The End of Procrastination: How to Stop Postponing and Live a Fulfilled Life

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St. Martin's Griffin, 31. 12. 2018 - Počet stran: 272
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What would your life look like without procrastination? According to the latest scientific research, you’d be less stressed, more productive, healthier, and statistically live longer.

A global bestseller, The End of Procrastination offers science-based, practical tools to overcome postponement and live a fulfilled life. The book provides everything you need to change how you manage your time, pick priorities, and tackle your daily tasks. This easy-to-read guide will show you that long-term satisfaction is something you can attain and the eight simple tools will help you get started right away.

The book will help you to:
- Develop a sense of purpose and lead a happier, more fulfilled life.
- Uncover how motivation works and how to gain the right type of motivation.
- Learn to enjoy our work, feel less stressed, and focus more.
- Avoid becoming a goal junkie and create your personal vision.
- Organize your daily life, set priorities, and actually finish things.
- Build new positive habits and end bad ones.
- Cope with decision paralysis and become an everyday hero.

Based on the latest research, The End of Procrastination summarizes over 120 scientific studies to create a step-by-step program supported by illustrations that will work as a long-term reminder of the book’s contents. By understanding why procrastination happens and how your brain responds to motivation and self-discipline, the book provides readers with the knowledge to conquer procrastination once and for all.


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The primary purpose of this book was to explain the theory behind procrastination and provide several tools to rein it under control. The author proposes that the underpinning of procrastination lies ... Přečíst celou recenzi

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Boy do I have a problem with procrastination. I procrastinated reading this, working through the points and even writing this review. I want to feel the peace that one gets when they get things done ... Přečíst celou recenzi

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O autorovi (2018)

Petr Ludwig is a science popularizer, entrepreneur, and consultant for Fortune 500 companies. He explains crucial and difficult things simply and easily. Peter helps to improve intrinsic motivation, efficiency, and the happiness of people at work and in their personal lives. In The End of Procrastination and in his talks, he transfers the knowledge of neuroscience and behavioral economics into practice.

Adela Schicker is the co-founder of, the institute that helps companies and individuals to reach their full potential. Adela translated The End of Procrastination and is helping it to reach the international audience. She speaks at conferences and training companies worldwide, making sure that science can be explained simply and made useful for everyone.

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