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seen the weaners watered and yarded. He
did not tell her that there was really no
necessity for his presence at the house, as
far as Susan was concerned. In truth he
was only too eager to avail himself of the
excuse for remaining. Thus, he always
came back in time for dinner, and there
were the long, delightful evenings in the
veranda, the quiet talks with Susan and
games with the children, the cattle dis-
cussions with Mrs. Galbraith, which re-
joiced her practical mind, and then the
carrying back of the cripple to her room
at bedtime. In the mornings when Wolfe
was absent Mrs. Galbraith and Ah Hong
dragged her out in the long chair, which
was put by the side of her bed, so that she
could be easily lifted into it. The last
two days before Mr. Galbraith's return,
not being particularly wanted at the Bore,
Wolfe remained at the head-station and,
under Mrs. Galbraith's directions, cleaned
out the store and did a variety of odd
jobs which had been waiting for someone
to take them in hand. His cleverness and
resourcefulness appealed to her. She had
by this time quite forgotten her first
vague feeling of distrust, and she natu-
rally liked Wolfe because Polly adored


Asst. Secretaries.

The following week Mr. Galbraith came home, and though greatly distressed at his daughter's mishap, he was pleased at Wolfe's friendly installation. Wolfe proudly offered to go back to the huts and the men's society, but Mr. Galbraith treated the thing as a joke, and declared that he felt himself relieved from an embarrassment.

the working of the run struck the Boss as
admirable. In short, Wolfe seemed the
providential solution of a difficulty which
had for some time beset the owner of
Narrawan-the choice between a working
partner and an overseer for the out-sta-
tions. It struck him that Wolfe might be
taken on as overseer to reside permanent-
ly at the Bore, and if he should turn out
as well as Mr. Galbraith expected and
could by any means scrape together a lit-
tle capital, why shouldn't he have a small
interest in the station? Mr. Galbraith
clung to the belief that Wolfe must be-
long to monied people, with whom no
doubt he had quarrelled, but with whom
there was equally no doubt he would be
reconciled. Wolfe himself gave no color
to the supposition and vas absolutely

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"Why the devil didn't you send in your name at the start, man, and you might

have come ben before now," he said. "I've

been in a tight place myself when I was
a youngster and have had to chop wood

for my tucker more than once in my life." The Churchman Co.

On other counts, Galbraith congratulated himself in having secured the services of so fine a Bushman. The work at the Bore was entirely satisfactory. There could be nothing but commendation for Wolfe's handling of horses and cattle.

One or two suggestions he threw out as to READ PRUDENTIAL Advertisement

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There are some things in this world Chief dearer than money or business. among them is good health. Until too late, very many do not realize that they may have both money and business, yet from physical debility be unable to enjoy the one or continue the other. It is a sad awakening to find that they have neglected the little ailments until they have developed into serious chronic diseases. This is especially true of the heart, which in one person out of every four is weak, causing shortness of breath, palpitation, dizzy, fainting or smothering spells, irregular pulse, poor circulation, inability to lie on left side, etc. Because these symptoms are at first spasmodic and do not completely prostrate, they receive little attention, until some unusual mental or physical strain reveals the fact that the victim is in a very precarious condition. You may stop the progress of heart disease by taking Dr. Miles's Heart Cure. In fact, very few cases are so serious that it will not benefit and prolong life, if not completely cure.

Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind.


Gathedrals of France

More than 200 illustrations.
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MAN Subscribers, $1.75.
Expressage, 30 Cents.

The Ghurchman Go.

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which will bear repetition, and many which ought to be sung each year. First of all the settings of the "Passion," by Bach, Handel, Graun and Haydn are, perhaps, beyond the reach of the ordinary choir, but selections from these splendid words will always prove. grateful to the listener if they are adequately performed. The smaller cantatas by Maunder are very suitable for church choirs. "Penitence, Pardon and Peace," is too well known JOHN V. B. THAYER, Vice-Pres. and Sec. to need more than passing mention, and EDWARD R. MERRITT, his latest work "Olivet to Calvary," alAsst. Secretaries though only a year old, has attained an HENRY M. POPHAM, equal popularity. Mr. Maunder underCARROLL C. RAWLINGS. Trust Officer. stands the art of writing interesting music for the choir, and he also usually provides something in each cantata for the congregation to sing. Several works by Alfred R. Gaul are well worth study. His Passion music appeals to everyone by reason of its melodiousness and excellent writing, and his "Holy City" still maintains its hold upon the general public. Stainer's "Crucifixion" has, perhaps, earned a rest, but it seems to be still in the front rank, judging by the number of performances each year. A small but effective work is Thomas Adams's "The Cross of Christ," which contains solos for soprano, tenor and bass, and a number of hymns for congregational use. Another small cantata is the Rev. E. Vine Hall's "Is It Nothing to You?" It is very easy and requires only one solo voice. Mention must be made of "Gethsemane" and "The Last Night at Bethany," by C. Lee Williams, both standard works of a high order. They are rather difficult, and require four solo voices, but they will repay the labor spent upon them, for both are admirable works. A work by Arthur E. Dyer, "Saviour of the World," is less known than it should be. Nearly all of the foregoing can be obtained of Novello & Co.:

