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Knihy Knihy 110 z přibližného počtu 13 souvisejících s titulem Motor Control Electronics Handbook   

God What's to Believe?

Richard Valentine - 2010 - 162 str.
Understanding the real questions that hold most un-believers back, Is exactly why this book was written,in great detail, this book draws an in depth picture of God and What's ...
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Small Business Management Fundamentals

Dan Steinhoff, John F. Burgess - 1993 - 571 str.
This straightforward guide to establishing, managing, and owning a small business has been thoroughly updated, revised and redesigned while preserving the readability and ...
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Power Supplies, Switching Regulators, Inverters, and Converters

Irving M. Gottlieb - 1994 - 479 str.
An all-in-one guide to design, applications, and operation--with hundreds of helpful schematics and diagrams. Updated to cover new IC technology, low-voltage logic devices, and ...
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Switching Power Converters: Medium and High Power, Second Edition

Dorin O. Neacsu - 2013 - 589 str.
An examination of all of the multidisciplinary aspects of medium- and high-power converter systems, including basic power electronics, digital control and hardware, sensors ...
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Industrial Electronics

J.S.Chitode - 2009 - 512 str.
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Power Electronics in Transportation: October 22-23, 1998, Dearborn, Michigan

1998 - 116 str.
Contains papers from an October 1998 workshop on electric drives for electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), fuel cell systems and vehicles, and converters ...
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