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Knihy Knihy 110 z přibližného počtu 45 souvisejících s titulem Motor Control Electronics Handbook   

God What's to Believe?

Richard Valentine - 2010 - 162 str.
Understanding the real questions that hold most un-believers back, Is exactly why this book was written,in great detail, this book draws an in depth picture of God and What's ...
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Industrial Control Electronics

Terry Bartelt - 2005 - 656 str.
This new edition continues to provide state-of-the-art coverage of the entire spectrum of industrial control, from servomechanisms to instrumentation. Material on the ...
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Automotive Electronics Handbook

Ronald K. Jurgen - 1999 - 1000 str.
Bestselling auto electronics bible Brimming with the latest advances in auto electronics, Automotive Electronics Handbook, Second Edition makes you an instant expert on today's ...
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Electric Motor Control

Stephen Herman - 2014 - 480 str.
Updated with the latest technology, machines, and controls in the industry, ELECTRIC MOTOR CONTROL, 10E delivers comprehensive coverage and practical insight for anyone who ...
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Electronic power control

Irving M. Gottlieb - 1991 - 257 str.
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With this revised edition we aim to present a text on Power Electronics for the UG level which will provide a comprehensive coverage of converters, choppers, inverters and ...
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Electric Motors and Drives: Fundamentals, Types and Applications

Austin Hughes - 2013 - 352 str.
Written for non-specialist users of electric motors and drives, this book explains how electric drives work and compares the performance of the main systems, with many examples ...
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Sabri Cetinkunt - 2007 - 615 str.
A comprehensive, cross-disciplinary introduction to the design of computer controlled mechanical systems With Sabri Cetinkunt's Mechatronics, you can develop the technical ...
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