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The Leaders and Representative Men in Commerce,

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Virginia is not alone the Mother of Presi- that of the gallant “Hunters of the West,” of dents, but of states as well, Kentucky being whom one of her sons has sung, is an epic her first and best-loved child. From territory poem. Along the pages of this poem move ceded by Virginia to the Federal government, those grim hunters of men: Daniel Boone, the splendid states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Simon Kenton, Logan, Floyd, George Rogers Wisconsin and a portion of Minnesota, were Clark and scores of others of their manly kind formed. This imperial domain, willingly and in stately tread, making clear the way for those graciously bestowed, would seem sufficient to who were to come after and give the then have granted the Old Dominion immunity wilderness of the west its proud place in the from despoilment, but this was not to be. In sisterhood of states—a place so unique and the midst of the horrors of internecine strife distinctive as to set Kentucky apart from all during the War between the States, her fair other states, and to make her sons claim the territory was despoiled by force of arms and whole broad commonwealth and no small secthe state of West Virginia was formed from tion thereof as their own. the mountainous western section, much of A Kentuckian traveling in France was which lies adjacent to Kentucky. Virginia, asked by a Virginian whence he came and rewhich had given to the Union Washington, plied “I am a Kentuckian;" when the other Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Patrick Henry, responded "You Kentuckians are the most "Light Horse" Harry Lee and a host of other loyal sons of their state whom I have met. illustrious sons, did not escape the devastating Ask an Ohio man whence he comes and he is effect of war. Even her first-born child, di- from Cincinnati ; an Illinois man is from Chivided in sentiment, with the hand of father cago; but a Kentuckian is from Kentucky, against the hand of the son, of brother oppos- and I honor him for it. The whole commoning brother on war's red field, could not or wealth is his.” This is as it should be. Pawould not raise a voice against the despoil- triotism knows no narrow boundary lines. ment of the Mother State. The great wrong When civil war came to divide and distract has at last come to be acquiesced in, and there the state's peaceful and happy communities, is nothing left to the historian but to set Kentucky's sons took up arms as the sense of forth the fact and pass on to other and more duty impelled them, but, each from his own pleasing themes.

point of view, was fighting the battle of KenKentucky, from its first entrance into his- tucky and the Union, or Kentucky and the tory, has been a land of romance, of

Confederate states; and it is to the eternal of song. The story of its first explorers and honor of the state that with few exceptions,

tory and

each did his duty bravely and brought no justice, and detest vice and wrong-doing beshame to the name of his state nor his pio- cause they are abhorrent to their sense of right neer fathers.

and justice.” Upon whatever fields Kentucky's sons have Of the great masses of Kentucky's people fought they have added imperishable honor to these words are true, despite the efforts of the state. Whether in pioneer days they met sensation mongers at home and elsewhere to the savage in the wilderness, or later the dis- magnify local happenings in certain localities ciplined forces of England at New Orleans; into state-wide import. In the subsequent the half-savage hordes of Santa Ana on the pages of this work these disturbances and arid plains of Mexico, or in the fraternal their impelling causes will receive notice and strife of 1861-5, always "there stood Old explanation, and no pride of state nor locality Kentucky" in the person of her stalwart sons will be permitted to gloss over wrong-doing, doing their duty every one, avoiding no serv- nor shall excuse be sought for those who, forice however arduous, shirking no duty how- getting their heritage as sons of a proud state, ever dangerous, and writing large upon the have ruthlessly violated its laws. In a word, history of their country the magic name Ken- every effort is to be made to set down truthtucky. A learned judge charging the grand fully the history of the state with favors to inquest of his court, enthused by his love for none; animosity to none; with freedom from his state and his appreciation of the manly political bias or predilection, and a sincere devalor and love of justice always exhibited by sire to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothher sons, declared: "Kentuckians are an im- ing but the truth-let it hurt or help whom it perial race. They love justice because it is may.

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