation]

Collier's for July 28
Collier's for Aug. 25
Collier's for Sept. 29

Mrs. Gabriel Harrison de Jarnette's
will put the student in touch with all that is best in
New York life. Best of chaperonage. Study elective.
Write for circular. 154 West 73d St., New York.
Summer Address, Dallas, Texas.

The Merrill-van Laer School

Boarding and Day School for Girls. Formerly The Peebles and Thompson School. Opens October 4th 30, 32 and 34 East 57th Street, New York, N. Y.

NEW YORK, 42 Riverside Drive.
The Riverside Drive School.

Boarding and day school for girls, incorporating Mrs Cooper Hartman's and Mrs. Douglas's schools. Regular and special courses. Only twenty resident pupils received. Number in classes limited to six. Grounds for tennis and basket-ball.

New York.

The Misses Tewksbury School


A School for Girls under sixteen years of age. In historic
Westchester County, sixty minutes' ride from New York City.

Half hour from New York. Pelham Manor, N. Y.

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28 Minutes from Grand Central Station, New York City.

16 Instructors-Number of Pupils limited to Sixty. Re-opens Oct. 4, 1906. Address, MRS. MERRILL, Highcliffe Hall, Park Hill-on-Hudson, Yonkers, N. Y.

Please mention THE CHURCHMAN in writing to advertisers.

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New York.-Continued.


Peekskill-on-Hudson, N. Y.

BOARDING SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. Under the Charge of the Sisters of Saint Mary. College Preparatory and General Courses. Extensive recreation grounds. For catalogue address


Address Miss ANNIE S. GIBSON, Principal,
Garden City, Long Island, N. Y.


Bronxville, N. Y:

Under the charge of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Nazareth (Episcopalian). Industrial training for girls of good character to make them good housekeepers. Terms, $150 a year. No vacations.


Bradford Academy



Thirty miles from Boston. Prepares for all the leading colleges for women; also General Course and two years' Course for High School Graduates. New gymnasium and field sports of all kinds. For catalogue and book of views, address the Principal, Miss LAURA A. KNOTT, A.M., Bradford, Mass.

Pennsylvania College for Women

Send for Catalogue.

The Cathedral School of St. Mary

Dr. 8. A. MARTIN, Pres., Pittsburgh, Pa. PENNSYLVANIA, Lititz, Lancaster Co.

A school for girls, eighteen miles from New York. Number limited; healthful location; spacious build

ings; college preparatory work. Excellent advantages INGLESIDE-A School for Girls Linden Hall Moravian Seminary

FOR GIRLS. Founded 1794. Number limited. Wait-
ing list. For particulars address
Rev. CHARLES D. KREIDER, Principal


For Girls and Young Ladies. West Bridgewater, Mass. In a healthy and beautiful location, 25 miles from Boston. Home building remodeled in Summer of 1905 at a large expense. Academic, College Preparatory and Special Courses. Two years' course for High School graduates. Art and Music studios. Students from 14 States. For catalogue, address

Miss Sarah E. Laughton, A.M., Principal.

Resident and Day Pupils. General and College Pre-
paratory Courses.

401 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass.

Miss Hall's

In the Berkshire Hills

On a handsome estate 1,000 feet above sea level, girls are given an outdoor life, a college preparatory or a general education by a carefully chosen faculty. A special department for little girls. For catalogue, address

Miss MIRA H. HALL, Principal,
Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Miss Kimball's School For Girls. University Section of Worcester, Mass. 21st year. College Preparatory. General and Special courses. Scholarships for best college preparatory work. Gymnasium, field sports, etc. Permanent home for girls if needed. Illustrated booklet free.

Quincy Mansion School

Beautifully located six miles from Boston, in one of the most healthful suburbs. Fine estate of eight acres. Ample grounds for outdoor recreation. Artificial lake for boating and skating. Two new buildings. Large library. Gymnasium. Regular and graduate courses of study. Advantages in Art, Music and Languages. College preparation and certificate. Large corps of experienced teachers. For particulars address HORACE M. WILLARD, A.M., Sc.D., Prin.