Ditson & Co., the New York agents for the Vincent Co. of London, publish several good cantatas among which are "By the Cross," F. N. Baxter; "By the Waters of Babylon," J. H. Casson; "Intercession," H. T. Collis; "Man of Sorrows," C. W. Pearce; and "Out of the Deep," by J. E. West.

EDWARD KING, President.


AUGUSTUS W. KELLEY,} Vice-Presidents.



Securities bought and sold on commission. Interest
allowed on Deposits. Foreign Exchange, Commercial
Credits, Cable Transfers.

Circular Letters for Travellers available in all parts of the world. DREXEL & CO., MORGAN, HARJES & CO.



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After 30 Years.

Send for our New Message issued after 30 years. Our splendid system has developed out of this vast ex perience. Our first mortgages upon homes in Eastern Kansas will net you six per cent and there is no better security on earth. Responsible agents wanted. Write to-day for the New Message. PERKINS & COMPANY,

Lawrence, Kansas.


Life Annuities, so popular for ages in Europe, are daily increasing in vogue in the United States. When guaranteed by the STRONGEST FINANCIAL INSTI. TUTIONS OF THE WORLD, the income is so ABSOLUTELY SAFE that mental ease and comfort are assured. For particulars apply to or address BARENT H. LANE, The Equitable Life Assurance Society, 128 Broadway, New York City.



We buy and sell Bills of Exchange and make cable transfers of money to Europe, Australia, and South Africa; also make Collections and issue Commercial and Letters of Credit for Travellers available in all parte of the world. International Cheques. Certificates of Deposit.







Exclusive Builders of Electric
and Tubular Pneumatic Church
and Concert Organs on the Aus-
tin Universal Air Chest System.
Write for Booklet "K"


reticent in regard to his family connec-
tions. His reticence, however, appealed
to his new master, who was wont to ob-
serve: "Whenever I hear a chap blowing
about his pedigree, I'm ready to take my
oath that he's an outsider."

(To be continued.)

and send in coupon

Francis W. Humberstone's "The Temptation" (Schuberth), is a good, easy cantata, as is Cyril Bowdler's "Calvary" (Weekes & Co., London).

With regard to anthems the list is so long that it would be impossible to name a tenth. Schirmer, Novello, and Ditson publish catalogues, and some very good anthems are published by the Maxwell Co., New York, the B. F. Wood Co., Boston, and the Boston Music Co. Gounod's fine Lenten anthems claim first notice. "Come unto Me," "All Ye Who Weep," "O Day of Penitence," "By Babylon's Wave,' and "O Come Near to the Cross," are all noble amples of church music. J. C. Bach's "I Wrestle and Pray," should be heard more frequently than it is, and Spohr's "From the Deep" deserves recognition. More modern anthems are Mendelssohn's "Hear My Prayer," "My God, My God" (very beautiful, but difficult), Dvorak's "Blessed Jesu,' Garrett's



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Several correspondents have asked for suggestions as to music suitable for the forthcoming penitential season. It is a difficult matter to find anything new which is of special merit, but there are

hundreds of cantatas and anthems An Immensely Profitable Investment



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City of New York Bonds

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YOU may be so well and strong

that the thought of the necessity for Life Insurance hardly ever crosses your mind. But it should occur to you, upon reflection, that life insurance is not obtainable after a man's health is seriously impaired and when his days are clearly numbered. Now when a man can save a little money year by year without feeling it, when he can lay up a substantial fund against the day of his departure,when this protection for his family is possible and even very easy, what would be your estimate of him if they should be left penniless?

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What Many Of Us Are Doing Three Times a Day.

For everything we get something is taken away. Every act pulls two ways. Some men in power dole out their souls for it. They can't have soul and power at the same time.

And so, in this quick-living age, most of us can't have energy and health at the same time. One or the other must be lost, and it is usually health.

We know we are doing wrong and would like to reform, but we have a 'morbid fear of being laughed at if we aim to live and eat according to conscience and good sense.

