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" I'd have you sober, and contain yourself, Not that your sail be bigger than your boat; But moderate your expenses now, at first, As you may keep the same proportion still: Nor stand so much on your gentility, Which is an airy and mere borrow'd thing,... "
The Works of Ben Jonson - Strana 12
autor/autoři: Ben Jonson, William Gifford - 1816
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Humoring the Body: Emotions and the Shakespearean Stage

Gail Kern Paster - 2010 - 288 str.
...itself in melting and blazing. Knowell warns Stephen that gentility is merely an airy and mere borrowed thing, From dead men's dust and bones: and none of yours Except you make or hold it. (1.1.81-83) This makes the contrast between substantial and insubstantial kinds of bodily being cognate...
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