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PAGE ADANS' (Dr) Female Medical Adviser

234 Adventure, Twelve Years' Military

227 Album, Edinburgh Musical

151 rulet

8 Anniversary

5 donuals for 1829

2 Annials, Juvenile

9 Annual (the) Biography and Obituary for 1829

157 Anne of Geierstein

368 Antisceptie (the)

272 Apician Morsels

406 Arnier's (Rev. W.) Sermon, "A glance at that which is past, ":161 Art and Nature

21 Atherstone's (Edward) Fall of Nineveh

: 301 Ballantyne's (Rev. John) Examination of the Human Mind 57, 193 Be frage's (Rev. Dr) Counsels for the Sanctuary

278 Belleay's (A.) German Poetical Anthology

123 Beseridge's (Thomas) Treatise on the Biu-Chamber 163

8 Betaparte's (Louis) Reply to Sir Walier Scott's History of Napoleon

286 Bonus (Alvan) Memoirs of the Rev. Pliny Flisk

153 Books, Catalogue of

978 Brayley's (Edward) Londiniana

287 Eneg's (Lieut. Col.)

Letter to a Young Person in India 75 Brown's (M. P.) General Synopsis of the Decisions of the Court of Session

107 Brown's (Rev.John) Memoir

153 Brydson's (Thomas) Poems

185 Buchanan (George) Life of

305 Cathcart's (E.) Roman Law

269 Chambers' (Robert) Rebellions in Scotland from 1638 to 1660 15 Chronicle, the Scots Law

345 (hurch of Rome, Spirit of the

193 Churchyards, Chapters on

397 Clapperton's (Captain) Journal

255 Clissold's (Rev. H.) Last Hours of Eminent Christians

355 Cochrane's (Captain) Pedestrian Journey through Russia, &c. 176 Collegians, the

285 Constable's Miscellany

15, 15, 176, 230, 273, 381 Conway's (Derwent) Journey through Norway

230, 273 Cribbace's (Reverend Thomas) Essay on Moral Freedom 286 Crichton's (Andrew) Revolutions in Europe

115 Croker's (Crofton) Legends of the Lakes

123 Dalgairn's (Mrs) Practice of Cookery

314 Disowned, the

71 Diversions of Hollycot :

19 : Ecarté

353 Edmund O'Hara

193 Lloquence, Modern Pulpit

118 Emerson's (James) Letters froin the Ægean

189 Extractor, ihe

278 Ewing's Miernoir of Barbara Ewing

305 Forget-me-Not

6 Friendship's Offering

8 Gelieu (Jonas de) The Bee Preserver

406 Gern, the

9 Gleig's (Reverend R. G.) Sermons for Plain People 229 Gracie's (Reverend A.) Sermons

192 Grandfather's Farm, my

64 Greek Extracts

136 Haldane (Robt) on the conduct of the Rev. Daniel Wilson 406 Hale's Sir Matthew) Christ Crucified

21 Hali's (Honourable Judge) Letters from the Wesi

85 Hall (Mrs) Sketches of Irish Character

405 Hay's (D. R.) Harmonious Colours

305 Health, Book of

316 Henderson's (Reverend James) Sermons before the Society for Propagating Christian Knowledge

34 Hetherington's (W. M.) Dramatic Sketches

340 Historiæ Byzantine (Corpus Scriptorum)

103 Hogg's (James) Scottish Melodies

101 Shepherd's Calendar

213 Howell's (John) Life of Alexander Selkirk

59 Huie's British Drama

316 Immortality, Hope of

396 Irving's (Di David) Elements of English Composition 47 Jamieson's (Dr J.) Royal Palaces of Scotland

393 John's Dews of Castalie

119 Johnston's (Dr) Public Charity in France


PAGE Johnstone's (Reverend John) Address after the Funeral of the Reverend John Pitcairn

249 Jolly's (Right Reverend Dr A., Bishop of Moray) Sunday Services of the Church

136 Jones' (Jacob) Stepmother, a Tragedy

136 Jurist, the-No. 7.

303 Keepsake, the Kempis' (Thomas à) Christian's Pattern, by E. Upham

108 Knight's Heraldic Works

20 Knowledge, Library of Entertaining

316 Knowles' (J. S.) Beggar's Daughter of Bethnal Green

46 Knowles' (James) Orthoepy and Elocution

406 Knowles (James D.) Memoir of Mrs Ann H. Judson · 406 Koch's Revolutions of Europe

115 Lawson's (John Parker) Life and Times of William Laud, D.D., Archbishop of Canterbury

199 Lettere su Roma e Napoli, &c.

48 Letters to the Parochial Schoolmasters of Scotland

116 Liber Scholasticus

300 Library, the Family,

300, 397 Library, the Lady's,

206 Lodge's (Edmund) Portraits

21 Mackray's (Rev. William) Essay on the Reformation 283 Magazine, Blackwood's Edinburgh, for February 1829 173 Magazine, Dublin Juvenile

316 Magazine, New Monthly, for February 1829

173 Magazine, Monthly, for April 1829

315 Malcolm's (John) Scenes of War, and other Poems Tales of Field and Flood

371 Man of Two Lives

63 Martyr, the Modern

273 Meaning-book, the Child's First

357 M'Gregor's (J. J.) Stories from the History of Ireland 220 Milligan's (Edward) Elementary Compendium of Physiology

108 Micstrelsey, Jacobite

289 Moxon's Christmas, a Poem

86 Mooie's (D.) African, and other Poems

185 Murray's (John) Glance at Switzerland

3:9 Murray's (Rev. Thomas) Life of Wickliffe

303 Napoleon Bonaparte, History of

300, 397 Notes on Religious, Moral, and Metaphysical Subjects 33 Opening of the Sixth Seal

185 Organs and Presbyterians

276 Panorama of the Rhine

123 Pillans's (Professor) Letters to T. F. Kennedy, M.P.

15 Pinnock's Edition of Dr Goldsmith's Abridgement of the History of England

356 Pitsligo's (Lord) Thoughts, &c.

216 Portraiture of a Christian Gentleman

300 Public Characters

206 Purchasers of Horses, a


357 Reay Morden

326 Reid (John) on Cotiee :

136 Religious Knowledge, Library of, No i.

220 Restalrig

171 Review," Edinburgh, September 1828

173 Review, Foreign

373 Review, Foreign Quarterly

173, 373 Review, Westininster Rhind's (William) Treatise on lutestinal Worms Richardson's (Mrs G. G.) Poems

119 Ritchie's (Leitch) Tales and Confessions

108 Ritson (J.) on the Caledonians, Picts, and Scots

73 Roland (George) Treatise on Fencing

407 Sailors and Saints

161 Sanders' (John) Happiness Found

206 Scott's (Sir Walter) Tales of a Grandfather

29 Segur's (General Count) History of Russia

297 Serenade-Light of my Heart

161 Shepherd Boy, (from the German)

106 Sheppard's (John) Origin of Christianity

354 Sherwood's (Mrs) Butterfly

153 Shipp, (John) Military Career of

113 Sillery's (C. D.) Vallery, or the Citadel of the Lake 327, 356 Sketches, in Scottish Verse, from the Dundee Courier 119 Spalding's (John) History of the Troubles of Scotland 288 Steuart's (Sir Henry) Planter's Guide

129 Stewart's (Rev. A.) Stories from the

History of Scotland 397 Stone's (Thomas) Observations on the Phrenological Developement of Burke and Hare

342 Tales, Hungarian

217 Tales of Passion

213 Tales of the Great St Bernard


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