Some of us break away for awhile and enslave ourselves to a diet. We read about the hardy Scotsman being fed on porridge and oatcake, making soldiers of muscle and dash, and how Cæsar's army was fed on corn. But the diet doesn't last long. We quickly swing back into the great line, eating and drinking to fulness like the rest, eating anything and everything, at any time, and any way we find it. We say "What is a stomach for if it isn't to obey the palate?"

But there is really no one rule applicable to everybody's stomach. What one man may eat another may not.

But the dyspeptic should remember that the death list has a dark shadow hovering over it with a long bony finger pointing to "died of heart disease." Physicians will tell us that there are few cases of heart disease that do not come from a stomach derangement.

At every meal we may be brewing for ourselves a terrible case of dyspepsia. It may come upon us after breakfast to-morrow morning, or after 'that oyster supper to-morrow night.

Acute indigestion means that you have even chances for death or life. That's the gamble you are taking. That precious gastric juice decides, as a rule, whether you continue to live or not.

Therefore, if you feel your food lies like a "lump of lead" on your stomach, beware! Your gastric juice is weak. It can't dispose of the food in time to prevent fermentation. Take something that will do it effectively, and at once. Take Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets, the most powerful tablets in the world for the relief of all kinds of stomach trouble, nausea, indigestion, the worst cases of dyspepsia, fermentation, bloaty feeling, sourness, heartburn and brash. One grain of an ingredient of these tablets will digest 3,000 grains of food. Your stomach needs a rest at once. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets will relieve your stomach of more than two-thirds of the work it has to do, digesting perfectly whatever food there is in your stomach.

You can't do your work well, or be cheerful, or have energy or vim or ambition, when your stomach is bad. Make yourself feel good after a hearty meal, feel good all over, clear your mind and make you enjoy life, by taking Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets.

Give your stomach a rest, so it can right itself, then you need fear nothing. You can get these tablets anywhere for 50 cents a package.

How to Make Money.

I have just learned how to make money real fast, and easy too. I have not made less than $56 a week since I began, and one week I made $118. Isn't that grand? I am saving my money too, and do not lose a day. I am selling medicated gloves; they are easy to sell, being so cheap, only 30 cents a pair, and they make the hands so nice and soft, and are so durable. It is a picnic selling gloves; you do not have to talk at all; people want them as soon as they see them, and many buy half a dozen pairs. Write to the Common Sense Mfg. Co., St. Louis, Mo., Dept. No. 72, and they will start you and tell you how to sell, either at home or by canvassing. I have several friends selling gloves and all doing fine. If you want to make $5 to $10 a day, try the glove business; you cannot fail, as the gloves sell themselves. I am so proud of my success that I cannot keep still about it.

Miss L. A. C.

"Thus Saith the Lord," Coleridge Taylor's "In Thee, O Lord," Wesley's "Wash me Throughly," and Walmisley's "Remember Me, O Lord.' An anthem that is seldom sung is Stroud's "Hear My Prayer," a beautiful composition of the old school, written by a cathedral chorister at the age of sixteen. A new anthem is Elgar's "Ave Verum," and it will be found an excellent little work, not difficult, but very effective. Foster's "Is It Nothing to You?" should be heard at many churches this Lent. Among the anthems which may be termed moderately difficult are "Let Thy Merciful Ears," Shaw (baritone solo and chorus); "The Sacrifices of God," Wareing (unaccompanied chorus); "O Lord, the Great and ful God," Culwick; "O Lord, Correct Me," Coward; "Come unto Me," Couldrey; "O God, Whose Mercy," Gray; and "My God, Look upon Me," Hopkins.

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The New Music Society of America will give its first concert of American orchestral music at Carnegie Hall, New York, on Saturday evening, March 10, instead of on Feb. 19, as previously announced. The second concert will take place on the evening of Monday, April 2. The Russian Symphony Orchestra will play, and the programme for March 10 will be as follows: "Ouverture Joyeuse," Arthur Shepherd (Paderewski' prize, 1905); "Concerto for Pianoforte No. 2, in D Minor," Edward MacDowell, Miss Ruth Lynda for Déyo; "Salammbo's Invocation," soprano and orchestra, Henry F. Gilbert (singer to be announced); "Indian Suite," Opus 48, Edward MacDowell.

The inclusion of two important works by MacDowell is a tribute to one of this country's foremost composers, whose active work has been cut short by a dangerous malady.

Mr. K. O. Stops gave the fifth of a series of organ recitals at St. Luke's church, Jamestown, N. Y., on Sunday evening, Feb. 4. His programme included Mozart's "Grand Fantasia in F Minor" and works by Guilmant, Wagner and Hollins.