The Commonwealth Avenue School (THE MISSES GILMAN'S SCHOOL) General and College-Preparatory Courses for Girls. Resident and day pupils. Miss Julia R. Gilman, Miss Fanny 0. Guild, Principals, 824 Commonwealth Ave., Boston.

The Garland Kindergarten Training School

A practical two years' course of study, based upon true kindergarten principles, for young women over 18 years of age. Number limited. Early application advisable. Catalogue on request. Address The Garland School,

Mrs. Stannard, 19 Chestnut St., Boston, Mass.

[blocks in formation]


Waterbury, Connecticut.

St. Margaret's School for Girls


New Milford, Litchfield Co., Conn.
School year begins Tuesday, October 2d, 1906.
MRS. WM. D. BLACK, Patroness.

Norwalk, Connecticut One hour from New York City and five hours from Boston, via N. Y., N. H., and Hartford R. R. Country air. Ideal environment for study and recreation. Broad culture. Real training of body, mind and manners. Home life simple, yet inspiring, tending to develop each girlinto a useful and attractive member of the family and of society. Separate house for girls under fifteen. Intermediate, Academic and College Preparatory classes. Superior advantages in Music, Art, and the Languages. For catalogue address MISS CORNELIA F. BAIRD, Principal.

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Wollaston, Quincy, Mass. School of the Good Shepherd

Terms, $250.00. Address


508 First Ave., Asbury Park, N. J.

St. Mary's Hall

Burlington, New Jersey

Ideal Location between Phila. and New York

BOARDING SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. Primary, Intermediate and College Preparatory. Address THE SISTER SUPERIOR, Wister Street. Summer Camp, Willsborough, Lake Champlain, N. Y.

High standard of scholarship
Excellent record of health
Happy home life

Bryn Mawr, Pa. Formerly Miss Baldwin's School. Incor porated 1906. Preparatory to Bryn Mawr. Within 15 years 200 students from this school have entered Bryn Mawr College. Certificate admits to Vassar, Smith and Wellesley. Diploma given in both general and college preparatory courses. For circular address the secretary.

Jane L. Brownell, A.M., Head of the School.
Florence Baldwin, Ph.B., Head of the House.

ROSEMONT, near Bryn Mawr College.

The Misses Kirk formerly connected with

Bryn Mawr College will re-open their College Preparatory School for Girls on Oct. 4th, 1906. Number of boarders limited to 12. Careful individual instruction. Tennis and basket ball.


Located in the most beautiful section of Philadelphia's country places, yet conveniently near the city. Ideal home life. Outdoor sports. College preparatory. Graduating and Special Courses Miss E. 8. MARSHALL, Oak Lane, Philadelphia, Pa.

Rhode Island.

Miss Wheeler's School and Studio.
College preparatory course. Advanced collegiate
course with professors from Brown University. Un-
usual advantages in studio work. Music. Outdoor
sports.Advantages of town and country.

26 Cabot Street, PROVIDENCE, R. I.


Edgeworth Boarding and Day School
The 43rd year began Sept. 28th.

For Girls

Mrs. H. P. LEFEBVRE, Principals.

Baltimore, Md.

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122 and 124 W. Franklin Street,



COLLEGE Nashville,

Tenn. For the Higher Culture of Women. Limited. Graduate, Post-Graduate and University-Preparatory courses. University Bible course. Conservatory advantages in Language, Art, Music and Expression. Year book free. E. G. BUFORD, Regent. Mrs. E. G. BUFORD, Pr s.

District of Columbia.





An Episcopal School for Girls. Home and Col. lege Preparatory Courses. Recent purchase of Chevy Chase French School on adjoining grounds affords a separate residence for students of French, where French is the language of the house. Music Professors from the Washington College of Music. Weekly sight-seeing parties. The location contributes to health and the enjoy. ment of all outdoor sports. Very attractive home life. Address

Miss ALICE A. BRISTOL, Principal, Mintwood Place and 19th St., Washington, D. C.

Gunston Hall 1906 Florida Ave., N. W

Washington, D.
Colonial Home School for young ladies. Illustrated Cata-
logue. Mr. and Mrs. BEVERLEY R. MASON, Principals.
Miss E. M. CLARK, LL.A., Associate Principal.

THE CHURCHMAN will gladly answer requests of its readers for information about advertisements.

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