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Knihy Knihy
" Delightful task ! to rear the tender thought, To teach the young idea how to shoot, To pour the fresh instruction o'er the mind, To breathe th' enlivening spirit, and to fix The generous purpose in the glowing breast. "
Conversations on Poetry:: Intended for the Amusement and Instruction of Children - Strana 127
autor/autoři: Author of the Buxton diamonds - 1824 - 144 str.
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The Yale Book of Quotations

Fred R. Shapiro, Associate Librarian and Lecturer in Legal Research Fred R Shapiro - 2006 - 1067 str.
...Alfred: A Masque act 2 (1740). The words to this song may have been written by David Mallet rather than 2 Ш 0 0 0 shoot. The Seasons "Spring" 1. n52 (1746) Roy Thomson, First Baron Thomson of Fleet Canadian-born Scottish...
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Gigantic Book of Teacher's Wisdom

Erin Gruwell - 2007 - 788 str.
...JOHNSON Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous. — CONFUCIUS Delightful task! To rear the tender thought, To teach the young idea how to shoot. — JAMES THOMSON In a child's lunchbox, a mother's thoughts. — JAPANESE PROVERB I am beginning...
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