The first concert of the present season of the Church Choral Society will be given at St. Thomas's church, New York, on Thursday evening, Feb. 22, under the direction of Mr. R. H. Warren. The works to be performed are: Handel's "Largo"; Saint-Saens' "The Deluge"; Chorale, "O Quanta Qualia"; Gounod's "St. Cecilia," Mass, and Bach's Toccata in F.

It cannot be claimed, says a writer in The New York Evening Post, that the janitor leads a life which conduces to amiability. The women are generally meek enough, but once in a while one encounters a Tartar in petticoats beside whom the surliest man is mild and gentle. This type is found among the German women, who are prone in many ways to go to extremes. The temperament is expressed in our German laundress, who related to our sympathetic ears her difficulties with her children. "If I lets 'em do what dey likes dey grows up t'iefs, and when I licked 'em once der Gerries come and took 'em away from me."

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Is the


and so acknowledged by more than a million housekeepers throughout the civilized world. It keeps new silver always new-in brilliancy-and makes old silver look like new. It's unlike all others.

The contract for the great organ for EUROPE and ORIENT the Cathedral of St. John the Divine has been given to the E. M. Skinner Co., of Boston, Mass.

Trial quantity-to prove its peculiar meritsfor the asking. At grocers, druggists and postpaid 15 cts. (stamps).

Electro-Silicon Silver Soap for washing and polishing Gold and Silver has equal merits, 15 cts. "SILICON," 32 Cliff Street, New York.


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Twenty-fifth season of uninterrupted success. Comfort and leisure. Thorough sightseeing under expert guidance. Limited parties. All arrangements first class. Special tours arranged for small private parties. DR. and MRS. HOWARD S. PAINE, 148 Ridge Street, Glens Falls, N. Y.


UROPE.-Two delightful tours via the Mediterranean sailing June 21st, July 7th. Norway-Sweden tour June 14th. Everything first-class. Member. ship limited. Thorough sightseeing. MISS K. PANTLIND, 790 Prospect Street, Cleveland, O.

EUROPE.-Select private Tour. Seven CountriesSailing June, New York via Gibraltar-First ClassFourth Season. Miss E. WILBER, 253 Broadway, N. Y.


Is the Place to Spend
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The passion for light among the Jewish tenement dwellers is a subject of wonder, writes Rheta Childe Dorr in The New York Evening Post. Hardly a bedroom is left in darkness through the night. On the most stifling nights of last summer lamps and candles were kept burning, rendering the close atmosphere still more hot and breathless. All night one heard the restless wails of babies, and the groaning of men and women unable to rest, but apparently it never occurred to anybody to put out the lights. Children sent into the country in summer complain bitterly when required to sleep without lights. They are afraid also of the big dark outside, and would never dare to walk in it. One of the settlements established a boys' camp among the hills of Sullivan county, with tents and cabins, for the use of the older youths of the neighborhood. These boys, some of them as old as twenty, balked at sleeping in such a fearsome spot, and insisted on the gymnasium teacher sleeping there with them. They were literally afraid of the dark. These same boys had slept on tenement roofs, or on sidewalks, protected, in their own minds, by the electric lights.

Observations extending over a year have revealed that every third child attending the public schools of Chicago is the victim of some form of nervous disorder. Chicago authorities attribute these nervous disorders to the strenuous city life, impure air, close confinement, lack of proper nutrition and the relentless noises of the streets. What is true of Chicago must be true in a lesser degree of other cities. Nervous disorders mean a lack of that vital force- -or life current, that gives action to the organs of the body. Robbed of this invigorating influence the organs work imperfectly and the system eventually becomes a physical wreck. Weak children should be given Dr. Miles's Restorative Nervine to strengthen and build up the nerve system. It is a nerve food and medicine that soothes and feeds he nerves and makes them strong and vigorous.

Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind.

Business News and Notes.


Among the interesting steps in modern progress has been the control and development of plant life. People now living can remember when the number of edible fruits and vegetables was far less than at present, and even those that could be grown were vastly inferior to what we now have. For example, our parents knew nothing of the tomato except as a curious ornament in the garden. Sweet corn was hardly better than the commonest field sorts. All oranges had seeds. Celery was little known and poor in quality. In the flower bed the magnificent pansy has replaced the insignificant heart's ease from which it was developed, and the sweet pea traces its origin to the common garden vegetable. The practical results are accomplished by men operating largely for love of the work, like Luther Burbank in California and Eckford in England, as well as by the great seed merchants, D. M. Ferry & Company, of Detroit, Mich., who are not only eternally vigilant to hold what ground has been gained, but have corps of trained specialists backed by ample means to conduct new experiments. The results of their experience can be found in their 1906 Seed Annual which they will send free to all applicants.


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THE CHURCHMAN will gladly answer requests of its readers for information about advertisements.




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