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At its ANNUAL SESSION in June, 1855,--in the City of Baltimore.




Corner of Calvert street and Lovely Lane.


Publisljed by authority of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty

of Maryland.

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The meeting was called to order by Dr. GEO. C. M. ROBERTS, one of the Vice Presidents, at 121 o'clock, in the " RECHABITE HALL.

The reports of the examining boards and of the executive committee were called for, but their chairman not being present, they were passed over for the present. Dr. Van Bibber read the report of the Library Board : MEETING OF THE LIBRARY COMMITTEE,

MAY 30th, 1855. Present, Drs. D. STEWART, C. FRICK, F. DONALDSON and W. C. VAN BIBBER.

The Treasurer, Dr. Stewart, gave the following report :

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Acting upon a resolution of the faculty at a meeting held Wednesday, Sep. 14th, 1854, the library board were directed to notify the agents to discontinue all the journals after the present term of subscription had expired.

Your committee acted in accordance with this resolution.

They were also directed to make no increase to the library and incur no liabilities without express resolution of the faculty.

This has also been adhered to.

Having counted the bound volumes in the library on this date and found 1250 volumes. A list was prepared as carefully as possible of all volumes out at this date and to whose name charged.

I should also say, that last summer the chairman addressed notices to most of those having books out for more than six months, and several were returned in consequence.

Of the Journal are missing: 1. Gazette Medicale,–1 weekly No. Oct. 15th, 1854. 2. Medico Chirurgical Review,-1 No. Jan., 1852. 3. London Lancety--3 Nos. Jan., Feb. and May, 1854. 4. Chemist,-None. 5. American Journal Pharmacy,--1 No. Nov., 1854. 6. American Journal Medical Sciences, (Hays)-1 No. Jan., 1854. 6. Chemical Gazette,—1 No. 287. 7. Charleston Medical Journal & Review,--3 Nos. March, May

and July, 1852.–3 Nos. March, July and Nov., 1853. 8. London Medical Times & Gazette,-5 Nos. July, Aug., Sept.,

Oct. and Dec. 1852.—2 Nos. July and March, 1853. 9. Microscopic Journal,—None. 10. Edinburgh Monthly Journal,-3 Nos. July, Aug, and Oct.,

1852.-—7 Nos. Jan., Feb., April, May, July, Sept. and Oct.,

1853.-1 No. Feb., 1854. ll. Psycholgical Journal,—None. 12. New York Journal,—4 Nos. Jan., March, May and Nov., 1852,

is complete. 13. New York Journal of Pharmacy,-2 Nos. Feb. and Nov.

1853.-1 No. April, 1854. 14. Western Lancet,-2 Nos. Oct. and Nov., 1852.-1 No. Oct.,


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