The Smartest Things Ever Said, New and Expanded

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Rowman & Littlefield, 3. 4. 2017 - Počet stran: 392
The Smartest Things Ever Said is a compendium of human wisdom culled from the world’s most celebrated—and sometimes anonymous—minds. From Confucius and Shakespeare to Maya Angelou and Woody Allen, and from Winston Churchill and Thomas Edison to Jeff Bezos and Jane Fonda, it is quite simply the best collection of the smartest quotes ever.

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I Life and Death And Some of What Happens in Between
II Love and Friendship
III Success and Ways to Achieve It
IV The Life of the Mind
V Politics and Politicians Government and Statesmen
VI Proverbial Wisdom
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Steven D. Price is the author or editor of more than forty books. His compilations include 1001 Smartest Things Ever Said, The Dumbest Things Ever Said, The Best Advice Ever Given,1001 Insults, Put-Downs, and Comebacks, and the best-selling The Whole Horse Catalog. A graduate of the University of Rochester, he holds a JD from Yale Law School, which makes him very smart. He is also a resident of New York City and a keen observer of human achievement and folly.

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